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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 15, 2007 on GL
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Monday, October 15, 2007

Harley tries to convince Cyrus that Alex is behind Marina's kidnapping. He doesn't want to believe his wife would betray him like that. Harley finds that laughable. She tells him that Alex is as dangerous as Alan. Cyrus goes to the hospital in disguise and gives Alex a ride home. When they arrive at the mansion, Cyrus discovers that Harley is hiding behind the curtains. When Alex leaves the room to answer the phone, Harley insists that Cyrus get Alex to confess to Marina's abduction. Cyrus sees Marina's bracelet on Alex's arm and the truth comes out. Harley comes from behind the curtain, telling Alex to focus on where Griggs may have Marina. Alex insists, "I...don't....know!" She says that Griggs contacts her, not the other way around. Cyrus says that now they have to wait, together. Then, he says, he's gone for good. Harley looks at a picture of Gus and Rafe.

At Company, a concerned Vanessa tells Mallet that Dinah needs more medical attention than she is getting. Mallet says that Dinah refuses anymore help and has moved out. Dinah and Matt arrive, looking cozy. Vanessa pulls Dinah away and tells her she is acting out like she did as a teenager. Dinah goes back inside and gives Mallet her wedding ring. He asks her not to do this. When Dinah returns to Matt's room, Vanessa arrives to talk to Matt about the hasty way she pushed through their divorce. She leaves. Dinah calls room service and orders that pancakes be delivered to Vanessa's room and Mallet's room every hour on the hour. She charges them to Mallet's bill. Matt emerges from the shower and holds onto Dinah.

Reva checks in on Dylan who has discovered he has a lot to learn about being the father of a pregnant teenager. Reva leaves to find Daisy at the hospital. She discovers that Daisy has already had an abortion. She is supportive of her granddaughter. Daisy says she knows she did the right thing, but cries anyway. It was a difficult decision but the right one for all involved. Reva holds her in support. Harley is still unaware of any part of the situation.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rick helps Beth get rid of a reporter who wants to do a story about how Beth went from riches to rags by leaving the Spaulding fortune to be with Rick. Rick asks Beth if she misses that lifestyle, and she tells him that she's very happy with him.

Lizzie is outside of Billy's door, pacing, until Vanessa shows up wondering why Lizzie wanted to meet. Lizzie quickly knocks on Billy's door, and in quick order, she is encouraging he and Vanessa to go together to the event that Josh and Cassie are having. They agree to go together, and Lizzie leaves. Billy and Vanessa discuss their son, Bill, and Billy informs her that he fired Bill. As their conversation winds down and Vanessa is about to leave, she pauses to tell Billy that she cannot continue down the cozy path that they were starting to follow, because she is now thinking she may have made a mistake when she ended things with her husband, Matt so quickly. Billy tells her that he understands, but in his solitude, he is saddened by this. As they talk, Vanessa tells him that Maureen is taking a test to get into a prep school. She then breaks down emotionally about how hard her being apart from Matt is. Billy is a good friend to her and shows her compassion and provided a shoulder to lean on.

Lizzie encounters Beth on Main Street, and Beth warns Lizzie that she might be approached by a reporter and what he wants to know, to which Lizzie snaps back that it's hard for her to believe that Beth left Alan most days too. Later, Lizzie apologizes

As Cassie throws away the appointment notice that she had for the fertility clinic, Josh enters and sees her do this, and asks her what it was that she threw away. She tells him, and though he thought she threw it away yesterday, he is seeing how much this is still on her mind.

