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Not only have the Lo-Fitz brothers been found guilty, but it was announced live on television, and Luis has been sentenced to death.

First of all, I want to extend my prayers and wishes of healing to the Virginia Tech family. You all have been in my prayers since Monday, and will continue to be in my prayers. There is no one in this country who hasn't been affected by this tragedy and it's sad that it takes an act of violence or an event of this magnitude before we realize we are a nation that supports each other. I know full well that when Katrina hit, this nation poured out money, love, prayers, and support to my region, and now I don't even hesitate when it is needed in another part of my country. Virginia Tech comes to Baton Rouge on September 8th to play LSU in football. Rest assured, a warm welcome and heartfelt sincerity will welcome them.

I guess I can start with the farce of a trial that seemed to drag out all week long. Not only have the Lo-Fitz brothers been found guilty, but it was announced live on television, and Luis has been sentenced to death. Then we get two days of Kay, Theresa, Fancy, Sheridan, and Pilar going on and on and on and on about how much they love Miguel and Luis and how everything's going to be overturned. Not likely with Ethan as their lawyer. Ethan has even admitted he doesn't know what to do to correct the situation.

Even with all the "It's all your fault" and boo-hoo's going around, no one at all blamed Theresa. Had she just stayed faithful to her husband, none of this would be happening, but no she had to jump into bed with Ethan and it looks like she's headed right back to bed with him now. You would think that if your brothers are facing death row and all you had to do was abstain from one person, you could do it right? I'm waiting on the scene when Pilar lights into Theresa.

The scene of the week belonged to Sheridan. After bearing her soul to Luis, not to mention that she admitted her husband took their son and left her all alone, Sheridan got the shaft. Instead of falling back into his arms as Sheridan hoped she would, Luis turned to Fancy and told her she was the one he loved. I saw a side of Contessa Crane that chilled me to my bone. Now I really believe she was behind at least one of Fancy's attacks.

Another reason I believe that Sheridan was behind the attack is that when she admitted that she loved Luis and wanted Fancy to look bad in his eyes, she could've admitted she found the button from the attacker and hid it. Instead she was too busy trying to out Fancy and Pretty's secret, and even this week tried to make the "secret" seem bigger than it is. Sheridan got downright vicious with Fancy this week, going as far as threatening to kill her to hang onto Luis.

It wasn't a good week for the Crane's all the way around. Fox got his wish, Miguel is headed off to the slammer, but Kay is still up his butt. I would love for Fox to confront her and make her confess, but instead he seems hell bent on keeping her by his side. What good is it that she's in your bed, but her heart is with another? I was so hoping Julian would point this out to Fox this week, yet he just skilled him in the ways of hanging onto her.

How stupid is Chad? He goes to rescue Valerie from Vincent, and instead of rushing back to his wife, whom Vincent has threatened to kill, he stays and comforts Valerie. Whitney and Miles are home alone, where she takes pain pills, and Chad is busy trying to cover his butt. Chad should be ashamed that he deterred Valerie from calling the police, because if Vincent did beat her, he should be in jail.

Tabitha was just grand this week as she tried desperately to get her Endora into preschool. It was great to see Timmy flashbacks, as it was wonderful to have the snooty judges from the school swayed with Martimmy's. I also loved that Tabitha threw forget-me-nots at the ladies to have them forget their previous experience in her house.

Quotes of the Week:

Fancy about Sheridan, "She's after you, Luis. She always has been."
Luis: "Well, if she is, her timing's pretty bad. I'm about to buried in the prison graveyard."

Tabitha to the ladies from the preschool about her furniture, "I have English, American, bit of French thrown in that I picked up cheap after the revolution."

Tabitha to Endora trying to discourage her from attending preschool, "There's an excellent dark side school in Louisiana run by vampires. You could commute on your broomstick and you'd still have your days free."


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