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Adam wants payback for having Chandler Enterprises striped away from him and for Tad impregnating Krystal. I can't blame him after all he is only human and he is Adam Chandler.

Adam wants payback for having Chandler Enterprises striped away from him and for Tad impregnating Krystal. I can't blame him after all he is only human and he is Adam Chandler. Adam has ensured Janet's escape and subsequent living quarters in Chandler mansion's attic room, which is full of food and supplies. Tad and Jamie decide to take the law into their own hands after the fire at Tad's house, knock Adam out and place him in that prior mentioned attic room. AMC has successfully destroyed Tad in many people's eyes and hearts including mine. This is similar to what they did to Ryan some time back. I don't care if Tad is ever reunited with Kate and believe Adam will somehow or another take control of Tad and Krystal's baby to guarantee their daughter is separated from them. This probably will not be a popular decision and I can see the fan base sympathizing with Tad and Krystal, but no I have no sympathy for these characters anymore. Perhaps if Dixie returned Tad could be redeemed but for now Tad's criminal ways need to be exposed. Jamie is more than getting his due as Adam is at ramming speed. Could this be the end of Jamie? I hope not and I suppose Brooke's name won't even be mentioned.. I heard from Taylor who definitely has a warm spot for Krytal and is this week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week as Taylor writes: "Krystal will be a good 'Momma" to her new little baby girl. Many people might not agree with everything she does, but they don't have to. I do not believe the baby will grow up to become public enemy number one under Krystal's care nor do I believe that Krystal or anyone else will abuse this little girl. However, I do believe that Krystal will fight Hell and high waters to protect her children from all harm and danger, even if that danger named are Adam Chandler, Adam Chandler Jr. or Tad Martin."

Janet's on Adam's side and as Janet professes Adam is a mean man, I'm thinking Adam hasn't gone over the edge yet as he was repulsed by Janet's advances. Those were some great scenes and I'm thinking we are in for some fine but evil performances for a while. I still believe this could all backfire and this child will indeed turn out to be Adam's "Charlotte". If and when that happens how will Adam get recover from all his actions?

Divorce Chandler Style!

Babe has decided she's entitled to an uncontested divorce. This is the same Babe that not too long ago refused JR's divorce request because she loved JR. However, when the tables are turned Babe believes she deserves for all to satisfy her demands. Of course, JR tells Babe she can have her divorce and promptly tells his lawyer to drag it out for as long as possible. I felt for Little Adam when JR and Babe were explaining everything to him. Poor little guy. He sure is a cute kid and definitely resembles Babe!

Seeing Double!

Aidan is shocked as he sees Ava and realizes she is a dead ringer for Lily. That seems to be where the similarities end as Ava is a prostitute and as we all know Lily cannot tolerate any physical contact. Ava is finding out the perils of her chosen profession as Di continues to explain to Aidan he must unite Ava and Lily. There Di was explaining she would have never gone down that same path had she found the love of Dixie and family. That's not always the case, but I'm thinking Aidan will indeed see Di's point of view and get Lily and Ava together in the not too distant future. How will Jonathan react once he comes across Ava? So far I'm not enjoying this lookalike.

I Remember You!

Zach seems to have some connection with Hannah now that they have met again. The guilt of his actions towards Ethan is close to the surface and I wonder if Hannah may provide some turmoil between Zach and Kendall. Considering Kendall's jealous nature it would be out of character if that doesn't occur. Seems the jealousy could be subsiding when it comes to Ryan and Annie's relationship. Of course, with Greenlee set to reappear very soon, Ryan and Annie will probably not have "a happily ever after". I keep expecting Annie to turn out not to be such a goody two-shoes. Perhaps this will occur once Greenlee shows up. A little fireworks could spice it up as some of the fans appear to find Annie and Ryan boring. This week's AMC Fan Gripe of the week comes from France who writes: "I am sick to death of Ryan and Annie. I tape the show every day and now find myself fast forwarding past their scenes."

You Can't Have Him!

Isn't this just classic Erica? Erica decided she didn't want Jackson anymore, but just as soon as she saw Barbara and Jackson in bed together she decided Barbara couldn't have him either. Erica is acting like such a juvenile. I've been a long time Jackson and Erica fan but I'm tired of Erica remarrying so many of her ex husbands. Perhaps if Erica found out she is pregnant with Jackson's child that could bring them back together in a positive way. I was never much of a Barbara fan but I don't get why they are portraying Barbara as such an unfit mother. Barbara was always a very good mother and there was no reason to undermine this fact. I am enjoying Susan Pratt though as she does a great job!

I hope all my fellow Christians have enjoyed the Easter season and my Jewish friends have had a pleasant Passover. Thanks for the emails as always I enjoy them all & I'll see you back here in two weeks!!


Mary Page
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