Later, Josh and Cassie are on Main Street for a presentation of a scholarship in Tammy's name. Cassie catches a glimpse of a young woman from behind and pauses because she thinks it looked like Tammy. The girl then introduces herself as Kate Lester, the winner of the scholarship, and the presentation soon begins. Cassie's speech about the bonds parents have with their children has an impact on Rick and Beth. When Cassie's speech includes how children make life worth living, it sends a different message to Josh about her wanting to have a baby. Rick approaches Josh and tells him how Cassie's speech affected him in a good way. Then he goes on to say about how guys their age usually find it hard to start all over with babies again, but Josh thinks that Cassie put Rick up to dropping hints about having babies. Josh and Cassie have a bit of discussion about this on Main Street, then takes him to show him a book that has hidden from him because she knew that he doesn't want to have kids but she can't help her feelings either, and she is searching for what they can do to find a solution.

Dinah is in her room, listening to the messages on her answering machine. The first one is Vanessa, telling her the pancakes she sent every hour last night were not funny, and then asking to talk with her, but Dinah cuts off her message and moves on to the next one, which was from Mallet. Mallet tells her that he hopes she is ok, and Dinah can tell that he's about to say something like he loves her and she cuts his message off so she doesn't have to hear it. Then she calls Matt and says she wants to play. He tells her it's not a good time for him, but she finds out where he is and goes to him anyway. She kisses him to try to cheer him up, while Mallet sees this from a distance. Matt tells Dinah that he is sad because it was his day to see his daughter, Maureen, but he can't because she is taking a test for school. Dinah excuses herself, and then a police officer approaches Matt and asks him to go with him.

Matt is escorted to the police station to see Mallet. Mallet tells him to take care of Dinah because she doesn't know what she's doing, that she's not herself, and that if Matt is going to be with her, it is now up to him to take care of her. Matt responds that Dinah doesn't need nor want anybody's help.

Meanwhile, Dinah has taken Maureen out of school, away from her test, so that she can see Matt. They wait for him at the diner, and when Matt arrives, he is surprised to see Maureen there, and shocked to learn that Dinah did this. He sends Maureen to the counter for a soda and tells Dinah she shouldn't have done this. Then Mallet walks in, and tells Dinah that he is taking her to see her mother Vanessa at the police station, who has been worried about Maureen since she learned that Dinah signed her out of school and couldn't be reached. Dinah doesn't want to go, but when Matt says she should, she goes, although she isn't happy about it. Matt says he will take Maureen back to school.

At the police station, Dinah and Vanessa discuss taking Maureen out of school. Dinah doesn't understand the seriousness of what she did. Vanessa calls for Dr. Grayson, who is waiting nearby. It becomes clear quickly that Vanessa wants Dinah to go to a hospital where she can get the help she needs. Mallet is surprised, as he did not know this was Vanessa's intent and felt that he was tricked into helping Vanessa meet her goal of committing Dinah. Dinah decides that one way out of this would be if she went home with Mallet, which is what she thinks everyone really wants anyway, so she tries to convince Mallet to take her home. Mallet looks torn, because on one hand, he really wants to be back with Dinah, but on the other hand, he knows she's only saying this to escape another situation that she doesn't want. Before long, Dinah pulls his gun out of the inside of his jacket and screams "I'm not gonna go!" but Mallet wrestles it away from quickly. It is in this moment that Mallet sadly realizes that Dinah needs to be hospitalized. An intensely emotional and angry Dinah tells mallet that she'll never return to him because he betrayed her and sided with her mother, and scream that she hates him, then looks at Vanessa and tells her that she hates her too. In a highly emotional scene, as Dinah is leaving with the hospital team, she is screaming at both Vanessa and mallet that they are supposed to take care of her but they are abandoning her and says they lied to her. Vanessa and Mallet are left standing alone, with heavy hearts about what they had to do, and of seeing Dinah in such a state.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Inside the Light: Choices

As Harley harbors Alex and Cyrus at her place, she continues to leave messages for Daisy. Father Ray talks to Rafe and his mother on Main Street about Rafe staying in church and staying on the right path. Natalia thinks that Rafe has come a long way. Rafe accredits Daisy for his turnaround. Daisy and Reva grapple with the abortion and how best to break it to her parents. Reva urges Daisy to be honest with Rafe as well. Daisy decides she's ready to talk to everyone.

