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The plot thickens
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Whoever the Peeper is, they desperately want to destroy the Lo-Fitz family, which points to one possible source...a Crane. Alistair, perhaps?

Ethan is the dumbest person in the world. First Sheridan goes off about how crazy Fancy is and Ethan believes Fancy is the one that's crazy, even after Sheridan out and out admits she still loves Luis. Second, he goes to the she mans apartment and ends up naked tied to a chair. What did he think he'd accomplish?

Why is it Ethan continually has appointments with Luis in his cell? Why isn't he privileged to get a private room? And why are other people in the cell with Ethan? What about attorney/client privilege? However, when Ethan ran the voice tag on the computer, it did make me wonder if Theresa's secret was finally going to come out. When it didn't, I was intrigued to learn Luis' voice was on the tape. He is definitely being set up, just the who and the why remain.

I laughed so hard when Whitney uttered, "Poor Theresa, this is the same way she looked on her way to being executed for killing Julian." Everyone could see that Theresa was far from excited about marrying Jared, except of course Jared. He was so determined to marry Theresa, that I can't help but think he is the one blackmailing her into marriage. I think the Stalker/Blackmailer/Peeper is working with Jared to tie him to Theresa, as the person who tied up Ethan kept mentioning how excited they were Theresa was marrying Jared.

There's a lot of speculation that Valerie and Vincent are the same person and they are the Stalker/Blackmailer/Peeper. It's an interesting theory, but I don't think its possible for one reason. Chad has been having sex with Vincent, so I'm pretty sure Chad knows Vincent has a man's equipment. Julian had sex with Valerie, and as kinky as Julian is, I don't think he'd sleep with a man. So I'm blowing that theory out the water and going with Pretty Crane as the Stalker/Blackmailer/Peeper.

The thing that bugs me is what did Fancy do to Pretty that messed her up so bad she is now half man/half woman? What did she do that twisted her so bad that she wants to see her half-brother naked? Who ever this Stalker/Blackmailer/Peeper is they are desperate to destroy the Lo-Fitz family and that leads to one possible source, a Crane. Alistair perhaps?

Spike getting his just desserts from Tabitha was hilarious. Tabitha asking, "Can I get you anything? A band-aid, burn ointment, brush and comb?" was the funniest part of the week. Spike's hair alone after his time with the dark side had me in stitches. Perhaps Sanjaya will take a pointer and that will be his new hair style next week. Jessica asking her father if she could come home was sweet, but pointless. Her family has bent over backwards to help her and she shuts them out every time.

Another person being shut out is Fox. Poor guy is sick as sick can be and he stumbles up to the hospital roof to find his wife making love to Miguel. How disgusting are they? At least Chad and Vincent have the decency to hide out in a sleazy motel. Why can't these two do the same? I was so hoping Fox would make his presence known so Kay would have to explain. Instead he just stood there and watched (which was creepy in itself). Hopefully Fox will push for Miguel to go to jail soon so this public sex show he and Kay participate in will stop.

Some Random Thoughts:

Poor Rae. She was such a front burning character that she only deserved a one day funeral.

Who is Dylan and what did Rae have in that letter that was so important she couldn't just tell Simone?

Could Noah and Paloma be any cuter or hotter?

Grown up Endora is just as adorable as little girl Endora.

Can't wait to see what Sheridan has to say to Fancy once she learns that Fancy shot Luis.

Viewer's Voice:

"I can't stand it. I just can't stand it any more. What planet do these people live on where reality does not exist?!? Passions seriously needs a legal consultant. Teresa would not lose her inheritance if it is revealed that Little Ethan is Ethan's biological son. Why? Because she inherited as Alistair's widow. That inheritance has NOTHING to do with Little Ethan's paternity. I am aware of no state in the US where the widow inherits anything less than 1/3. Ergo, she will retain at least 1/3 of the Crane money and power. Please, someone, help me!" Actually Alistair adopted Little Ethan and left him everything in his will . Little Ethan's will receive everything once he turns 18. Theresa is his guardian and is to run everything until Little Ethan is of age. Being that is so, it shouldn't matter if Ethan is the father or not since Alistair legally adopted the boy. Thanks Cathy!!!

"In reference to your Two Scoops column (March 24, 2007), Luis did not tell Fancy that he was still in love with Sheridan. Last November, Fancy said that if he still was in love with Sheridan that Fancy and he should not go ahead with the relationship. Luis said that Sheridan was in his past and he loved only Fancy. So, Fancy was the one who wanted to pause it if he was not ready, and Luis said that he wanted to pursue it." Thanks Lori!!!

Until next week friends,

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