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It appears Julia is pregnant and considering Sydney Penny is very pregnant I was wondering if and when this would be addressed. Now I'm pretty sure Julia has only been sleeping with Jamie so if Justin & Alexa choose to leave daytime for bigger and better opportunities, what will happen to this pregnancy?

No, I'm not talking about Erica's show, because it seems everyone associated with Pine Valley is on route to a new beginning.

It appears Julia is pregnant and considering Sydney Penny is very pregnant I was wondering if and when this would be addressed. Now I'm pretty sure Julia has only been sleeping with Jamie so if Justin & Alexa choose to leave daytime for bigger and better opportunities, what will happen to this pregnancy? Will Julia carry the baby to term, pair up with Tad so Tad can not only raise his own child but his grandchild as well? Or will Julia miscarry? It's been a while since anyone has miscarried in PV and lots of children have been born recently.

Colby became all too aware of Sean and Ava's liaison. Sean has proven again, he's just after sex with whoever is available. He reminds me of Tad those many years ago when Tad was sleeping with any and everyone including Dottie as he was being paid by Edna (Dottie's mother). Now we have a variation of that plot as Ava managed to get Adam to pay her to spy on Sean. Adam may have honorable intentions believing Colby could get hurt, but we all know Adam will not get any words of thanks from Colby once she finds out about it all. Even though Colby came back to PV all grown up and a complete brat, I am not enjoying Ava taking advantage nor am I enjoying the Ava character in general.

Hannah is off the show and on to her way to a new beginning with everyone left to wonder if she's carrying Zach's child. I'd like to think Zach wouldn't do something so stupid as impregnating Hannah or making a sperm donation for her, but this is a soap which means nothing is a given. This week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from Jolene who writes: "They revealed why Hanna is really in Pine Valley. What a bunch of crap!! Zach OWES her a child?? She knew from the beginning that Ethan existed...... I can accept her asking but NOT his giving in to her, which he obviously did! I know we didn't see it...but come on he is supposed to love Kendall and he HAS to know what her response is going to be when she finds out. If not this year in two when Hannah returns, you know she will." Yes, I can see Hannah returning to PV in time with a child and then Kendall will rue her words from this week when she wished Hannah would have another child.

Greenlee found out that Zach was behind her children (eggs) being destroyed. We all know Greenlee will be out for revenge as she sees all Ryan's children running around and continues to think her child should be in there some place. Greenlee is obsessed with Ryan and I wonder if she had him would she still want him. This new actress isn't being warmly received as I've heard from so many fans that just don't like her. It's hard to recast an established character especially when the character hasn't been gone for long. One thing Alicia Minshew had going for her when she showed up as Kendall was Sarah Michelle Gellar had been gone for quite a while. Some fans never even remember her as Kendall. I don't see Kendall and Greenlee becoming best friends anytime soon as Greenlee continues to have her sights set on Ryan and Kendall doesn't want anything to come between Annie and Ryan who I don't see as a couple for long.

Adam is trying to get Zach to team up with him for a new beginning or would that just be plain old revenge? Nothing surprises me when it comes to Zach as he is still a very dark character no matter if he loves Kendall. I would like to see Zach lighten up some and not be portrayed as similar to a "mobster".

Erica and Jackson may still have a new beginning to explore as Jackson continues to state his love for Erica and their divorce isn't final --- yet. I hope they do stay together. I'd like to see one of Erica's many marriages have lasting success.

Derek really must be drunk as he decides to have a new beginning with a lip lock with Krystal. How anyone can be attracted to Krystal still baffles my mind. She has proven time and time again she will sleep around at any time. She definitely believes the saying "The means justifies the end". I've always thought Derek has better taste than this.

Krystal and Babe have started their new beginning with a bar that is currently missing it's ceiling. It certainly was easy for the bar to get setup and opened. No waiting for licenses, permits, etc. Oh, I forgot this was all in soap time.

JR and Amanda appear to be starting their new beginning together although Amanda tried to be paired previously with JR when she first showed up on the scene. They are both very attractive people and do look good as a couple. Wonder how long this team will last?

New Writers!

AMC has officially announced it's two new head writers. I will withhold judgment as these writers also wrote for the now defunct "Loving" and "Port Charles". Not really anything to be excited about yet.

Thanks for the emails, rants and raves as I always enjoy them all & I'll see you back here next time!!


Mary Page
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