Outside Company, Reva reassures Daisy as they prepare to go inside and tell Harley, Buzz and Dylan the news. Reva offers to go in and warm them up for her. Inside Reva tries to prepare them. Natalia enters to order takeout for Rafe. When Reva discovers that Daisy is no longer waiting outside, everyone grows concerned. Reva believes it's not her place to speak, but Dylan decides that Daisy obviously isn't grownup enough to handle it. He announces that Daisy is pregnant.

The adults ingest the news and wonder if Daisy is telling Rafe right now. Reva speaks up and reluctantly tells them that Daisy ended the pregnancy. Natalia is vehemently against ending a life because of her faith. The adults argue. Reva yells over everyone to check their own personal feelings and pull it together for the kids. Meanwhile, Rafe finds Daisy on Main Street.

They go to the Beacon where Rafe demands to know what is going on with Daisy. Daisy explains things to Rafe until he deduces that she is pregnant. He wonders how it could have happened and how long she has known. He holds her and tells her that she isn't alone any more. Meanwhile Natalia and Harley argue about the children and Daisy's disrespect for other people's lives. Natalia blames Harley giving Daisy away at birth for her not knowing what a family is. Harley believes Natalia knows what a family is because she tried to steal Harley's family. Buzz and Reva interrupt the women. After Natalia leaves, Harley demands to know where Daisy is. Reva won't say until Harley calms down.

Harley and Reva have a bitter argument about Daisy and what Reva's place is or should be in her life. Dylan and Buzz chime in. Dylan tells Harley to blame him because he probably made Daisy run to the clinic. Reva says that he didn't force her into it. Dylan knows that his words didn't help. Buzz resolves that no one helped—not enough.

Harley calls Cyrus and winds up telling him about Daisy. As he expresses his concern, she wonders why she's telling him anything. She doesn't even know him. She hangs up the phone.

Back at the hotel, Rafe tries to care for Daisy, still believing that she's pregnant. Rafe offers to marry her and thinks of all the ways that they can try to make it. As he tells her that they can be a family, Natalia comes to the door. She instructs Daisy to tell him everything. Daisy sobs, trying to explain things to Rafe as Natalia looms over her, threatening to do it herself. Daisy finally explains that she ended it and Rafe goes ballistic, unable to understand how she could do this without talking to him. She explains how she tried to spare him, but he thinks it's all crap. Natalia wants to take him home. He lashes out at her, too, and he leaves. Natalia tells Daisy that she took something she had no right to take and she won't let her hurt Rafe again. Alone in the hallway at the Beacon, Daisy cries on the floor. Harley finally finds her.

Daisy wants her to go away, sobbing that she did the one thing Harley asked her not to do. Harley sinks to the floor with her. Tearfully, she explains to Daisy how afraid she was when she found out she was pregnant. She says that every choice seemed wrong, but one choice seemed less wrong than the others. Daisy says she was braver because Daisy knows she couldn't give the child away. Harley wasn't brave. She just made a choice. Daisy says telling Harley would have made it real and she didn't want it to be real. She just wanted it to go away. She sobs in Harley's lap.

Rafe pitches something through a glass window and an alarm sounds on Main Street. Cyrus approaches him as he sits on a bench. As cop sirens sound, Cyrus forces Rafe to get out of there.

Dylan comes to the Beacon and joins Harley and Daisy on the floor in the hallway. Dylan apologizes for how he acted before. Her parents support her. Daisy asks to go home. Harley can't let her because of the case, but Daisy thinks it's because she is ashamed of her. She rushes off. Dylan chases her down to explain it all. Alone and tearful, Harley wonders if he can explain it all to her, too.

At the mansion, Rafe and Natalia speak. Natalia is tough, asking him what he wants—a hug or a spanking. He says he wants nothing. Rafe feels that he messed up and thinks that Alan is right. If you let anyone get close, you lose.

