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Once Gus knows about his son, and Natalia's life without him, how will he and Harley be able to weather the storm? Daisy's crush on Rafe will certainly pose all kinds of obstacles for the duo.

It's always interesting to "see" what is happening via spoilers or on air flashbacks that help define a story. But how much is too much?

The whole Mallet deep dark past has come on a light speed (why wasn't he concerned before that he killed a man?) and while I'm glad for the new and different story, this feels forced. The flashbacks were interesting - it's always nice to see scenes filmed off-set. And having the wonderful Darnell Williams is a treat. But I feel like this story isn't flowing well yet. I know where it's going - but won't spoil you here. Still, piecing together the parts of this story have been like driving my mom's car (which since she lost her eyesight is rarely used and bucks like a bronco if I leave it too long). The flow is just so disjointed and makes it hard to watch. I do watch the scenes but can't say I can't wait to see them. Hopefully this is clear - unlike the arch of this storyline.

Now we have Natalia's deep dark secret all set to come out. Which you knew it would - of course - this is daytime. But once Gus knows about his son - and Natalia's life without him - how will he and Harley be able to weather this storm? And Daisy's crush on Rafe will certainly pose all kinds of obstacles for the duo. Somehow the pace of this story doesn't seem so haphazard.

All of a sudden these stories mean that Olivia and Buzz have disappeared again. And Marina is only shown making goo goo eyes at bad boy Cyrus. I just wish we could see everyone with more regularity. Even Rick, who is supposedly having a baby, is rarely seen. And Lizzie must have been on the ultimate spa trip - she's been MIA quite a bit of late. How can you get to really like a character who appears on canvas so infrequently? I know that summer is the time for family vacations, but surely GL can do a better job of juggling the actors' schedules this year.

The one high point of the week was the powerful performance between Kim Zimmer and Robert Newman (Reva and Josh). Every time I see them in a scene like the ones we watched last week, I am reminded that they are like dance partners who have hit the floor many times over the past 20+ years. The whole Reva/Cassie/Josh thing is getting a little stale, but I love the spice that these two interject into a story that needs to move on.

So its summertime in Springfield and the stories should be coming along. Somehow I can 't see much peace and harmony coming in 30 days when the Bauer(less) bar-be-que is set to take place. Poor Rick - he's all alone and fighting Alan for a baby that isn't even his. Who knows if this fan favorite can be pulled off - since there are so many people at odds with one another now.

Hopefully this summer finds each of you spending time with your family and friends. I have to admit that my own vacation (which should be right now but was cancelled due to my illness) is up in the air. Still, it's nice to relax and try to stay cool as the summer heat's up.

My kidney stone surgery was Thursday so my 3cm stone should be broken apart and moving on soon. With one more surgery in late June/early July it looks like I'll be taking it easy this summer. I have to admit that I can't wait to get back to work and get off of my couch tomorrow (something I never thought I'd say). I love Bob Barker as much as Michael O'Leary, but I want to interact more with people face-to-face.

Here's hoping you are enjoying your weekend and have a great summer planned!

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