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Yet another new baby is kidnapped in Pine Valley. Shootings, kidnappings, rapes......crimes are running high in this quiet little town somewhere in PA.

Yet another new baby is kidnapped in Pine Valley. Shootings, kidnappings, rapes......crimes are running high in this quiet little town somewhere in PA. So many of the citizens seem to have devious minds, paybacks, revenge and their own agenda.

Instead of grabbing a child and running, Zoe is taking his beloved's advice and grabbing life by the horns. He is pursuing his career and desire to become a woman while relocating in London, England. Bianca won't be that far away in Paris, France. I am sure we all agree that these two characters will be sorely missed. They are smart, sweet, and entertaining at best. Erica Kane surprised everyone by getting off her high horse and supporting her daughter's decision to leave home once again. As much as I dislike the way Erica can be catty, a busybody, and judgmental......there is one thing that you can count on. She loves her children, especially Bianca. She has always come around. Will she do the same for Jack and her marriage? Stay tuned.

Jenny Colby Carey is missing from the hospital nursery due to a lot of chaos with the nursing strike. The scary part is how they got such incompetent "temps". Any reputable hospital would have nothing but professional and competent replacements for nurses. So instead of slugfests and yelling matches in the hospital corridors, we have mayhem and the reality that a newborn baby left the facility unnoticed. Then followed by Tad and his two sons trying to solve the mystery. This time it is hardly difficult to realize who is behind it, but a little harder to prove it. Adam is no dummy; he knows how to play the game as he enlists assistance from a known psycho. Fortunately Janet From Another Planet does love babies and wouldn't have them turn up in a freezer (sorry, Trevor's demise will always be the worst visual for me). By week's end, she is stalling a couple wanting to adopt Jenny/Jackie via black market connections by Mr. Chandler/Prince. Once again, Janet is two steps ahead of the Posse.

Meanwhile, Adam is being tormented (although he looks more amused than anything) with Krystal's gun and guilt trip. They both share their thoughts on how this baby was conceived and how it killed their marriage and trust. We all know that Adam Chandler can do a lot of things to a lot of people, but God help the person who BETRAYS him. That seems to be his biggest sore spot. It appears a man who should be counting his blessings with a dysfunctional but nevertheless, a FAMILY.........has instead pushed them all away. JR and Colby would rather live elsewhere, a big change from just a few months ago. Even his longtime maid went with Babe and his twin brother is not happy with him either. Then if he cannot forgive his wife, he also loses the Carey bunch and grandson. This time we can honestly say he truly deserves it. The hard thing to swallow about this whole scenario is that Adam has fallen so far down. Torching Tad's home, causing an accident for Jamie and Amanda, and now the kidnapping/adoption WITH NO REMORSE. He is devious, he is stubborn, but could he/would he go this far all in the name of revenge? After Tad's involvement with Greg Madden's death, it is not fun to watch two characters we have learned to love and hate but find redeeming qualities in, turn so dark and close to unredeemable.

Alexander Cambias Sr. has been shot by one of many enemies. As with Greg and others before him, there is a long list of suspects. Del Henry has a rifle that could do a lot of damage, Jonathan is acting like his old self and spooks Annie out, and Hannah has a lot of built-up hatred to kill without a weapon. Which one pulled the trigger? As Derek and Zach watch the vile creature slowly bleed to death, there seem to be no clues to the sniper. My favorite scenes the past few weeks are with Zach as he talks to his father. The one in the jail cell after Alex got "off" gave me goose bumps. It was perfect and expertly acted by Thorsten Kaye. Then again as he talks to his father lying on the ground with the teddy bear, all he wanted was for the man to suffer. Death was too easy. He actually wants his father to be sent to the hell he will endure in a psycho ward. Thus, he tells Derek to call the ambulance despite the temptation to watch him succumb another fate.

Lily is happy to have a sister to be with now but they couldn't be more different. Ava goes to New Beginnings and is mistaken as her sister leading to taking liberties in stealing jewelry and pretending to be interviewed by her idol, Erica Kane. There seems to be another young girl in awe of Ms Kane. The actress is definitely doing a great job with this dual role; just not sure I want to see Ava with Aidan even if it would give him more airtime. Anyway, I like him with Di.

What a nice surprise to see Louis from Dancing With The Stars giving lessons to Ryan and Annie. It's nice to see this duo having fun albeit it being corny at times, but of course it will be short-lived. Greenlee is back and lurking around watching her family having farewell parties and her ex-husband preparing to wed again. It will be a monkey wrench in these plans, Kendall's pregnancy, and catching up with Jack and all the family changes. This is one character return that makes sense and can add to a lot of storytelling. We will have to be open-minded in accepting a new actress as Greenlee Smythe as Rebecca Budhig is a hard act to follow.

Usually when they have a man and woman hate and protest so much on a soap opera, it leads to a love connection. Or at least a sleepover. Is this what they are doing with Josh and Hannah? The older woman/younger man love/hate connection? EWWW, I am just not a big Hannah fan despite being Ethan's mother. Just throwing it out there. I guess they are still trying to find a home for Josh; I got a chuckle from his toast to his sister and the family. Those are some of my favorite scenes as the writers are so creative with the history and what is said, whether it is a wedding or a send-off.

At week's end a new and improved Colby Chandler is pleading with her father to tell Krystal where Baby Jenny is. Enter JR and Babe. Now the Chandler/Carey showdown will entertain us into next week. I only hope they don't drag this out too long, these type of stories are a mother or grandmother's worst nightmare.

Mary told you how I would be on board next week to cover her column, in the meantime Kristine also needed me to write this week. Both ladies are traveling and will be back at their next scheduled commentary. So here I am sharing my thoughts on OUR FAVORITE SHOW (no matter what) and happy to be back as always. A speedy recovery to our editor, Dan, as he recuperates from minor surgery. And yes, I am a grandma AGAIN. I was blessed with another granddaughter two months ago, from my second daughter. Nina Lynn is doing well and being spoiled by the entire family just like Ellen Liliane was the past two years. I babysit her three days a week and it also allows me to watch AMC live during that time. You can't beat that, right? Let me know what you think of the latest happenings and who you think is the shooter..........see you next week,

See you next time with best regards always,

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