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Josh is on his way to jail, which will definitely be a big wake-up call for the upstanding citizen. Can Cassie, Reva, and Billy get him out soon? Let's hope so, since Harley's incarceration for shooting Phillip was drawn out for way too long.

Full disclosure: I don't have children. But if I had a daughter like Ava or Susan/Daisy I think I'd be drinking heavily if I had to deal with them.

Clearly Harley and Olivia have their hands full with their not-so-little girls. Since they weren't around during their formative years, these girls have just run amok all over the place. But is it too late to save them? And help them make better choices (and more importantly, characters that don't grate on your nerves 24/7)? I certainly hope so, or they can join Holly and most of the Beaudreaux clan on the back burner of GL stories forever. Actually, they could both use some time with Felicia to turn their lives around.

While I was watching this week it came to me - the person that Harley and Olivia could bond with (if they got along) would be Vanessa. She gave Dinah up for adoption as well, and got to know her later in life. Sure, their life hasn't been (and isn't) perfect, but she'd be a great sounding board. Plus we'd have more Vanessa time - which is ok by me!

Daisy/Susan has had a difficult life. Her adoptive parents are both dead, and her mom screams at her all of the time (I can imagine I might be just like her if I was a parent - which scares me more than a little). I do fully understand that Daisy has made a mountain of mistakes (just like Mom) but what she needs is love, and a whole lot of guidelines. And she needs less of Harley screaming at her. Sure, Zach and Jude don't bother her as much - it's called being a teenager full of hormones and feelings you don't understand. Not that I condone the crush on Gus, but he is her only friend now. I expect some issues to arise, but I'd like to see more harmony here.

Ava is an adult and makes her own rules - which makes her more difficult to deal with in many ways. She can take off when she doesn't like the advice and do things her way. But seeing her in bed with the slimy A-M (who the writers have made totally un-likeable as well) makes me want to a) scream and b) throw something at the television set. OK, so Coop was controlling (but, as Ashlee says - hot) but at least he cared about her - not just caring enough to sleep with her. I guess it's my old "married lady" persona rearing it's ugly head - but someone needs to stop her from making a major mistake! It's certainly not lost on me that the writers are making Harley and Olivia's daughters remind them of their own wayward pasts. Still, give us some peace and harmony, please.

Josh is on his way to jail - which will definitely be a big wake up call for this upstanding citizen. Can Cassie, Reva and Billy get him out soon? I certainly hope so, since Harley's incarceration for shooting Phillip was drawn out for way too long.

We get to see Big Al awaken from his slumber this week - but for how long? More importantly, we'll see who "did it" and I was stunned. This was someone I had totally discounted - but I'm not "spoiling" it here. How the writers will piece this all together remains to be seen.

The weeks' highlight had to be the impromptu wedding of Mallet and Dinah - surely the only way they would get hitched. But with Cyrus and his threats, can they last? And what does Cyrus have on Mallet? Let's hope that Dinah doesn't blow it with Mallet or Van and Matt. But will she come forward and let them help her or just go along with Cyrus' sinister plan? Come on! This is Dinah - she's impulsive and does all the wrong things 95% of the time. I wonder if this isn't GL's way of leaving an opening in case Emmy winner Gina Tognoni leaves the show when her contract expires later this year. We'll have to wait and see what happens to Dinah - and Gina!


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