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Last week, nit Whit almost caught Chad and Vincent together, but instead, she now believes that Vincent is cheating on Valerie. Why does she even care about Vincent and Valerie at all?

What law school did Ethan go to? I mean he went on the Crane dime, so it should've been a top tier school like Harvard or Yale, right? So if he received a decent education, shouldn't he have known that he needed to call the police with the pictures in the apartment (which proved nothing by the way except that someone has a lot of time on their hands). Instead he runs after Theresa, only to watch her become Mrs. Jared Casey.

And then if it weren't bad enough that he'd left the "evidence" behind, when he returns with Theresa, everything is gone. An amusing thought entered my head when Ethan and Theresa were about to enter the apartment. Once upon a time, Theresa had pictures of Ethan splattered all over her walls. Instead, Theresa and Ethan find the walls bare, leading Ethan to bemoan that there is nothing he can do to save Luis and Miguel. Some lawyer he is. If all he can depend on is last minute, life saving evidence, then all his clients should be in prison right?

I loved Ethan grilling Theresa about sex with Jared. When asked how she planned to avoid or prevent it, Theresa admitted she wasn't going to, which sends Ethan over the edge. Yet never fear. Just because Theresa is Mrs. Jared Casey doesn't mean she and Ethan cant get together for a little push-push. A little thing like marriage never stopped them before. I mean even as sacred as Ethan's wedding vows to Gwen were, it couldn't stop the powerful pull between these two. I wish both of these adulterers would just get together already.

Two more adulterers I wish would go away are Kay and Miguel. I'm sorry, but if Endora deems Fox worthy, then he is. That was the sweetest scene where Fox and Endora blew kisses to each other. Poor Fox keeps thinking that once Miguel goes to jail it will keep Kay with him. That is highly unlikely as the man stands accused and Kay doesn't believe he committed the crime. She will just borrow Sheridan's wig and sneak in to romp with him in his jail cell. I mean if they can get down on a hospital roof, a jail cell should be nothing.

Speaking of Sheridan's wig, she's finally flipped it in front of other people, including Sam, Eve, and Luis. And I wanted so badly for her to really lose it when Luis woke and called out Fancy's name. Instead she held it together. Fancy must be watching some "How to be a cop in 10 days" video or something because she wasn't fooled for a moment by Sheridan's wig (which she managed to get her hands on awfully fast).

The best moment of the week was when Sam said that Luis was on lockdown and Sheridan replied, "But surely you don't mean me." Sam cocked his head and tried to hold in laughter and retorted, "Especially you." Best scene in weeks. However, I am getting so tired of hearing Sheridan blame Fancy every ten seconds for what's happened to Luis. He chose to escape from the cell, and he's placed himself in the predicament he is in. Fancy is not to blame.

So nit Whit almost caught Chad and Vincent, but instead now thinks Vincent is cheating on Valerie. So what if Vincent is cheating on Valerie; Whitney needs to stay out of it. Not five minutes before Whitney was accusing Valerie of sleeping with Chad, now she's Valerie's best friend. I loved Chad telling Whitney "don't say you're going to break out into some rap about being united in sisterhood." Whitney may end up with more than she bargained for if she spills about Vincent and his mystery lover. And although I love Chad's new do, when did he find time to have it done?

Spike running from Tabitha at the carnival was hilarious. And his hair standing straight up was also hilarious. And it's good to finally see Jessica standing up to Spike. I have a feeling that she isn't free of him yet, but it is good to see her thinking she can live without him. Still, I have to say that whoever the Peeper is, the thought that they scare Tabitha proves Harmony isn't dealing with an ordinary psychopath.

How cute are Noah and Paloma!!!! I hope the writers don't split them up for the sake of putting Fancy with someone when Luis and Sheridan end up back together. And I hope that Luis and Sheridan don't end up together. But still in all, Noah and Paloma are hot!!!!!!!!

Some Random Thoughts:

This will be the last week that I publish Viewer's Voice. There is a new feature on this site that allows for blogging, and my column will be linked to my blog. I will try to blog a couple times a week, but I am a nursing student and I have another month of school before summer vacation, so I make no promises. Feel free to start your own blog and voice your own opinions about Passions!!!!!!!!!!!!

