All my exes live in...Springfield?

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All my exes live in...Springfield?
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How do you explain the civility of people who do such terrible things to one another? In the case of the Lewis and Shayne clans, how can they ever get past the fact that Cassie is now with Josh, even though Reva wants to be with him?

It's always difficult to explain soap operas to a non-soap fan. I try my best to get a new fan (especially for GL) but the dynamics of the relationships on the show are a little difficult to understand at times.

Like many people, I've been trying to work on a family tree for my own family. It's pretty straightforward . but very empty (since there is no one to assk about the many blanks I have at the moment). But a Springfield family tree could strangle a person!

Look at Josh and Reva for example. Married three times (to each other) and married to nearly everyone in town. Children with other people (Reva, at least) and fairly civil relationships with their ex's . which I always wished for (and never got) with my own parents.

Just how do you explain the civility of people who do such terrible things to one another . cause heartbreak over and over. And in the case of the Lewis and Shaynes, how can they ever get past the fact that Cassie is now with Josh (who Reva wants to be with). Billy will forever have a thing for his ex (Reva) and she even married their dad H.' It boggles the mind.

This week we see Mel giving legal advice about the paternity of her recent ex-husband's baby with his ex-mistress/long-time friend. Somewhere out there, there has to be a great man for Mel to have and hold. She's a better woman than I would be . that is for suure. I think Rick might be the odd man out unless Beth realizes that she would be happier (albeit poorer) with Rick. Money can't buy you happiness Beth . but once Alan finds out your little girl is really his, you might be trapped forever. Run while you can!

Speaking of forgiveness, or lack thereof, how will Lizzie respond if/when she learns that Jonathan and Sarah are really alive? And what is the deep dark secret that would have them risk contacting Reva so soon after their 'death'. In that respect, I do feel sorry for Lizzie. She hasn't had it easy . despite living in a mansion full of money . and piranhas for relatives. >

Gus has lost 16 years with his only child . one that doesn't seeem to eager to make up for lost time. Will he forgive Natalia for keeping them apart? Or will he want to make them all one big family? And where does Harley and her children fit in . or not? I seense there will be a lot of tension on all of the characters in this story as the year goes on.

There is lots of turmoil in Springfield these days . and only time will teell if the residents will be able to peacefully co-exist long term ; ) But I wish them all the best!

Before I forget to mention, best of luck to GL alum Laura Bell Bundy (ex-Marah) who is nominated as Best Performance by an Actress in a Musical for her role as Elle Woods in 'Legally Blonde'. The Tony Awards air Sunday, June 10th on CBS. Former GLer's Melina Kanakaredes (ex-Eleni, now Stella on CBS's CSI:NY), Taye Diggs (ex-Sugar Hill and now Dr. Jackson 'Sam' Bennett in the new ABC show . and Grey's Anatomy spinoff -'Private Practice') will be presenters. And if you ever plan a trip to the Big Apple, be sure to check Laura out tickets aare available at [Editor's Note: I saw Legally Blonde this weekend and it was absolutely wonderful. I'm not really big on musicals, but it was funny, it was touching... a definite must-see for anyone regardless of your age! -- Dan]

Here's hoping you are enjoying your weekend and have a great summer planned!

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