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Why is Lucinda so desperate to regain control of her company? She has started over before, after Walsh Enterprises was taken from her. Is it because she doesn't want to lose to Craig?

There is plenty of drama now that Carly has returned to Oakdale - there always seems to something different as she is a character that makes things happen when she is around. The show is pretty balanced right now where not one character is taking up too much screen time. In addition, we are seeing characters like Emma, Susan, Kim and Lisa on a more regular basis these days - now if we could one of them their own story.

Craig, Lucinda, Meg and Paul
I never thought that Lucinda would have resorted to attempted murder. This seems so out of character for her. However, I feel she is feeling really desperate these days. This week, when she was talking to Meg about Craig's marriage proposal, she was pushing Meg to wed Craig in order for her to get her company back. Why the desperate need for this company? She has started over before after Walsh Enterprises was taken from her. Lily made her an offer but she wants this company more than anything else. Is it because it is Craig that stole it and she doesn't want to lose to Craig?

Meg is surprising because she is holding all the cards. She could go any number of ways with her decision: marry Craig and give back Worldwide; leave Craig and return to Paul; turn Lucinda in for her attempt on Craig's life; or marry Craig, get Worldwide, keep the company and then return to Paul. How smart is Meg and how much of a Snyder is she really? Why would she want to marry a man who is blackmailing her down the aisle? What happened to her true feelings of love for Paul? We will just have to see what she decides because there will be casualties regardless.

Paul is having visions again - no! I thought that those were over. I have to agree with Barbara in that his visions are not exactly what he sees. Paul truly wants to be with Meg and he will be crushed if he finds out that Craig wants to marry her.

Carly, Jack and Katie
It didn't take long for Carly to reactivate her feeling for Jack again. She hasn't said anything but the look on her face when she saw Jack walking down the stairs at Katie's was priceless. I make no secret of the fact that I like Jack and Carly as a couple; the best part of Jack and Carly is them finding their way back to each other. I also enjoyed the moment when she told Katie that she had not forgotten what she had done to her - watch out Katie.

Jack is giving this relationship a good try just like he did with Julia Lindsey and Julia Larrabee and we all remember how they both ended up - with him back with Carly. The chemistry with Jack and Carly is so apparent when they are in the same space with each other.

The dark horse is this whole mess is Brad - now that he has feelings for Katie. We have to remember that he and Carly also have a history so if they join forces then Jack and Katie will be a brief encounter.

Cleo Babbitt
Why is she still in town? This young lady seems to always land on her feet. I have to admit that this story has taken some turns that I did not expect at all. The fact that Will and Gwen found out about her so soon was unexpected and the fact that she keeps insinuating herself in their lives is unexpected. I think that its time for Cleo to leave Oakdale or to do something more than fantasize about Will. It seems to be going nowhere fast.

Maddie and Luke
I am so glad she has Luke as a friend with Casey being in jail. They have a fun friendship that is working for the both of them as they are both kind of lonely right now. I wonder why we just saw the aftermath of the prom - it was good to see that Kevin and Luke are friends again. Luke did seem that there may be some residual feelings for him - we'll see if Kevin continues to appear this summer.

This new guy, Noah seems to have made an early connection with Maddie as they discussed old movies and stars - now Maddie has two friends to help her through missing Casey.

Henry and Vienna
How great for them to stay together? They are good for each other. I am glad that Henry came to his senses and gave their relationship a chance. Brad and Henry have seemed to form a friendship which could good for both of them.

Finally, was that the quickest detox in the history of drug addiction? Does Dusty run a special drug rehab that no one in Oakdale knows about? How long will it be before Dusty and Emily become a real couple?

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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