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It seems that things are about to get even more spicy with Josh/Cassie/Reva and Beth/Alan/Rick. Hopefully someone realizes that Alan has to be the daddy before the baby is born.

It's funny how things can change when you look at them a different way. Normally I watch GL on the weekends in one or two marathon sessions. I always thought I could "see" the whole week better (and forget less) if I did this (not to mention that is when I have the most time). But not this week?

After spending Mother's Day with my Mom, brother and sister-in-law I had a not-so-friendly visit from a very large kidney stone ? which had me sidelined all week. In pain and with little to do but be miserable, I watched GL in "real time" this week. And I discovered a few things.

Pain killers are wonderful things -- they make me not want to smack the characters nearly as much. Well, not all of them. Cassie is still driving me nuts, "seeing" Tammy and blaming her on her own bad behavior. And Olivia waits til the last minute to break Buzz's heart? Nice behavior there as well. And Beth really thinks ALAN will be a good dad? Has she been on pills for decades?

But my two forays to the hospital had me thinking of GL's medical stories. Unless my pills are giving me an alternate reality ? isn't Rick infertile now after the heartt transplant? The anti-rejection drugs mean he can't have children. Or is it my own pain meds talking?

And since I've given total strangers access to literally all of me how safe are the residents of Springfield if the town loon can break into a lab and alter results? Should I demand a recount on my kidney stone size and location? It all makes me a little nervous.

But the pain meds did nothing to dull the never-ending saga of the lighthouse chimes. Five or ten minutes of that was enough ? but a whole episode? Even my meds couldn't alleviate the pain of that one!

This week it seems things are going to get even more spicy with Josh/Cassie/Reva and Beth/Alan/Rick. Gotta love a paternity storyline (or not watch soaps, I guess). Hopefully someone at GL realizes that Alan has to be the daddy before the baby is born.

It's about time for my meds, so I'll end for now. I want to wish a big Happy Birthday to my GL friend Jennifer in Florida ? who celebrates today! I hope you have a great day!

And wherever you are, be nice to those with kidney stones. They might be small ? but they are a major pain!! Hopefully I'll get rid of mine in a few weeks (with surgery #2).


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