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Dinah's betrayal of her mother, on top of Matt's loss of their money, means that Vanessa is without any family when she needs them the most. All of what she and her father Henry built up is gone.

Non-soap watchers frequently question my devotion to one show for three quarters of my life. Certainly there is the storyline that holds your interest - the long term characters that fans identify with - love or hate. And another reason to watch year in and year out is the escape.

I don't have to tell you that the events of last week have dominated both the news and talk all over the world. Working in Virginia, this hit close to home for me. My cousin is a Tech sophomore (and was unharmed), two colleagues are alum, as is my next door neighbor. Hokie pride is everywhere, mixed with sadness.

So when the real world gets a little too real, too close to home, I "take the Light with me". Seeing familiar characters (played by actors I have gotten to know) and being involved in their "lives" onscreen was a great relief. Yes, it sounds corny, but knowing that I could escape the sadness for awhile to see Reva and Josh in jail, Gus in the hospital after crazy Daisy burned their hotel room up, and Olivia and Jeffrey kidnapping A-M. Even the most bizarre story was a little bit of an escape. I hope that, even in the strange twists the stories have taken, this crazy little show has created a family of sorts for fans worldwide, and an escape when you need it most.

But let's try to focus on the stories - which are heating up as we approach May Sweeps. I've posted some of the spoilers so you can see what will be coming down the road - but won't mention them her for those who want to wait to see what happens.

Not having kids myself, I have to wonder what I would do with Daisy or Ashlee in my household. Daisy seems to be reaching out for any attention - with nearly disastrous results. I cannot imagine what so much loss (both of her adoptive parents) and changes in her life have done, but I don't excuse her actions. Tammy Winslow would probably be alive if Daisy's crazy boyfriend "G" hadn't come to town.

Ashlee was also looking for love but Alan Spaulding has never been one to love easily - especially to a non-Spaulding. But when Alan shattered her dreams, she lost the one hold Doris had on him. Now that the Ashlee has admitted the truth, will it change her relationship with Doris? At least once Ashlee comes clean - Josh can go free.

But once that happens - and we know it will - who will Josh return to? Reva or Cassie? Part of me is thrilled that they finally found their way back to each other. But the more realistic side of me knows this whole thing can't end well. Cassie is fragile emotionally, Reva is recovering from cancer, and Josh has been in jail for awhile. None of them need to be hurt but you know all of them will be in some way.

Dinah's betrayal of her mother, on top of Matt's loss of their money, means that Vanessa is without any family when she needs them the most. All of what she and her father Henry built up are gone. At least we found out where little Maureen has been - sort of. How nice to remember her when she's a plot device - and more money - for Van to have lost.

I think Maureen must have been hiding out at Cedars with Blake and her invisible kids. Maybe Lillian and Holly can visit them. At least it looks like we'll see Blake soon, according to the spoilers I've read. Thankfully the show remembered that she exists. Now we can all hear what secrets she has been carrying with her for the past six months while she lay in a coma. And I for one cannot wait!


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