Alison sleeps with Dusty

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Alison sleeps with Dusty
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Alison did well in protecting herself from Lance, but did she have to sleep with Dusty, too? Apparently, the fact that they were both partially asleep, and thought they were sleeping with someone else, was a good enough reason.

First of all, congratulations to Jennifer Landon on her second Emmy for Younger Actress and to Maura West on her first win as Outstanding Lead Actress. I could not have been more pleased for both women. Maura's win was long overdue as she just commands the screen whenever she is on and Oakdale is more exciting when she is in town. Jennifer Landon is doing a wonderful job as Gwen and Cleo as they seem like two totally different people. It's too bad that the show was not nominated for Writing or Outstanding Show but there are issues behind the scenes that need to be addressed for this to happen.

Cleo Babbitt
This young lady has worn out her welcome in Oakdale. What is she planning? She is getting more and more involved in G and W's lives. This story is going in the direction that I thought it was not going to go - Gwen and Will starting to trust and confide in her as she creates havoc in their lives. She is now confidant and friend to them both. I am so tired of Cleo with the voice and blinking eyes as this makes Gwen and Will look really gullible and stupid once again.

Even Jade is worried about Cleo's machinations. Jade is the one who brought her to town and does not know how to get rid of her. This story had some potential in the beginning when Will recognized that Cleo was not Gwen; now she is starting to take over and this will not end well.

Alison, Dusty and Emily
Susan Stewart raised two daughters with some serious issues. I felt so sorry for Susan when she was told about her daughter's extracurricular activities. Alison runs off with that producer back to Las Vegas - this is doing wonders for her recovery. Along comes Dusty to once again save the day for one of the Stewart women. Alison did well in protecting herself from Lance. But did she have to then sleep with Dusty? I guess the fact that they both were partially asleep and thought it was someone else is a good enough reason. So how will Emily react when she finds out that Alison slept with Dusty before she did?

Alison is not only coming home to face her sister and mother; she is going to have to deal with Aaron who has just arrived back in town. Aaron looks like he did when he left and Alison seems so much older than him. I am anxious to see if they still have a connection or will she be more drawn to Dusty.

JJ Frames Parker
JJ is happy that his mother has come back to town while Parker is still very angry with Carly. All JJ wants is for things to get back to the way they were and he feels that Parker is impeding that. So then JJ decides to get Parker in trouble because of what Jack said and it backfires (no pun intended) when the gun goes off and shoots Faith. Poor Faith likes Parker and Parker is troubled and too young to be interested in anyone. With all of Faith's issues she does not understand it - she just feels rejected. These kids are doing a wonderful job with their stories; they are amazing actors who bring depth and believability to their roles. I am truly engrossed when any of them are on the screen.

So will Jack decide to send JJ away when he finds out JJ set Parker up or will he blame Carly for that as well? Jack is being a little too cruel with Carly lately. I believe that his anger for her leaving with Simon is at the root of some of his actions - Katie could be the loser in all of this when he comes to his senses and Carly.

Craig, Meg and Paul
How crazy is this trio? Meg is getting on ledges and sneaking kisses with Paul so she can "punish" Craig for his misdeeds. Is that her job? She can't even legitimately talk to her mother about this foolishness she is involved in. Lucinda is an adult who has always been able to handle her business affairs so why now is she letting Meg fight her battle? I am finding this out of character for Lucinda.

Craig is trying to change his ways and be a better person so what will his reaction be when he finds out the truth. He had made some inroads with Margo. He will not be taking this betrayal well at all.

I have to constantly ask myself what is the point of all of this as none of this is interesting. The character of Meg is being made to look unlike the strong, no nonsense woman she has been for most of the time since she returned to Oakdale.

I can't believe how Paul is going along with this as well as he has. I know Meg has made promises to him about their future and I am sure Craig has something up his sleeve to come out on top.

Here is what some readers have to say about what's happening in Oakdale:

M Davis said, "I really don't like Jack and Katie together. She seems like she could be his little sister and why in the world would Jack latch onto someone who caused so much misery in his life. Katie's book destroyed lots of lives and his family was included. And why in the world would she want another Carly hand me down. What do the two of them just like sleeping with all the same guys? Give me a break, Katie has chemistry with Brad and they are much more suited to each other. Both childless, flighty (I know Katie seems more mature these days, but I can't believe she's going to stay that way) and they seem to be made for each other. Hopefully they will find themselves back together, because I've had way too much of Katie and Jack."

Jan said, "We are the Snyders is Meg's strength and Craig hurt her family. The real test though is will she return the company to Lucinda; particularly if Rosanna's homecoming alters Paul's heart towards Meg. Katie's narcissism is so overbearing and with great expectation as I wait to see Carly cut her down to size... and shame on Jack too! The Katie character though gives me great pause and reason to "listen" to ATWT rather than watch on days when she is a central character. Is Cleo a "Touched by an Angel" storyline? She'll clumsily do all the right things to get Carly's career back on track and then disappear to her next assignment. You think? What wouldn't I give to see a Michael Landon look-a-like summoning her back "home?" Dusty has no where to go and what a waste of Grayson McCouch's talent with the poster family of addiction and dysfunction... Just a thought, perhaps as he is comforting Susan, they have a little tryst??? Why not?"

Sharon said, "This show is so boring right that I have a difficult watching the entire show through. What can't ATWT be more like Y&R where all ages get stories and are featured on a more regular basis? The writing is bad to say the least; it has to get better or the world will no longer be turning."

Finally, it looks like things might be starting to move along with Luke's promised storyline as the previews suggest. Let's hope that this story moves along at a reasonable pace and given as much screen time as some of the other stories in Oakdale. Also, when is Jade going to get a love interest?

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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