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With Carly back, it's no surprise that Jack and Katie have decided to really start a relationship. Things are going to get really interesting, really fast. How will Carly react when she finds out about Jack romancing Katie?

This week brought back Carly to Oakdale along with the excitement of what will happen when she learns about Jack and Katie; Katie decides that Brad is wrong and Jack is the brother she wants and Cleo is trying her best to make her way in Oakdale - an active week in Oakdale to say the least.

Carly is Back
It was so great to see Carly back in town without Simon. It just shows what a mistake that whole thing was in the first place. It was so funny to watch her interact with Cleo who recognized her. The look on Carly's face when Cleo became Gwen was priceless and later realizing that this was not such a bad thing. Cleo is not such a bad person - wacky but not bad. I think she adds such freshness to the show because she is so unpredictable. Carly came back right before Mother's Day for her kids - kids who are having a hard time without their mother. I never thought that Carly was the type of mother that would leave her kids for a man.

With Carly back, it's now that Jack and Katie decide to really start a relationship - things are going to get real interesting, really fast. Can you imagine how she will react once she finds out about Jack romancing Katie? I am still having a hard time with these two as a couple. I know that he will get back together with Carly which is where he should be - it's always their journey back to each that is so much fun to watch.

On the subject of Katie, who wants to bet that she will end up with Brad Snyder? Isn't he more her type of guy? Katie wants to be with Jack for his reputation as the good guy; she likes the excitement of a guy like Simon or Mike. I can't her settling for the settled guy like Jack.

Brad Snyder
I really believed him when he told Katie that he was changing and that he wanted to be with her. I do see a change in him since he has come back to town. He even told Henry that he was different now and Henry knew it was Katie that has caused the change in him.

What was this all about - the woman with the gun? Was she just there for Brad to make it known that he was different? Was it for Jack to rescue them and re-establish things with Katie? I thought that that little diversion was pointless.

Will the writers address how he left before? He and Carly had a relationship. I guess that the past version of Brad will be forgotten as Brad has become the Jack's younger brother this time around.

The Craig Scenario
This plot with Paul, Lucinda, Meg and Alison working against Craig to make him think that Rosanna was alive and stalking him is getting out of control. First of all, why hire Alison to help - she is a drug addict. You would have thought that once Dusty told Paul about Alison's problem that he would have rethought his plan. Of course, Alison blew it by laughing during her call with Craig.

The saving grace in this whole drama maybe Meg who knows how to handle Craig well. Craig is very suspicious of everyone around him. He had some valid points about the fact that she was there when the calls came from Rosanna. Meg seems to be able to pull this off as he is beginning to trust her. I don't know if Paul will be alright with her being so close to Craig.

Now comes the news that Cady McClain who played Rosanna is coming back to the show - this adds an interesting element to the story as Rosanna may actually already be out of her coma; this should be fun. [Click here for more.]

Here are some comments from readers:

Mike said, "Just wanted to make one observation about the new opening credits: How tragic is it with how non-diverse Oakdale has become? If this "new" opening had debuted just a few years ago, it would have featured Ben, Jessica, Isaac, Bonnie, Marshall, and, later, Walker and Doc. Now they are all gone. I realize this is supposed to be the Midwest, but have they stopped allowing people of color into Oakdale?"

Phyllis said, "Katie only wants men that aren't really available to her...Simon (she was married this time around, Mike (married to Jen), Jack (obviously the man who's wife she deliberately ruined and ran out of town, and Holden (married to Lily). She didn't really want Henry since he was so readily available and madly in love with her, and she doesn't want Brad right now since he isn't attached to any other woman, and for some reason cares for her. It would be very interesting if, after Carly returns, Brad becomes interested in her again. You can bet that Katie will be after him like a vampire with a nice juicy neck in her sights."

Finally, when are they going to give Dallas a storyline? They recast the role and still he is rarely seen and no story. I think he could be a good match for Jade who is not seen that much; if she had a love interest then she would not have much time to interfere in the lives of others.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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