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Janet Dillon is definitely from another planet. She feels a parent should have a license before having children. This is all good in theory, but we are talking about a woman who just kidnapped a baby and bopped her own daughter over the head to enlist her help to watch Jenny/Maura.

Janet Dillon is definitely from another planet. She feels a parent should have a license before having children. This is all good in theory, but we are talking about a woman who just kidnapped a baby and bopped her own daughter over the head to enlist her help to watch Jenny/Maura. She must have known that Amanda would wake up from a tennis racket smack; it obviously was some heavy wood. Meanwhile, Janet is torturing Jenny's parents and is preparing them to consider her from the Dept of Mother/Father Verification (DMFV). It should prove comical to see what questions she has for Tad and Krystal and how long before the baby is rescued. Amanda is having a difficult time trying to feed the newborn, which only means there will be complications to deal with. Will there be blood tests to prove that Adam is indeed the biological father and they were victims of David's revenge? I received quite a few notes this week with this prediction. Will it make a difference now that Adam has crossed the line with everyone involved? Probably in his twisted mind, as he is forever into control and possession. Now there is the matter of his supposed heart attack. Despite all that has come down, Babe and JR still do the right thing and get help for him.

Hannah is dealing with her guilt and working so closely with Zach, a case of unrequited love. As predicted, she and Josh have a "moment" in her office. Whoa, if the other co-workers at Cambias Industries didn't hear them crash against the office door, it would be a miracle. It was quite an erotic scene considering they left most of it up to your imagination. And judging from the expression on Josh's face when he exited, he won't easily forget their encounter. Very funny when Kendall asked Hannah how her brother's performance in the office was. They managed to inject some humor in the scenes this week considering it was a very dramatic, traumatic one. Adam was handcuffed to Tad and was wondering how he was going to relieve himself. Tad said in true Michael E. Knight style, "Don't expect a hand from me!!!" Back to Hannah, she is throwing the rifle that shot Creepy Alexander Cambias, into the water at the boathouse. Zach is close by witnessing the scene and they discuss the situation as she admits she is guilty of the crime but cannot get past the anger of her lost time with Ethan. She cannot forgive and forget. She realizes Zach has a family to keep him grounded and wonders if he will turn her in. Of course he won't. He would have said the same if his father had lived or died, I am sure. They go to Annie and Ryan's Jack and Jill bridal shower where everyone is having a good time and making nice toasts to the couple's future.

Meanwhile, Greenlee has a fantasy (more like an agenda) of her own. She sends Ryan an invitation to a "renewal of love and laughter". I sure hope they play this out well, as I am not crazy about the way she is always smirking and looking like a bitch, for a lack of a better description. It is one thing to realize you still love your ex-husband and have missed him, but to play games like this? First with Kendall at Fusion and now with Ryan as he announces he has never been happier and someone finally opened that part of his heart. A little weird in that Gillian was the love of his life, and then he really connected with Kendall, and later how he really loved Greenlee too. I know having the two children now and a different life attributes to it, but please be true to the history.

There was more steam (literally) after the office rendezvous when Ava seduced Sean and they were in the shower together. She is one manipulative young girl as she got her sister's charge card to go shopping, was taped stealing from New Beginnings, had a run-in with Jonathan, and now is pursuing Sean under the same roof. Life is hardly boring for this girl and is such a contrast from her younger sister. I think a week or so with Myrtle could change Ava's attitude a lot. Zach tried to warn Lily about how she is being used by Ava, but it fell on deaf ears. She is presently in denial as she relishes in the idea of having her sister nearby to bond with. Wow, I can't say enough how great the separate portrayals are.

Erica made Jack a proposal he couldn't turn down. I am surprised that he was so excited about the idea, but maybe he sees it as a way to be closer to his almost-an-ex wife and see where it goes. Ms Kane wants him to be part of a New Beginnings segment where they discuss New Divorce. She admitted she doesn't want to lose him even after their divorce and this way they can still spend time together and maintain closer relations with the family. Divorce should/could be a beginning, not an end. A new chapter in their roller coaster life. Hey, anything is possible especially when Erica Kane is party to it.

It was a very delicate and important issue when Kathy found the gun at Wildwind. Del was chastised and evicted as Julia stressed the safety of the children at the mansion. Side note: They have been doing a good job of covering Sydney Penney's (Julia) real-life pregnancy by having her always have things carried in front of her, etc. It was probably a wise choice not to work a pregnancy into the story with her gaining Kathy and Jamie isn't ready for fatherhood. Or even if he is, we already have so many kids (ok, All My Kids with restrictions) to worry about in Pine Valley at the moment.

Annie was freaking out by thinking the culprit was her future brother-in-law and wanted Emma to get away from him. She was sincerely sorry when she found she was wrong about him and apologized profusely. Jonathan does seem to be the scapegoat whenever there is a crime but he even admits it is for good reason. He and Ryan have had nice talks and know they can have a normal, decent future now despite their childhood. Hopefully so. Colby was also freaking out as she had the showdown in the tunnel with Adam and Krystal; she actually put herself in between the gun and her father and talked Krystal down. Isn't it heartwarming to watch when they have young, rebellious girls come to town with a big chip on their shoulder......turn into responsible, mature young women? Case in point, Colby and Amanda. It's their parents we have to worry about now.

What is it about Adam/Tad sparring and Adam/Palmer through the years? They are just entertaining despite the circumstances. You have two powerhouse talents, two characters with a lot of history, and decent material. Adam and Tad have had some of the same wives, shared kids, and it has basically been a no love/all hate relationship. They both have a long list of reasons to despise the other. So handcuff the two men together for any length of time and expect fireworks and a lot of comical moments.

It has truly been fun to be onboard again for Two Scoops as your two columnists were away. I am also hoping to hear that [Soap Central founder] Dan is recuperated and back in action. Thanks for all your nice notes this past week and I always enjoy hearing from my fellow AMC fans to rant or share your thoughts on the soap happenings. So feel free to write anytime.........

See you next time with best regards always,

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