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Last week, we learned that Jeffrey, who is supposed to be upholding the law, has been playing fast and loose with the law as well. It might be great fun to impersonate a prince, but not when you are supposed to be a government agent.

Often times, a family will have someone who just doesn't quite remember how things really happened. It appears that in the Spaulding family, several family members are suffering such a fate.

Poor, misunderstood Alan has Sandy and Marina working for him this summer after their run in with the law. Now I know that my memory isn't always accurate, but I am pretty sure that when Daniel Pilon played Alan, the mogul spent some serious time behind bars. And since Alan suffers from claustrophobia (or did when he was in prison - as a result of being locked in the closet as a child) and the whole ordeal was pretty traumatic for him, he might want to turn the other cheek when the teens went surfing on his computer ; ) And poor, perfect Phillip, who never did anything conniving to his spouses - or friends for that matter. He is blaming Olivia for wanting her fair share of the Spaulding pie, when he has alternately embraced and rejected the family and its wealth throughout his own troubled life. He is no stranger to trouble either - remember the whole Neal Everest event. Even good buddy Rick was found guilty in that whole mess - and he's still practicing medicine? Hmmmm - the medical review board must have been on vacation.

What makes me SO mad about this whole mess is that they seem to be putting a stop to the Harley and Gus wedding that fans have been waiting AGES for. Is this a momentary pause of a full out stop of this relationship? I really enjoy the chemistry between Beth Ehlers and Ricky Paull Goldin and hope that GL realizes that the fans would like to see them end up together. Somehow I thought it would be better if Gus was a long lost Santos. Not that either family is a perfect fit for any bride.

And now poor Frankie is being dragged through the mud again, to cover Auntie Alex's lily white tushie. What a loving person she is. When faced with facing the music for her part in the drug scandal, she chooses to send her boyfriend's son/chief of police up the river for her crime. That will certainly not win her any friends in the Cooper family.

But then you look at "innocent" little Elizabeth Spaulding. She has certainly learned from her elders! Lie, steal, cheat, kidnap, or do anything to get what you want. With her family as her moral compass, she'll either be joining Martha Stewart in Danbury before she's 30 or she'll be the next Mayor of Springfield.

Across the Atlantic, we learn that Jeffrey O'Neil, who is supposed to be upholding the law, has been playing fast and loose with the law as well. I imagine it would be great fun to impersonate a prince, but not when you are supposed to be a government agent. How many hats can one person wear? Hopefully GL can sort out all of this mess soon. And where is Dinah's baby that Vanessa went to Europe to help her with?

I have a vested interest in the "identity theft" story as I have been a victim myself. A few Christmas' ago, I bought something off of an internet auction site (we all know which one) and used a check to pay for the item (don't EVER do that) and the charming individual started automatically deducting $30 from my account to start their own, er, NON-soap website. You get the picture. It was such a small amount and placed in a part of my confusing bank statement I don't normally look at (since I don't do automatic deductions) that I didn't realize it until the checks started to bounce. Good news, I got my money back and I think the person got a lovely pair of silver bracelets to wear for awhile. Thankfully no Spaulding family members were behind the evil plot to rid me of my money ; )

And the queen of all memory loss these days - Michelle - seems to be enjoying her "new" self. I must admit that she seems a little more out there then her old self. But what would a long term memory loss mean to those who love her? It looks like GL might be making a triangle with Tony but we'll have to wait and see how that all shakes out.

Since summer is about half over, I guess that means that we'll see more characters who will be missing while the actors take vacations. The only firm dates I know at the moment are those of Robert Newman, who will be taking time off to do a play in Massachusetts. Still, fans should keep in mind that this is normally the time when their favorite characters go MIA for a week or two - and we hope they enjoy their much deserved time off.

I am preparing for my own 10-day trip out west to Bryce, Zion and the Grand Canyon. Next week will probably be the last "Two Scoops" until after August 10th since I will have no internet access during my trip. Still, my VCR will be working overtime to bring me up-to-date on all of the GL that I'll miss while I am gone.

Hope you all are having a safe and fun summer! Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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