Reva and Dylan get Daisy to understand that Harley only wants her somewhere else because of how dangerous Griggs is. Dylan goes to order food. Reva explains to Daisy that this isn't over. She'll never forget it, but she will get passed it. Reva assures her of Harley's love. Daisy says that Rafe hates her. Reva believes in time that Rafe will get passed it. Daisy wonders if she did this for the two of them, but she wound up ruining everything.

Back at home, Cyrus offers Harley a beer. He tells her how Rafe is handling it. Harley again blames herself. She expresses to him how things went bad when Daisy tried to come home. She blames Cyrus for his choices that made her hurt her daughter. She anguishes about being away from Daisy. Cyrus offers to move Alex, but Harley knows they are Marina's only hope. She apologizes for blaming him. She breaks down and sobs. Cyrus touches her shoulder. She cries out that Daisy is her baby-girl.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cassie and Josh catch sight of upset Daisy and Cassie offers to go talk to her. Josh learns of Daisy's abortion and he and Cassie give her a little TLC. Later, Josh wonders what would have happened to Daisy if Cassie hadn't noticed her. Josh tells Cassie he wants to have a baby with her. Daisy comes in, avoiding her family, and Ashlee learns Daisy had an abortion. Natalia's shaken as an angry Rafe wants to blow off his responsibilities and just be alone. Nat confides in Remy what happened, and Remy urges Rafe not to take his pain and anger out on Natalia. Rafe gets himself arrested, despite Remy's efforts to help. Daisy tells Rafe that Remy called her there to talk to him. Rafe declares that he doesn't want to see her again. Ava tells Coop to have faith that Marina will come home soon. Ava feels like she could live without this ability to manipulate which she's received from Olivia. Olivia says she can manipulate for good as well as evil, as she protects the Coopers from reporters. Coop admits to Ashlee he thinks Marina is dead, and she says it's okay for him to be scared. Ashlee gets a call from Marina saying she can't get free. Ashlee is stricken when she realizes that no one is going to take action and get to Marina, thinking that the call was a fake. But it was Marina who made the call and a nervous Ashlee takes tentative steps towards finding her.

Friday, October 19, 2007

A scared Ashlee is lurking around the docks to make sure that it was actually Marina who called from there. She hears a noise and is suddenly struck from behind. Her attacker is Griggs, who earlier had warned Marina against pulling another stunt like making a phone call. Marina implores Griggs not to hurt Ashlee, stating that she didn't see them. Griggs thinks that Ashlee is a cop and Marina makes it clear that she is only a volunteer. Marina suggests that Griggs make it look like a mugging and warns him that Ashlee is the DA's daughter. Griggs follows Marina's advice and they leave an unconscious Ashlee alone and travel to the other side of the dock. Griggs questions Marina as to why she did not just call Cyrus for help. He wonders if it was because she did not think he would go the distance; guys like Cyrus do not pine over women. Suddenly, Marina screams "FIRE" and Griggs gags her,

Frank is a the station where he sees the tip about Marina at the docks. He questions the officer in charge about the tip. The officer states that Ashlee took the call but he is sure that was just a crack pot call. Frank rushes out to check it out. Later, Frank arrives at the dock and finds an unconscious Ashlee. When she comes to, she tells him about the call from Marina and that she did not tell anyone because she did not want to get their hopes up if it was a hoax. Frank asks if she saw her attacker but she did not. When she states that her purse is gone, Frank theorizes that this was a mugging. Suddenly, Ashlee remembers that she was supposed to meet Coop but Frank insists that she get checked out at Cedars. At the hospital, Ashlee admits that going to the docks without telling anyone was stupid. Frank admits it was stupid and very brave. Frank then notices a long dark hair on Ashlee's jacket and discreetly swipes it so it can be tested against Marina's DNA.

