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What exactly is Mallet hiding? When he nearly strangled Dinah last week, it was pretty shocking. Blake's presence in their lives is so odd; she needs to interact with more of Springfield.

Like a record that keeps repeating the same line (for those of you under 30 ask your parents what a record is) Reva and Josh part 5 million is underway. But how many times can GL show these two making train wrecks of other peoples lives and allowing fans to still love them?

I have to admit that I was not in favor of the Reva cancer story that had her telling no one about her illness ? and leaving Cassie and Josh to fiind one another. I'm sure it has happened, but it certainly does a disservice to cancer survivors and their families.

Now Reva wants all of her life back. Part of me can't blame her, but then part of me wants her to realize life doesn't always work like that. Not that I like the Cassie/Josh pairing (it's like vanilla ice cream, fine with a slice of warm apple pie, but a little bland on its own). There are just so many things that make you question this whole scenario.

Sure, Cassie sent Reva to the jail to visit Josh. Not to seduce him -- but she knows their history. Of course, Josh is the "stand up" guy who usually does no wrong. But he is a human being, too. Not that I'd be in a forgiving state of mind if my fiancÚ and my sister hooked up. We'll have to see how it all plays out. I'm not really sure who I am rooting for on this one.

And then we have TWO paternity stories going at the same time. First with Beth and Alan's baby ? who isn't really Rick's, then Rafe Rivera -- Gus' son. Seriously, GL -- one is enoough for a year and you give us two for a summer? You know Daisy and Rafe will fall in love -- maybe this generation's Beth and Lujack? Only time will tell.

Frank and Marina's spoiler this week is too odd for words. As an "American Idol" fan, I really am not looking forward to this but will reserve judgment until I see how it plays out.

What exactly is Mallet hiding? When he nearly strangled Dinah this week it was pretty shocking. But Blake's prescience in their lives is so odd. She needs to interact with more of Springfield. Not that I'm not glad to have Liz Keifer back on screen, but give her a meaty story!!

Since I'm still not feeling so hot (I have another surgery this Thursday) I'll end for now. I hope that everyone has a safe, happy Memorial Day weekend.

Keep the Light Shining and Happy Memorial Day!


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