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Faith's eating disorder is becoming a serious problem, in addition to the way that she talks to her mother. Faith yells at Lily as if she is the mother and Lily is the child; of course, Lily is acting like a child these days.

This week we saw the last performance of Jeffrey Meek as Craig Montgomery. Mr. Meek has done a good job as Craig in the short period that he has been here. I know he had a hard act to follow behind Hunt Block and I am sure he would have continued to win over fans. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors. So we wait for the original Craig - Scott Bryce to come back this coming week. It will be interesting to see how he makes Craig, the Craig we knew years ago before Block or Meek.

Lily's Troubles
Is all of this caused because she is addicted to diet pills? It just seems more drastic that it should be. She hasn't been on the pills that long. This is very similar to Jennifer meth addiction story that started very quickly and ended just as fast. Lily's story has some additional issues with her young daughter, Faith. Faith's eating disorder is becoming a serious problem in addition to the way she talks to her mother. Faith yells at Lily as if she is the mother and Lily is the child; quite frankly, Lily is acting like a child a lot these days.

Holden is out of town a lot these days and when he comes home there is always something major going on. There is never any explanation to his whereabouts then he just shows up in time to handle whatever catastrophe that has befallen his family. Why are they staying at the farm so much these days?

Emily and Alison
Emily has quit her job as a prostitute as she is now searching for her sister - the porn star. What a family! This is really obvious that Emily is Alison's biological mother; what a parallel existence. The reasons that they both give for doing this is for the power of it all. Dusty just recently said something to Emily about her father issues. It's true that Emily has some father issues as her father Dan died when she was very young. He was divorced from Susan and married to Kim. Alison's father, Larry McDermott, left her mother and she had no contact with her for years. So they both have Daddy issues in addition to not being able to have a loving relationship with a man.

Susan is going to freak out when she finds this out. I am sure that Emily will keep this from her as long as possible. These women are all we have left of the upstanding Stewart family; Judge Lowell and Claire Cassen must be turning over in their graves at the way the Stewart name is being dragged through the gutter.

Jade Strikes Again
Barbara was in rare form as she told Jade to stay out her Will and Gwen's business or she would deal with her - that is a mild interpretation. Jade is not one to be scared by anyone so she comes up with this scheme to find a look-alike for Gwen. What is this lady up to now?

Why do we need another Gwen in Oakdale? Please no - Gwen has changed so much since she was introduced to us. She was spunky and fun to watch. Now she has screamed her way to being on the irritating side and I am not ready for two of them. Can't the writers come up with something else for Jennifer Landon to do? I guess this for her Emmy reel for 2007.

Henry and Vienna
Is he actually going to go through with this wedding? Is he just doing this because of the money or does he really love her? I am not too sure. The one thing is that Katie has realized that Henry does have real feelings and has suffered some pain form their relationship. I loved it when he told her off.

So who will Katie end up with Brad or Jack? She did tell Jack that he was like a brother to her- no man wants to hear those words.

Here is what some readers have to say:

Lia said, "I am enjoying the storyline with Lily and the baby food and now with Craig stepping in. I, too, am interested to see how Scott takes on this role. I'm just not sure that I can see Scott as the hateful person that Craig has become (since Hunt Block took him to the dark side).

One other comment, I hope they do not pair up Katie and Jack. I just found that Katie has become a whiny little brat. I used to like her a lot and I like her pairing up with Mike in the beginning - but once they got together, I hated watching them because every scene they had involved them making out. It was refreshing to see Nick brought into the storyline because it actually gave both Katie and Mike lines. Anyways...that storyline as well as her constant whining about her breakup with Mike and the revenge on Simon has completely turned me against Katie, and I hope they don't waste a good character like Jack and pair him up with Katie."

Monique said, "OK, is it just me or is it too obvious that Meg's going to be pregnant and we're going to have another "who's the daddy" storyline? The current storyline for Paul is fascinating; it's like "The Dead Zone". Of course, anything Roger Howarth does is always amazing.

P.S. I'm a recently converted viewer (2003) so I never saw Scott Bryce as Craig. I'm looking forward to seeing his version of the character. I did enjoy Jeffrey Meek's work and wish him all the best.

Oh yeah, and Go Henry!!! Has he met his match at last?"

M Davis said, "I have to say after watching the show today 03-28-07 I am now interested in the Adam/Gwen... parts. Today I saw some of the best acting I have seen on soaps in a long time. Not liking Adam, I found him to be a really good actor today and Gwen outdid herself. Haven't figured out what Jade's role is in all of this, and I usually can figure things out, before they happen. The action was good, although I've never heard of a store locking from the outside so why not just break the window? Too easy, huh?"

Finally, hasn't Casey really grown up since the Gwen incident? He is taking responsibility for his actions. Now that he and Maddie have taken their relationship to the next level - it's not a good idea to do it in under his parent's roof.

That's all I have for now.
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