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It has been shoved down our throats repeatedly that Alistair is all-knowing. He even spies on his daughter having sex! Yet Alistair has no clue that his wife and his gardener are holed up in Mexico with the gardener's daughter.

So Marty and Kathy hitched it out of Harmony when Alistair tried to kill him. It has been shoved down our throats repeatedly that Alistair is all knowing. He even spies on his daughter having sex! Yet Alistair has no clue that his wife and his gardener are holed up in Mexico with the gardener's daughter. Kathy must've used the Crane funds to pay for the face alterations. (Good job on Marty. Kathy, I'd ask for a refund. Looks as if you just cut and dyed your hair.) I mean they must've left a paper trail a mile long. Hell, Luis could have found them.

Why is Paloma so upset with her family? I am almost positive that Pilar has kept in close contact with her throughout the years. I am almost positive that the Lo-Fitz's didn't just ship her off to Mexico and forget about her. She was mentioned on the very first show. And she has been mentioned time and again the whole five years Passions has been on the air. So this rage towards "the family that abandoned her" is a little unbelievable.

Miguel has had a busy week between keeping a vigil over his mom and convincing Charity to stay in town. Alas our brave hero is no superman, as Tabitha, Kay, and Ivy all manage to convince Charity that she has brought death and destruction to Harmony and it would be better for all if she just left. So now that Charity is really leaving, where does that leave our tortured hero? Has evil Kay finally won?

If ever I am lying in a hospital near death and someone needs to sit with me, please don't call Luis. He can't pull himself away from Sheridan. Even when Miguel comes to tell him Pilar's in cardiac arrest, he makes Sheridan tag along. You'd think with all that Crane money, Sheridan could have some bunk beds or something installed in the rooms so she and Luis can do the nasty anytime they want.

Sheridan continues to have nightmares of the dead man under the sheet. According to the show this week, we now know that it was Marty and he wasn't really dead. Kathy saved him from being buried alive and they left town that night. Sheridan supposedly remembers that her mom was sick for a long time, then died. She also supposedly remembers the song Kathy sang to her when she was a child, and she remembers her singing it that night. Why can't she remember her mom was gone the next day? I mean how quickly did this disease kill her? And why didn't Julian suspect something? He was certainly old enough to remember. I'm guessing he was 15 or 16 at least. This story's got more holes in it than cottage cheese.

Alistair convinces Sheridan that she is a jinx and she decides to leave town. He then tries to kill her AGAIN (enough already) by planting a bomb in her car. Luis rushes to the cottage where Sheridan has had enough time to bathe, wash her hair, and pack a few bags. (Contessa Crane travels light.) Luis demands that Sheridan stay in town. I know they are in love and all that crap, but Luis is a psychopath. I mean he is obsessed with Sheridan and should be committed. Of course then Sheridan would just visit him and have sex with him in the loony bin hot tub.

Liz brings Aunt Irma to the Russell home, but news of Antonio's demise offsets her big revelation. Instead of grieving, Liz blames Eve for Antonio's death. (Sure are a lot of people being blamed for Antonio dying.) I personally am waiting for him to turn up on the island - oh wait, that's Days. I loved watching Ivy grasp at straws. She begs Liz to keep her mouth shut and then begs Eve to help her once the secret is out. Both of them told her to go to hell. Ivy is at her best when her back is against the wall, and I would love to see her go after Julian again once she and Sam bust up. Eve is getting way too whiny for my taste.

Harmony's newest secret is out. Whitney knows for certain she is the mystery woman and it didn't come from Theresa, nor from suspicion, but from the horse, or in this case, the Fox, himself. He admits to her he's in love with her, he's loved her for a while, and that it's not lust.. I actually jumped for joy over this scene. I then jumped again when Fox knocks Whit's guard down and, in what is perhaps the happiest moment to ever happen on this show, Whitney admits she loves Fox too. Then they kiss.

But all good things must come to an end. Whit remembers Chad, then learns Julian knows how Fox feels about her. Whitney flies off the deep end accusing Fox of using her like Julian is using her mother. The argument stops only when she and Fox rush in to comfort a screaming Theresa who has just learned of Antonio's death.

Highest point of the week: Fox: "I am hopelessly and madly in love with you."

Lowest point of the week: Sheridan's drama. It's old, stale, and boring. I am actually rooting for her to die, FOR REAL.

Until next week friends,

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