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For every step forward that Lizzie takes, she seems to take two backwards. Of course, Daisy has a loving family to rely on, and Lizzie has the barracudas in Casa Spaulding to look to for love. Maybe these two could learn something from one another.

Only in daytime do we get a trial (and a verdict) in such a short time. Alan is still comatose (how convenient) and Josh's trial begins in earnest - and ends - this week.

Meanwhile, we see the residents of Springfield going crazy. Half are looking to defend Josh, the other keep him in jail. Of course this means Josh is NOT the guilty party - but who is? My money is still on the shifty A-M. But only Alan - and the shooter - knows the truth.

Normally I love a good mystery, but this one is a little odd. We really haven't had multiple suspects for long - which always peaks my interest. Somehow good old reliable Josh has been named the shooter - which we all know is not the case. But did Cassie really do this or did she just want to? She certainly had motive, but I'd like to see a non-comatose Alan awake and trying to figure out who to pin the shooting on. That's what Alan would love to do - and we all know it.

But before we get to the outcome - at least the temporary one since Alan is still comatose - let's look at what's going on to help/hurt Josh.

Reva will "always" (pardon the pun) do what she can for Joshua. But now he's asked her to send him away - from their kids and from her - for a long time. It's a risky gamble to save a possibly innocent Cassie. Billy is, of course, against the whole thing - but which Lewis boy will get his way? And what will Reva do to try to honor Josh's wishes - yet try to free him? Breaking into the Spaulding Mansion took guts - which we all know Reva has. But without the gun, Josh is still looking at time behind bars. Cassie's grip of reality hasn't been that strong of late - so will she be able to find the keys to free Josh? And with the Shayne sisters playing Cagney and Lacey - you know he's in good hands. Just how long will we have to wait remains to be seen.

Away from the Lewis trial, I was glad to see Daisy spend time with her grandfathers. But that girl needs a serious time out - and some time with her crazy family. She's been the forgotten child for too long, and now she's making everyone pay for her antics. This is very much like GL did when Lizzie returned to Springfield after an absence - but how will she turn out? For every step forward Lizzie takes, she seems to take two backwards. Of course, Daisy has a loving family to rely on - where Lizzie has the barracudas in Casa Spaulding to look to for love. Maybe the writers could have these two learn something from one another - and move to a more positive place. Lizzie has become so unlikable to me - I'd hate to see Daisy written into the same corner.

Ava is another character who needs her eyes wide open. How can she be so blind to A-M's schemes? Of course, Beth, who has lived with the Spauldings for so long is trying to get closer to him as well. But if A-M is the shooter, will this mean he is leaving the show? GL rarely uses the character, so anything is possible. But being the shooter and being written off the show are two very different things, as we have seen in the past with Harley and others.

For those who are interested in the lack of romance in Springfield, this week we do have a happy event which I won't "spoil" for anyone. Suffice it to say that it will be full of twists and turns until the very end.

Hopefully we'll find the real shooter soon - and Springfield can go back to normal soon!


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