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Beth is so desperate to hold onto her Spaulding title that she's ready to cast aside her twenty-year friendship with Rick to try to get pregnant. Has she forgotten that Rick is sterile? Guess it's on to Plan B...or is that Plan A(lan)-M(ichael)?

Many times I've mentioned that I often talk "to" the characters on screen (usually GL but sometimes other shows). I don't think they can hear me, but I feel better dispensing advice when they seem to need it the most. This week there was plenty of advice given - all in three air dates!

Poor Ashlee - how sad that her 18th birthday was such a bust until Coop saved the day. I certainly feel her pain. It's hard to feel isolated sometimes at that age and having few friends (and a new family) can't help. Lizzie is exactly as Ashlee described her - and she should feel bad for her actions. It is not Ashlee's fault that Sarah is gone - only Doris had a hand in the fact that Alan got off. For a girl who claims that no one wants to be her friend, she certainly is doing all she can to push away someone who could really relate to her. Ashlee can be a little much, but she means well. Lizzie just thinks of Lizzie - and it borders on annoying much of the time. Yes, she lost her baby and Jonathan - and her best (only) friend died. Dad is MIA, Granddad is in a coma - shot by a family member. But that is no excuse for her behavior. It's hard when you have no sympathy for a character. She'd better find her softer Raines side soon, or she'll have no friends forever...

Ava obviously needs a new/old set of friends. She has to be the most nave person I have ever seen! When she bought that load of crap A-M sold to her this week about his "recovery" I nearly lost my lunch! Good for Coop for giving her the boot. She deserves whatever punishment A-M doles out once he is done with her - and you know he'll do just that. I think it's time GL have Harley, Marina and Eleni do an A-M intervention before this character also becomes one I just want to FF through.

Josh's grand gesture of confessing is really driving me crazy, too. Yes, he's a sweet, stand-up guy. But he's not a doormat - or is he? I remember a conversation I had with a male GL actor years ago about them not being strong characters - and it certainly shows with this. I applaud his wanting to protect Cassie, but come ON, Joshua!

And Beth is so desperate to hold onto her Spaulding title that she's ready to cast aside her 20+ year friendship with Rick to try to get pregnant. Note to Beth and GL writers - Rick can't HAVE kids anymore - the anti-rejection meds from his heart transplant make him sterile. Guess it's on to Plan B. Or is that Plan A-M?

I really try to have someone to root for on this show, but this week I just saw only backstabbing and weak characters who need a wake up call. Come on, GL - give us some characters to love. Of course, Cyrus does have that yummy accent....


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