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WOW! Alan woke up as a whole new man! Stop the presses! Will this new version of Alan be a pillar of Springfield's community, or just a way to mask his old, evil ways?

WOW! Alan wakes up a whole new man! Stop the presses! But will this "new" Alan be a pillar of Springfield's community or just a way to mask his old, evil ways?

I have to admit that I am so glad that Alan is finally awake since his family was beginning to really annoy me. All of their family fights over the comatose body of Ron Raines (Alan) was difficult to watch. The Spaulding family, hardly the Cleavers or the Bradys were always a bunch of piranhas - but Alan kept them in control. Without his leadership, they seem lost in so many ways. But now that he's back - how will they all react?

And who out there really thought sweet (but annoying) Ashlee could be the shooter? While I would think of it as a stretch for the teen to turn to violence, the show has done a good job of showing how fragile her psyche is. Growing up with a mother like Doris Wolf and no father figure to provide the warmth and love she craves. When Alan shattered her dreams of a happy family, she just snapped. GL did a good job of providing enough back story for the fans to see Ashlee's desperation and loneliness all in one powerful scene.

But now that Alan is awake, there are still more questions than answers. Josh obviously didn't shoot Alan, but will Alan free him? The two men aren't friends, but will the "new" Alan allow Josh to sit behind bars for something he didn't do. And will Josh be able to survive until he's freed?

Once Josh gets out of jail (and we assume he will) how will Reva deal with his relationship with Cassie? It was easy for her to focus on getting Josh out of jail, but once he's free - how will Reva fit into the picture?

Alan's return also means changes for all of the Spauldings. Doris was so sure her place in the Spaulding Mansion was set - but will the "new" Alan keep a bride he doesn't even like? Doubtful - so the Wolfe women had better pack their bags.

If Alan does throw Doris out, does this mean she'll turn him in for his part in Tammy's death? I certainly would like to see him pay for his crimes - although I can't imagine the show without the dastardly Alan Spaulding.

Beth's "pregnancy" and her attempts to keep her grip on Spaulding has been a little sad. I can see if she truly wanted a child, but I feel that her attempts are more for monetary gain and power. Hardly a reason to have a child, but then Spaulding children are used to living with money, but little love.

Beyond the Spaulding Mansion it seems that one of Alan's sons, Gus, has his hands full with Daisy. Her little fantasies about him along with her dangerous actions spell trouble for her family. It seems that Harley has had her fill and has a plan to help out the troubled teen. But can someone who is related to Harley and Reva be anything but a hellion in her teenage years?

Not that teens are the only ones with trouble in their future. Dinah might be a blushing bride, but her past is catching up to her. Will Cyrus' return to her life bring her anything but pain? With the spoilers shown after Friday's show, we know that Dinah is back to her old tricks - but how will it all end?

It looks like, as we get closer to May Sweeps, that the show is heating up again. But only time will tell what will happen to the characters we all know so well.

I hope that everyone is able to share some time with their family and friends this Easter holiday - if the weather improves! Our cherry blossoms here in the D.C. area were covered with snow yesterday!! Have a great, and safe holiday!

Until next week...

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