Parker's anger issues

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Parker's anger issues
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Parker's become a loner who is using a BB gun, neglecting his chores, mouthing off to Jack, and doing poorly in school. If there was a color darker than black, he'd be sporting it.

Sometimes in life, there are pleasant surprises, like finding $10 in your jean pocket or that feeling you get when you bite into a York Peppermint Patty. This week, Brad and Carly's scenes were a delicious surprise.

Brad hit on Carly. Carly knocked him off a barstool. Brad offered friendship and a harsh lecture about his brother and her former husband. Carly showed him the door. Yet, the two managed to sizzle. I wouldn't mind seeing Carly and Brad reconnect, as friends. (It's too soon for the love-struck blonde to move on from sexy Simon to bad boy Brad.)

I didn't watch the show when Brad and Carly were married, so I have no idea of their history. But, according to Brad, they didn't have any problems connecting physically. It's obvious they still wouldn't. As much as I thought I was going to hate Jack's brother, he's won me over. Yes, I'm enjoying Brad "I-want-decency-in-the-workplace" Snyder. Whether he's sparring with Katie or needling Jack, he's a good time. Give him more scenes with his ex, and I'll keep watching.

In other musings:
--I hope the cleaning crew at WOAK scrubbed the kitchen counter with bleach before the pie-baking segment. As you know, the night before, Katie and Jack did a little "baking" of their own, in that very spot. Ewww!

--Emily's secret is finally out. Her sister and her mother know her hidden, or not-so-hidden, shame: She worked as a hooker. At least the writers finally gave us a good explanation of why Emily went all Pretty Woman: It made her feel in control and desired, she told her stunned mother. Hmm, the next time Em feels the need for control, may I suggest a Yoga class?

--Now that Lily and Carly have reconnected, I wonder if they'll swap Simon stories? The two have a lot in common, considering Lily almost left her kids for the delicious Aussie, and Carly actually did.

--Why are "responsible" adults leaving children alone in the middle of town? Note to Emma, Holden, Jack, and the rest of the Snyder gang: Your children are still kids. You should not leave them alone in a busy city to shop, where any freak or weirdo could take them. It's no wonder the crazies converge on Oakdale. With parenting like this, these kids may as well paint targets on their backs.

--I was thinking of names for Carly and Lily's new business. How about Decorating Divas? Or Bad Girls Designs? Their motto could be, "Bad Girls make the best designers."

--I'm glad to see that Margo found some compassion for Craig, finally. Considering her personal traumas with her children, her big brother could be helpful for support, that is assuming that Craig has changed and will actually be there for her.

--Poor Susan. I wouldn't be surprised if she heads to the nearest bar and falls of the wagon. In one day, she found out that one daughter was a hooker and the other was a drug-addicted porn star. Happy Mother's Day!

--Someone needs to refresh Brad's memory that not long ago he was the one being inappropriate in the workplace, when he and Vienna hit the floor of Katie's office to get horizontal.

--I'm worried about Parker. He's become a loner, is using a BB gun, neglecting his chores, mouthing off to Jack, and doing poorly in school. If there was a color darker than black, I think he'd be sporting it. Jack and Carly had better step in soon, or Parker may be destined to follow big brother Will's destiny i.e. time in a mental institution before he even graduates from high school.

--Can someone explain to me why Meg is so determined to marry Craig? She should know by now that Craig never keeps his word, so the chances of her actually getting his company are about as much as Carly getting over her fetish for bad boys.

--Good for Cleo for asking why Gwen didn't finish her demo. I've never understood why Gwen just gave up on her dream, after the whole Adam debacle. He's not the only music producer in town. Oh wait, I guess he was.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Craig visits his sister Margo early one morning at her job at the Oakdale police station.)
Craig: "Well, well, look at you. The bad guys haven't even had coffee yet, and you're up, making the wheels of justice turn."
Margo: "As opposed to you, who brings them to a grinding halt."

(Cheri yells at Dusty for busting her prostitution ring at the local hotel.)
Cheri: "You realize you tanked my whole operation at the Avalon?"
Dusty: "You give me too much credit. Going down goes with your line of work."

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops Kristy.)
"I'm surprised that so many fans like the Jack and Katie pairing. I remember every stunt Katie ever pulled, starting with getting in Eddie's bed so Georgia would think she'd slept with him, so it's difficult to think of Katie in good terms. Yes, Carly has never been an angel, but I adore her in the same way I love Lucinda, even when she's bad she's so good. I think the writers were wrong to have Carly leave in the way she did, because it didn't ring true to her character. But now that's she's back, I'm feeling like I'm just waiting for her and Jack to reconnect. Michael Park and Maura West have sparks, and I'd hate to see that kind of chemistry wasted so that Jack and Katie can make goo-goo eyes at each other and swamp us with waves of dullness."

(From Two Scoops reader Steve.)
"I agree that I'm not sure I buy the Lucinda drugging Craig bit. However, let's not forget (even though the current writers seem to have done so), that Craig poisoned Lucinda years ago with tainted chocolates, remember? Craig got away with it and it was never mentioned again...So, it's sort of payback this go round, even if few, if any, of TBTB, know the show's history. Sidebar, I miss Hunt Block. He's the only Craig with a humorous lighter side, which leavened the dark aspects of his personality. Also, I believed Hunt's Craig as a ladies' man...don't buy it with Scott, and I see zero chemistry with him and Meg. Hunt also brought a great sense of humor to the part, which Scott hasn't (yet?) revealed. And with Cady coming back, what chemistry they would have onscreen. Thanks for a great column week after week!"

(From Two Scoops reader Jill.)
"I have to weigh in on the Jack-Katie-Carly story. Jack and Katie are "cute" but cute is boring, so I'm not rooting for them as a couple. I'm finding I'm loving Brad lately. He and Katie have more chemistry. I'd love to see Carly concentrate on winning back her kids and not try to win Jack back. Let him come to her. Katie caused all this chaos to begin with, and it's nauseating to see her act holier than thou! I agree Meg and Paul are dull, and Henry and Vienna are heaven! The new opening is pretty flat - not very creative. Every time I see "Gwen", I think of Pocahontas. Hate Dusty with Emily. (I keep seeing him chained up and her with a gun pointing at him. Ugh!!) And last of all, I agree with you: Margo should put out an APB on Barbara. I love her and miss her. Hopefully the writers will give her a storyline soon. Keep up the great work.

(From Two Scoops reader Jean)
"I am not sure about Carly's long hair either. I still remember her with SHORT hair during the Brad days. I have long hair and do not usually go for ultra short cuts, but she carried it off so well!"

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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