Harley arrives at Company and starts stressing out to Buzz about her investigation into Marina's disappearance and what is doing to her kids. When she rants that she has been trying to call Daisy, Buzz replies that she is right upstairs with the other ids. Buzz tries to convince Harley to let someone else lead the investigation, but Harley insists that she is close to finding Marina and needs to follow through. Buzz warns her that when you try to do too much nothing gets done.

He then asks if she truly knows where to find Marina. Harley mentions that she has a promising lead. Buzz suggests that she tell Frank but Harley states that Frank would call out the entire force; this needs to be low key.

After Harley leaves, Coop enters and starts pouring himself drinks. Coop rants to Buzz about Ashlee. She was supposed to meet him at his place so they can talk and never showed up. After he rants and drinks a little more, Coop leaves and Doris arrives. Doris wants to talk about their debate but an upset Buzz is in no mood to think about the election right now. Doris states that she will make sure the person responsible for the kidnapping gets the maximum penalty. Buzz points out that there is no press around but Doris is sincere. Suddenly, Doris states that she is really there to talk about their children. She asks if Buzz is for or against the relationship. Buzz points out that they are old enough to make their own choices but he is for it. Doris condemns Buzz for believing in fairy tales. She states her belief that Coop will someday leave Ashlee for the "Lizzie's and Ava's of the world. Buzz states that she does not give Ashlee enough credit and maintains that Ashlee makes Coop happy. Doris states that when Coop leaves, Ashlee will be utterly destroyed. Suddenly, she gets a call stating that Ashlee is at Cedars. However, when she arrives, she is told that Ashlee left before the doctor ever saw her.

A slightly drunk Coop stumbles home and Ava helps him get into his room. Inside, she gets him some water.. When she finds the crumbled up flyer about Marina, Ava asks if he has given up hope of finding her. Coop starts to talk about how he keeps thinking about what she is going through. Ava suggests that he needs to talk to someone and Coop laments that was supposed to but she did not show up. He then starts to rant a little about Ashlee. Soon, Ava is massaging Coop and the pair end up in a passionate kiss. Coop finally backs of and asks Ava to leave but not before Ashlee walked on the pair and left unseen.

Cyrus is alone with Alex who is complaining about being hungry. Cyrus does not appreciate her demanding attitude and threatens to tell Frank that she masterminded Marina's kidnapping. Alexandra points out that Marina will be fine as long as she is paying Griggs. Cyrus shoots back--then why has he not called. He warns Alex that if anything happens to Marina, she will not have to worry about jail; she will already be dead. Alexandra tells Cyrus that when this is over he will end up in jail. She suggests that they say that Griggs blackmailed Cyrus into stealing the money by threatening to hurt Marina and when Cyrus could not come up with all the money, Alexandra paid off the difference. Her story keeps them both out of jail. Cyrus asks what it will cost him. Alex says almost nothing. She just asks that he not walk out of their marriage so hastily. Cyrus states that he loves Marina and Alexandra asks how does he knows Marina wants to see him. After all, she did get kidnapped because of him. At that point, Harley walks in and Cyrus tells Alex that he would rather be in prison than stay married to her. Cyrus then tells Harley about Alex's suggestion. When Cyrus states that he does not care if he goes to prison, Alex asks Harley. After all, she is harboring a fugitive. This gets Harley riled up and she demands that Alexandra call Griggs so they can end this now. Alexandra calls Griggs and states that she will not give him his last payment unless she sees in person that Marina is still alive. Griggs does not believe for a second that Alex cares and demands to speak to Cyrus. Cyrus tells Griggs that all he cares about is getting Marina back. They will give him the money and he will be free to leave the country. When Griggs starts to question Cyrus's credibility. He thinks Cyrus wants payback. Suddenly, Harley gets on the phone and guarantees that she will let him leave the country if they get her niece back. Griggs agrees on the condition that Harley deliver the last payment to him alone. Cyrus prepares to follow Harley but while he is searching for a weapon, Alexandra calls Frank and tells him that Cyrus is there.

As Frank comes face to face with Cyrus, Harley meets Griggs on the docks.

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