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It was nice to see Margo giving Katie a reality check last week; she reminded Katie of what was at stake if she and Jack decided to try to make a go of it. Jack's kids have already had a lot of heartache, and they don't deserve more.

Hey Scoopers! Long time, no chat. Thanks to Reggie for filling in for me while I was on vacation. Lots of developments occurred in Oakdale since I've been gone, so let's get to it.

Katie and Jack as a couple? I don't think so. Sure, it's sweet watching Jack nervous as a teenager, trying to juggle his family life with his dating life, but I just can't buy those two together. First, Jack is never going to be over Carly. Second, Katie is flighty, at best. She tends to take really nice guys and well, break their hearts. (Hello Henry and Mike.) I say run, Jack, run.

It was nice to see Margo giving Katie a reality check this week and explaining to her what was at stake if she and Jack try to make a go of it. His kids have already had a lot of heartache, and don't deserve more. I don't think we'll have to worry for long, though. Now that Carly's back, I give this Jack/Katie thing about the same chance as Barbara ever getting a storyline.

In other musings:
--Alison's detox scenes were excellent. I've never been through detox, and imagine it's a lot more difficult and lengthy than what we saw, but kudos to the show for at least showing the ugly side of drug abuse. Ali has hit bottom, with the porn and the meth addiction. It's hard to believe this is the same fun, passionate, carefree girl we saw a few years ago. When Susan finds out about her baby's new hobby, Aaron Snyder had better duck and cover. You just know she's going to blame him for Ali's problems.

--I'm not sure why Dusty is so invested in getting Ali clean. Perhaps it's because he couldn't help Jennifer during her drug problems. Regardless, I'm enjoying his stint as the rehab police. And just like Susan, I enjoyed that kiss Emily/Dusty kiss. I know, the two of them have a twisted history, but hey, I'm just happy to see Dusty smiling again.

--The new opening for the show gave it a new flavor. I loved the Katie and Henry clip, as well as the Kim and Bob clips. What do you think, Scoopers, yay or nay on the opening montage?

--Was it just me or was Dusty flirting with Susan? I think Susan may have a little crush on the delicious Mr. Donovan. Who can blame her? His white-knight routine could make any girl, OK woman, weak in the knees.

--You know it's bad when Henry is drinking water in his martini glass, rather than vodka. What has Vienna done to him? This is serious, folks. Is Henry truly in love and just doesn't realize it? That's what they want us to believe. I'm with Brad: Henry and Vienna need to just slow down and go back to having a good time. Forget the "L" word and the thwarted wedding. They need to date and see where it goes from there.

--Speaking of Vienna, it appears Simon has returned the prince's jewels to her. I'm not sure how that's possible, considering Simon dismantled and fleeced the stones months ago. But, I won't quibble. I just hope poor Vienna can get out from the prince's thumb now and reclaim her cash. Although, I wouldn't mind having to use Henry every day as a personal ATM.

--Lily returned from rehab this week and seems much more grounded. Her heart-to-heart with Faith was spectacular. They talked about how Lily's body image issues had influenced young Faith and contributed to her bulimia. I also loved Lily's chat with Craig. Could she be the one to get Craig in touch with his softer side again?

--Those blonde hair extensions sure are getting a workout on the ATWT set. Someone in hair and makeup must be fond of fake hair. First, Emily was experimenting with the long extensions, then, last week, Katie was sporting that beauty-pageant hair again when she taped that segment with Brad. I thought since another short-haired blonde was back in Oakdale that perhaps they were making Katie go back to her long hairstyle, but then this week, she was wearing her short, sexy 'do again. Let's take bets as to who gets those long, blonde hair extensions next? Brad, you have been warned.

--It's scary how much Alison sounds like Rosanna. No wonder Paul cooked up that scheme to freak out Craig.

--Carly is back, and I couldn't be happier. I've missed her. And I've really missed those Carly/Jack awkward moments. I'm counting the days until their first scenes and until she realizes that Jack's been spending his time with Katie.

--Scott Bryce certainly knows hot to play the villain. His Craig is evil. But, I think he's missing the ladies-man characteristic that Hunt Block's Craig had. I'm not sure I believe that this Craig could get Jennifer, Meg, Barbara, Carly and Rosanna horizontal. Nevertheless, I'm enjoying Bryce's take on Craig. I just hope we get to see more of him with Margo and Katie.

Best Line of the Week:
(Katie tells Jack one of the reasons she's attracted to him.)
Katie: "You get along with everyone."
Jack: "Unless I'm married or related to them."

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops reader Marie.)
"Jennifer,I was channel surfing the other day and I saw the "inspiration" for the Cleo character. When's the last time you saw Jerry Lewis in THE NUTTY PROFESSOR? Get a copy and check it out. If that's not Cleo, right down to the teeth, the voice, and the eye blinking ... well, see for yourself!?"

I'll be writing Two Scoops again next week to repay Reggie, so send me your comments and opinions on what transpires in Oakdale this week.

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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