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Guilty as charged
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The month wouldn't be complete without Julian threatening someone for custody of his children, and Tabitha received that honor last week, so Tabby did what she does best when she feels threatened...she caused mayhem.

I guess I'll start with the trial since that was the main focus this week. Some of the smaller aspects of the trial that bugged me is how did both Julian and Ivy manage to make it to court, yet Pilar couldn't? Even if the news wasn't pleasant, I do think Pilar and Martin both should've been there. I mean even random townspeople and a jury was chosen. Theresa called Whitney to come down, why didn't she call Pilar too? Why didn't Paloma call them?

And once the trial begins, the absurdity begins as well. First of all, no one at all should be worried as Judge Reilly obviously set out to sway the jury and neither Luis nor Miguel were given fair trials. There is no way the guilty verdicts would hold up on appeal. Second of all, yes the Peeper (I'm sorry, I refuse to keep changing names here) is blackmailing Judge Reilly, but is he/she blackmailing anyone else? Why didn't someone get on the stand and admit that a blackmailer is threatening the judge? Perhaps the jury could've been persuaded to vote a different way. And it certainly would've made sense to the jury why the judge seemed to favor Grace over Ethan.

Speaking of Ethan as a lawyer, has he ever won a case? And why is Theresa giving him advice? I'm no lawyer, but I think Theresa had a good point about discrediting Fancy, as Fancy comes across as a pathetic wimp who can't make up her mind. Nothing Ethan did to make her seem sympathetic worked. And the big reveal about what went down between Fancy and Pretty was a huge let down. So they got in a fight about a man. What was so horrible about that it caused Pretty to leave town permanently? I mean even Sami and Carrie made up.

So what does the wonder lawyer do, he calls Sheridan to the stand. While on the stand, with Ethan barely badgering her, Sheridan loses it. She has a psychotic outburst about trying to break up Fancy and Luis and still being in love with Luis and that is going to cost her everything. And instead of talking to Chris, who miraculously managed to make it to the trial in time to hear her testimony, she runs after Luis. I loved hearing him call Sheridan a bitch, and seeing poetic justice as Fancy was finally proven right about Sheridan.

Then Fox is called to the stand to testify against Miguel, after he promises Kay he will alter his testimony to let Miguel go free. Julian is outraged, until he realizes Fox is playing Kay to make himself look innocent. Fox is made to look like a fool, but that doesn't matter as the Peeper calls the shots and Miguel and Luis are both found guilty. Of course I want Fox to confront Kay and ask why she's stuck up his butt, but again Kay gets off scot-free. I hope she enjoys prison sex, as it seems that's what she and Miguel are destined for.

So Jessica is preggers with Spike's baby, and he wants to sell the baby. I loved that Jessica stood up for herself and ran from Spike. And the best part was she ran straight to Tabby's where Spike remembered his time in the basement all too well. I think Tabby should let Jess move in with her. At least Jess won't be bed hopping all night like Kay does.

The month wouldn't be complete without Julian threatening someone for custody of his children, so Tabby got that honor this week. Seems Julian wants his daughter to attend a prestigious preschool and Tabby wants to home school her. So Tabby does what she does best when threatened, she causes mayhem. I loved the attack of the killer strawberries on Spike and the ladies from the preschool. However, I think Endora will be attending school as she wonders what it'd be like to go to school with other children.

So Whitney still wants to stick her nose where it doesn't belong and tell Valerie about Vincent. First of all, why does Vincent care if Valerie knows? It's not as if he loves her and wants to keep the relationship. Second, why does Whitney care? It's none of her business, and Chad has asked her numerous times to stay out of it. I hate to say this, but I agree with him. It is none of her business.

But instead, Mrs. Crane is insistent on telling Valerie the truth, and it's almost cost Whitney her life twice this week. Vincent isn't about to give Chad up and I think he is using this Valerie excuse as a way to get rid of Whitney so he and Chad can be a couple. Chad better watch out, he's got a fatal attraction on his hands. And is it just me, or are their graphic violence/sex scenes hard to watch?

Some Random Thoughts:

My husband is a law enforcement officer who attends court hearings several times a week. He pointed out that no one but the bailiff has a gun in the courtroom, and Fancy is no exception.

Is there any doubt the blackmailer is Alistair. I feel it was all but confirmed when the laughing character showed up on everyone's cell phones.

Until next week friends,

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