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After five years on the air, Passions achieved a first last week. A medical emergency occurred, and Eve wasn't anywhere on hand to tend to it! Furthermore, it was a major character who had the emergency.

After five years on the air, Passions achieved a first this week. A medical emergency occurred and Eve wasn't anywhere on hand to tend to it. And, it was a MAJOR character that had the medical emergency.

Poor Pilar. First her husband runs off with her boss' wife, leaving her saddled with three nitwit sons and a psycho daughter. Now she's got this rare blood disease that hasn't killed her yet, but seems intent to keep trying. Then one of her nitwit sons tells her another nitwit son is dead and she starts having seizures. I hate to see what Martin's news is going to do to her.

Please get Sheridan out of that dress. And comb her hair while we're at it. Why can't she go home and sleep? Why is she sleeping in the doctor's room? Supposedly Luis didn't want to leave his mother, but he is shacked up with Sheridan in the doctor's lounge. Some support system he is. Good news is, we may find out who that dead body is under the sheet. Please, please, please don't let it be a car.

Why was Miguel so torn up over Antonio's death? In the two plus years Antonio's been on the screen, he and Miguel may have shared two, three scenes at most. I never got the impression that they were terribly close. I know they are brothers, but Miguel is so much younger than Antonio. I mean he couldn't have been more than seven or eight when Antonio left, and Miguel has been too busy sleeping with Kay and trying to hang onto Charity to spend any quality time with Antonio. The tears just didn't seem real to me. But then again, this is Passions we are talking about.

Theresa baffled me this week. I'm really torn. I don't know whether I agree with her logic or not. Should she have told Whitney about Fox's feelings for her, or should she have remained silent? On the one hand, we want Whitney away from Chad. On the other, Fox is friends with Chad. In the meantime, Ethan's impeccable timing gets better. He swears to Gwen he is madly in love with her, but his only concern is Theresa when he learns of Antonio's death.

Katherine makes me sick. She's whined, "poor Sheridan" all week. News flash Kathy, no one forced you to leave your child. If you couldn't take her with you, then you should've stuck around and been a mother to her. And who else was cracking up at the flashbacks of Martin "protecting" Katherine? I mean, he was hiding BEHIND her for pete's sake. Some hero.

Kay is someone else who makes me sick. She's on her usual, "Charity has ruined my life kick" but she kicked it up a notch this week when she blamed Tabitha. Apparently it's all Tabitha's fault Kay morphed into a dog and Miguel tried to kill her. Had Kay stayed home and tended to her offspring, she'd be fine right now. Instead of being thankful that the daughter she has is healthy and happy, all she can focus on is the fact that she can't have any more children. Besides, it's not like she's going to sleep with Miguel again anyway. Not unless she's got some of that "Essence of Charity" stocked away, and if memory serves me, she used it all the first time.

T.C. is the SLOWEST person in the whole world. It took him three days to get from his driveway to inside his house. I'm surprised Liz didn't run outside with aunt Irma and spill all to T.C. on the walkway. And is Liz totally stupid? She doesn't want to spill the beans to T.C. about Eve's past because then he won't love her. But she goes on and on about aunt Irma. Does she not think T.C. will put two and two together and realize she set Eve up? I know T.C. isn't the brightest bulb in the bunch, but even he has to question this.

Highest point of the week: Eve telling Julian that having him wont make up for the family she'll lose.

Lowest point of the week: Marty and Kathy. BORING!!!

Until next week friends,

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