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Has Sheridan taken lessons from Theresa on how to refuse to believe what a man is telling her? Last week, Luis bluntly told Sheridan that she was his past, and that Fancy was his future, but Sheridan is convinced that he has been brainwashed by Fancy.

Not even for one second did I hold my breath and believe Ethan had heard Theresa's secret. I knew they weren't going to die and it would've been too easy for him to know and have this all be over. The blackmailer (who's new name is apparently "The Freak") is only as good as the secret he's blackmailing with. Julian has found out anyway, so Theresa should've told Ethan long ago and formed a pact with him to help her brothers. Instead Theresa jumps when the blackmailer sends her text messages and does all these random things and her brothers are no closer to being free than they were months ago.

And now Ivy and Rebecca have teamed up to find out Theresa's secret in the hopes of permanently removing Theresa from Ethan's life. Weren't Rebecca and Gwen looking for this same secret? Why has Rebecca stopped trying to find out what it is? All this time she's wasted and she could know by now. It doesn't matter as Julian knows now and will hopefully bust Theresa's world apart with this news.

A lot of people want to know where Vincent disappeared to when Ethan and Theresa ran off, but I want to know where Jared ran off too? Why wasn't he just a tad more concerned where his wife was? I think Jared could be the blackmailer and he's into men. I think that is his secret. He may even have something going on with Vincent on the side. He could've blackmailed Theresa into marrying him to get his hands on the Crane fortune, and he secretly wants Ethan for himself.

It also makes sense as to how the blackmailer is able to keep up with Theresa and Ethan's every move. Also, Whitney blurted out that EM is Ethan's son and Jared showed up and I swore then he overheard it. Not to mention Theresa blurts it out every five seconds. It's amazing more people don't know the truth.

I love that Julian has blackmailed Kay into staying married to Fox. It's not as if Kay is going to stay away from Miguel, but it's a start. And am I really supposed to feel sorry for Kay? She's whining and crying with that huge rock on her hand like she's got it so bad. She said herself she made a deal with the devil (Julian). No one forced her to marry Fox, and no one forced her into this deal. She's made her bed, now she should lay in it.

And speaking of laying in bed, why doesn't Fox move her and Maria into the mansion? Or at least a home of their own? Why are they all living under Tabitha's roof? Fox is never going to truly be able to keep Kay away from Miguel as long as they are under the same roof as him. And if Fox were smart at all, he'd have never lived there to begin with.

Another person I don't feel sorry for is Chad. He wants tons of sympathy from Noah and Paloma (who've learned his dirty little secret), yet he can't pull himself away from Vincent. I can't even watch their scenes together. However, Whitney learned the truth Friday in the most horrible of ways. I can't see them ever coming back from this.

Endora's beach party fiasco was BORING. How many times are we going to be forced to watch her use magic to have fun and watch Tabitha fret over them being exposed as witches? I don't enjoy these scenes and find Endora more charming when she's meddling in others affairs instead of trying to age herself to drink beer and party with other teenagers. I hope to see more of Tabby and Endora vs. the rest of the world.

So Sheridan used Fancy's own devices and stopped her and Luis from making love. How stupid was Fancy to leave that camera up? Especially after she used it to bust Sheridan as a nun visiting Luis. And has Sheridan taken lessons from Theresa on how not to believe what a man says even when he says it a hundred times to your face? Luis straight up told Sheridan she was his past, and that Fancy was his future. Still Sheridan believes Luis loves only her and is "brainwashed" by Fancy. I wish Beth could see her sister now.

Some Random Thoughts::

Why is it just now exciting things are happening for May sweeps?

Where is Gwen? Why bring her back for two episodes and then leave us wondering for weeks where she is?

Julian is not stupid. It shouldn't have taken as long as it did for him to figure out EM was the son referred to in the text message.

The USB stick is back, but who has it?

Week's Best Quotes::

Tabitha: "How fast can Endora and I get out of town to join the witch-ness protection program?"

Miguel: "I was set free, thanks mainly to Julian."
Tabitha: "Julian who?"

Rebecca: "You know, with all the money that these nations are spending on these weapons of mass destruction, why don't we just farm Theresa out?"

Until next week friends,

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