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Poor Buzz deserves the love of a good woman, but not someone as flighty as Olivia. The normally level-headed corporate dynamo has a romantic track record worthy of Hollywood. She had made bad choices in the past, but Buzz was a keeper.

Was there anyone surprised when Olivia and Buzz did NOT get married this week? Both of them were so anxious to get to the altar (his multiple proposals and her insecurities) that I knew they would either never marry -- or never last.

Poor Buzz deserves the love of a good woman. Not someone as flighty as Olivia. The normally level-headed corporate dynamo has a romantic track record worthy of Hollywood. But while she made bad choices in the past (i.e. Alan and Phillip) Buzz was a catch to keep all to yourself. But then, so was Frank.

Of course, the Coopers can be flakes in the romance department themselves. Marina fell in love with a Mob Boss who still clearly loved his ex-wife. That ended well. Now she is falling for an ex-con who will break off more of her heart. I realize she has no good role model in the romance department (Dad is divorced and rarely dates, Mom is in California, Aunt Harley has been married more than Liz Taylor and Coop is a bachelor). Can't someone take her under their wing and show her the road to at least some happiness? Oh, wait -- who in town has actually stuck out a relationship really worked on it for more than a year or two? Vanessa and Matt? Yeah, they aren't really looking to give marital advice now.

With summer upon us and Sweeps happening as I type, you would think that we'd be primed for at least one great wedding -- that actually happens. We got cheated out of that with Dinah and Mallet -- Buzz and Olivia called in quits. Will Josh and Cassie (a couple I know many of you including yours truly feel is as dull as dishwater) be the big splashy summer wedding?

So far, all I see is brat Susan/Daisy and mixed-up Ashlee in juvi hall for the summer. Sure, they have a hot teacher. But since he's a uncle to one it's a little less fun. Natalia's entrance into town -- along with someone we'll meet this week -- could add some spice.

Oh, and we have ANOTHER paternity storyline. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Oh, sorry ? I fell asleep just thinking about it. Not to mention that an Alan/Beth/Rick triangle has the "ick" factor for me -- unless Phillip comes home to make things even more interesting.

At least Blake is awake and back to her old self. Nice to see Holly and her kids show up to see how she was (sarcasm is SO hard to convey in words). But will GL actually use the spicy red-head to heat up the summer months? I'm begging here, GL!!

OK, GL: you have only a few weeks left in Sweeps. Show your fans that you can give us a meaty storyline (that we'll like) and keep the viewers we have all summer long. And hopefully attract some new ones who might cross our path this summer.

And in the meantime, since GL failed to even acknowledge it : Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there. Hopefully you were able to spend at least part of the day showing your mom you really appreciate all she's done for you. I tried to get my Mom to help with the column, but since she's not a viewer, she didn't have much input.


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