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What's up with Ryan saying Greenlee can be a mother to Spike? I think he's lost his mind, wait a minute, let's help him find it! I can't understand any of this plot.

What's up with Ryan saying Greenlee can be a mother to Spike? I think he's lost his mind, wait a minute, let's help him find it! I can't understand any of this plot. There is no way Greenlee could get custody of Spike (I still can't stand that name) no matter what the intentions were when he was conceived. Greenlee left town before the child was born. The child isn't Greenlee's but is the biological offspring of Kendall and Ryan. This needs to come to a conclusion quickly as it is absurd. Jackson really needs to come down on Greenlee on this one. Jackson's reasoning that Ryan caused it all because Ryan faked his own death is long ago history and really isn't a factor anymore. The same reasoning could be applied to Zach as he caused the blackout which destroyed Greenlee's eggs in the first place. I've wondered if this caused other woman's eggs to be destroyed. I can't imagine it didn't and if that is the case then many other folks were affected by Zach's deed. Lawsuits should be looming. There are only losers in this whole situation.

Sean isn't a drug user or pusher, but he has to protect Colby since she was wearing his jacket. The jacket the drugs were found in. The same jacket Ava was alone with and planted the drugs while calling the police, all with the full intention of Sean being arrested. Ava the one that accepts cash from anyone for anything or for nothing. Ava can no longer be confused with her double, Lily, after all of this. Ava is a true loser and I have no sympathy for her.

Sean is protecting Colby from the police and the evils of this world now as he compares their situation to Jackson protecting Erica. Sean and Colby barely know each other and Sean has already slept around on her with Ava. Why are these 2 being thrown at us so quickly? Slow down. It takes time to build up love and a viable romance. I enjoy when young love is blossoming. I remember Greg and Jenny and what a great couple they were. Besides being a great twosome they had Jesse and Angie as their best friends. Those relationships were believable and enjoyable. Even when Jesse and Jenny were on the run in NYC in a dangerous situation it was extremely pleasurable viewing. Those were winning times on AMC.

JR determined he needed to make Adam pay for all the bad things Adam has ever done or said to him since JR's conception. Oh my, why does JR have to go down this whole dark path? Adam is definitely convinced JR has been kidnapped and beaten. JR's plan is in place and working as far as he's concerned. JR doesn't care about what this might do to his father; he just wants Adam's money. One hundred million dollars of Adam's money that Adam pledges he'll raise but then asks Zach to help him out with a business venture. Obviously there will be more to this story. Too bad Adam doesn't just go to the police. Amanda is caught in the crossfire and doesn't even know it. I can't imagine Amanda condoning this deception, forgiving JR and moving forward in a relationship with him. No one wins at this point of the story.

Several folks weigh in to analyze AMC so this week's AMC Fan Spotlights of the week comes from Crysta who shares: "I wish Zach would lighten up. I'm tired of his dark side, he should change now that he's a Dad and stay good. I think JR faking his kidnapping is a really dumb plot. If he becomes good he's fine with Amanda, they do look good together. But if he stays a jerk, than she really deserves better. Of course, I know soaps need drama, drama, drama!" Next up is Teresa who writes: "I see they lost the chance to bring back Cady McClain - big waste. I've watched this soap since it began and right now, the storylines are really bad. I hope they step up. They need to keep Erica and Jackson together." Mimi has lots of ideas she'd like the writers to consider: "I think this might be far fetched, but as you frequently say "this is a soap opera", and in this case it has happened before in Erica's long lost son Josh. The incident I am referring to is when Greenlee is having a flashback showing Kendall helping Greenlee through her miscarriage, that Dr. Madden assisted. Do you think it is possible that he froze this supposed miscarriage, the embryo, (remember this IS a soap opera) and actually froze Greenlee's fertilized egg, and later implanting the embryo into Kendall, therefore Spike is Ryan and Greenlee's baby. Kendall is going to have cramps, possibly lose the baby, therefore leaving Kendall and Zach childless. Far fetched, or possible scenario?" Well, as Mimi pointed out I do say "anything can happen in a soap opera"!

Jamie is relieved Julia isn't pregnant and this isn't winning him any brownie points. Personally I don't know why Julia wasn't using birth control since they had never even discussed the possibility of becoming parents, but this is just a plot device to get Sydney Penny off the show for a while during her real life pregnancy. She and her husband just had a boy and congratulations to them!! Of course the real losers here are the viewers as so many had hoped Tad and Kathy (really Kate) would re-unite, as Tad would find out the little girl is his child. However, perhaps if/when Julia returns that can be addressed. Now it appears that Jamie and Babe are being teamed up, maybe in the anticipation of their potential departure if their contracts cannot be negotiated. Although I think Alexa is an amazing actress I still am unable to warm to her character, Babe or the character of Krystal. The show and the viewers could be winners if these characters leave the canvas.

Off Topic!

Being that I live in Georgia and as anyone that reads my columns knows an avid animal lover, I have to comment on the horrible dog fighting investigation that is going on in Virginia. The reason this is of interest in Georgia is because it involves the Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick. If Michael Vick is found guilty, and the evidence is certainly mounting, then he needs to receive the maximum sentence. I don't care that he is rich, famous and talented; he should not be allowed to get away with such a heinous crime. Even people that aren't dog lovers should be outraged once they do a little research of what happens during a dogfight. It is beyond sick. I am appalled that something like this goes on in this day and age. I urge everyone to write to the Atlanta Falcons ( expressing your outrage and ask them take action. Write to the new NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, ( and ask him not to be lenient. Thankfully the Feds have moved into this investigation as the original authorities in Virginia made the PV police look competent. Please say a prayer for all those tortured animals that are abused by us "humans". In a dogfight there are definitely NO WINNERS.

Ratings continue to lose ground for most soaps and AMC is no exception. Old writers, new writers, recycled writers. None of these appear to make a difference as AMC is far from a winner. When will they realize it's the storylines that stink? Enjoyed those emails with your rants and raves! I'll see you back here next time!!


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