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It looks like Alan not only got away with murder (literally), but he's already back to his old tricks, too. He really should wake up and realize that Lizzie is a little too attentive to the new baby coming to the Spaulding Mansion.

Ashlee gets three years in juvenile for shooting Alan. Yet he gets no punishment for causing the death of Tammy Winslow? Does anyone think that is fair? Not to mention realistic.

I know that the show needed to have a reason to get Ashlee and Daisy together all summer for their teenage and college aged viewers, but part of me wants to see Alan pay for his crimes, too. Not that being married to Doris isn't punishment, but that was over before it even began (luckily Doris - or her alter ego Orlaugh Cassidy - has been getting plenty of air time doing cell phone commercials).

It looks like Alan not only got away with murder - literally - but he's back to his old tricks. Running roughshod over Beth's life (and Rick's baby) but bullying Reva about her relationship with Josh and Cassie. It was so nice to see "nice" Alan - even if only for awhile. But he really should wake up and realize that Lizzie is a little too attentive to the new baby coming to the Spaulding Mansion.

And when Baby Spaudling grows up, let's hope that he/she is a little less like Daisy. This once adorable kid now steals cars regularly and wants to hurt Harley and Gus by tracking down his old flame? Now Natalia is in Springfield for good - can they survive?

Since Josh is now out of jail - and out of work - how will he spend his days? Hopefully noticing that Cassie is still living in an altered state of reality since Tammy's death. Here I thought Josh's return home would make her focus less on seeing ghosts.

Buzz and Olivia's wedding is this week - but so much has been made of the rush to the altar, I'm sure something is amiss. I'm not going to "spoil" anyone - but a blind person could see where this story is going.

Blake is FINALLY awake and Dinah couldn't have said it better. Great job, Mallet, telling your dirty little secret to the biggest gossip in town! And NOT us - shame on you. I'm not sure where this one is going, but Blake adds sorely needed spice to the show - and I'm glad to see Liz Keifer back in Springfield - and awake!

It's Sweeps time, and nearly summer - so let's see some happy stories, GL. There isn't one couple in Springfield that doesn't have some crisis in their life. I know that you want to get new summer viewers (even when you lose people due to vacations and such) but the fans want to see some happiness in Springfield soon!!


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