Viewer's Voice:

"I would just like to whine to someone about Passions. I am very sad and disappointed in the turn the show has taken in the past couple of years. The writers seem to use the same dramatic devices over and over (e.g., revealing a secret, only to have it end up as a "dream", a la Dallas). The drawn out nature of all of the major stories has become nearly unbearable to me! I agree with someone who wrote to you recently who mentioned the lack of reality. If Luis was the cop on my case, I would just go ahead and ask them to put me in jail. Are the (mainly) fine actors on this show really proud to be on a show that makes them out to be so incredibly inept and ridiculous??? Jared got an Emmy nomination?? For what? Nice fellow, I am sure, but not, in my opinion, much of an actor. Oh well, thank you for letting me whine. I love your column! Have a great day!" Thanks Robin!!!

"HOW GROSS!I hope every man Theresa has been with gets checked because she keeps bed hopping. Ethan is sooooo stupid, he makes Theresa seem like a saint when she could not be any further from the truth. She slept with Fox, Ethan, Jared, and Julian. Think about it Ethan the only woman ever faithful and devoted to YOU was Gwen! Sure she had her flaws but she ONLY gave herself to Ethan and nobody else." Thanks Violet!!!

"You are trying to figure out who the peeper could possibly be, and I agree that it must be a Crane. Have you considered that it could be Beth/Alistair? They had the huge train wreck and were likely badly injured. What about some medical "miracle" that was able to save them but only by fusing together the remaining pieces (halves) of each of them? Creepy but possible. My other thought is that they're going to pull out some lame thing about how it's really magic, and whoever the peeper is has the ability to transmogrify, which is why s/he is never caught. S/he simply turns into a rat and runs out of the room (which we see all the time around the peeper), which no one ever questions. Stupid, but I can see them doing it. They've dug themselves somewhat of a hole with." Thanks Michelle!!!

"While everything points to Pretty, I still say it is Gwen. Since she had a mental breakdown before, why not again? Especially when the blackmailer keeps saying 'Ethan is mine.' As to Theresa; Yes, Little Ethan was adopted, but if the truth comes out about the father, the will could be contested by Julian, who as blood kin, would have an edge, more than Chad, etc, as he is the legal offspring. And a widow is not automatically entitled to anything from her spouse. Look at Anna Nichole. Big Al could have just left her a dollar, and it would have been legal. Besides, you know he isn't dead, and will come back to screw the LoFitz family. Hopefully before the show goes off the air." Thanks MJ!!!

"Hey, Love your column and just wanted to drop and interesting thought. What if Julian and Eve's son turns out to be the half man/half woman thing and branching off your idea is still in cahoots with Jared. He/She could want Ethan and not be related to him, and that's why he/she might have been so excited about Jared and Theresa getting married. One things for sure Passions has gotten ten times better!" Thanks Trey!!!

"On Vincent and Valerie being the same person. If you take one of the shower gifts as a hint it's possible. The frog that can change sex at will? HMMMMM? Sure, it's not possible for a person to do. At least in the real world. But this is a Passions. And in that world it could be possible. Strange, but possible." Thanks Angela!!!

"Okay did anyone else notice that when they showed the blackmailer/peepers leg on the woman's side with the tights that it was a man's leg, not a woman's. Therefore I don't think t hat Pretty Crane is the peeper. If the show does bring back Alistair, Beth, or Marty that would just be stupid. I don't think that the peeper is Valerie and Vincent as the same person but I do think that they are in it together. Has anyone else noticed how Valerie was about to snoop in Luis's desk or that she seemed to be eavesdropping at the church. Just one last thought, Passions needs to get a move on with the storyline they have dragged it on long enough already. Also has anyone else counted the number of times each show that Whitney and Theresa say little Ethan is Ethan's son and still no one has caught on. Do the writers really believe that the watchers are retarded they have to keep the same dialog day in and day out or are the writers just too uncreative to come up with new lines?" Thanks Mindy!!!

Happy Easter,

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