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Oh, Adam is just so evil right now and even though I can't imagine him stealing Jenny, only to put her out on the black market and certainly don't excuse his actions, I am so enjoying seeing David Canary at his best. Remember everyone this is just a soap and the actors are 'acting.'

Oh, Adam is just so evil right now and even though I can't imagine him stealing Jenny, only to put her out on the black market and certainly don't excuse his actions, I am so enjoying seeing David Canary at his best. Remember everyone this is just a soap and the actors are "acting". This isn't real life and if TPTB decide to take someone down the dark side that is where the actor has to follow. Somehow this seems to escape some viewer's perspective. This week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from Denise who writes: "Adam Chandler is a rich snob who thinks all should bow down and worship him! If anyone has reverted to CRIMINAL ways it is Adam Chandler. Yes, Krystal slipped up ONE TIME when going to console an old friend/flame and oops got pregnant-- But no reason to be persecuted for it. Tad may have locked Adam up--but with food and drink and not needing anything for survival. However, ADAM has burned down Tad's house and valuables, tried to kill Jamie with his car AND, Big Time AND, walked out on Krystal when her water broke leaving her to have the baby alone. If anyone deserves to be alone and to lose everything IT IS ADAM CHANDLER. He and Erica Kane deserve each other. They are both rotten to the core!!!" I'd like to mention that Adam did give Krystal a cell phone when she went into labor, granted it didn't work but he was unaware of this fact at the time. Also, originally this scene was to have Adam doing nothing but walking out, however, David Canary demanded Adam not be so heartless. Way to go Mr. Canary.

Krystal has done more than just sleep with Tad as she had no problem stealing Miranda and keeping the baby from Bianca, sleeping with anyone that could help her promote herself and Babe as well as tricking Adam into marrying her. Even though I don't condole Adam stealing Jenny nor believe anyone deserves to have their child taken from them, Krystal and Tad are about to learn what's it's like as they both kept Miranda's identity hidden to protect Babe, Krystal and Jamie.

Love is in the Air!

Ryan, Annie and Emma make such a cute family. I'm enjoying this light storyline and am sure the new Greenlee, who is about to return "home", will try to put an end to their romance. After seeing the new recast, it's truly a shame Annie was already cast as she bears such a striking resemblance to Rebecca Budig while the new actress doesn't.


Zach seems to finally be at peace with Alexander's fake insanity plea. Instead of Alex going to prison, he'll be cooling his heels at Oak Haven or some other institution for a very long time. Or will he? Seems both Del and Hannah aren't able to get past all Alex's murders and past sins. I've heard many rumors that Del will be leaving PV and I wonder if he will kill Alex before he goes. Kill Alex for retribution for Alex killing Dixie. Still rumblings from all those Dixie fans out there as they want Cady back and don't even care anymore how it's done. Of course, Alex could have been keeping her captive or David for that matter, but at this point it doesn't appear Dixie is coming back anytime in the near future - unfortunately for us long time fans.

It was good to see Kendall and Annie getting along as Kendall's pregnancy is going full steam ahead. I do wonder if this pregnancy will be short lived as Kendall just had Spike and we all know there has to be some adversity coming for Zach and Kendall. Of course Hannah may provide some issues too.

Let's Be Friends!

Seems Ava really isn't a hooker, instead she just made men think she was so she could steal their wallets. Nice, nice. No one can just have a regular job in PV. None of this matters as Lily has decided Ava is great and they can both learn so much from each other. Jackson decides it's best not to upset Lily and agrees that Ava can live with them as long as Ava plays by the rules. I can see in time Lily being phased out just as Stuart is hardly ever around. It was nice seeing Opal and Dr. Joe around some this week, but it reminded me that I really miss Ruth especially since she's never even mentioned.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all that have been affected by the recent tragedies in Houston and Blacksburg. I do wonder what is wrong that the only options these people see they have is to kill. It's all so senseless and beyond sad.

Just wanted to let everyone know that Dan Kroll, this site's owner, has been ill and hopefully will be back in good health very soon. I will be away in 2 weeks, so Suellen is covering for me then. I know everyone will enjoy her comments and find out that she is a recent Grandmother again!! Let me hear from you with those rants and raves about our show!


Mary Page
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