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What happened to the sweet Susan from a few years ago? She had Gus wrapped around her little finger, but now that her secret is out, she's fighting mad and playing dirty.

This Tuesday is May 1st which means Sweeps is right around the corner! storylines will be heating up and summer stories will unfold. But right now it seems we have so many secrets and lies, you need a scorecard to keep up!

Dinah protected Mallet from his mysterious past. We'll learn about it this week - but will they be able to pull off getting their hands on the money before Cyrus? And if they do, what will that mean to Marina? And how will Marina's feelings help or hurt her now that Cyrus is in control?

Reva and Josh's little "visit" was more than either bargained for. Now, as Josh is about to be a free man, will she step aside for her sister? Don't count on it! I was glad to see Reva finally being honest (to herself and the fans) about her feelings for Josh. Yes, Cassie is her sister, but she knows full well the history of Josh and Reva. I'm not sure I'm up for a Reva & Josh IV but it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. And Robert Newman's scenes with Reverend Rutledge were very powerful - full of emotion that we don't often see in Joshua. But his prayers have been answered and he's about to go free - to return home to Cassie or Reva? Billy, of course, has to watch his ex-wife and his brother all over again. I just wish he could find happiness with someone. Of course, if Matt and Vanessa break up over their money woes, she could rebound with Billy...

But before I go too far, Matt and Vanessa have a lot on their plates. Can they recoup the money they lost? And how will Matt's shady dealings affect his family? And when will we actually see Maureen? This couple used to have a great fan base - I hope they are tuning in to see their favorites back in Springfield - and hopefully finding their way back to one another. Or Billy will be there to pick up the pieces...

Billy's granddaughter is certainly a handful! What happened to the sweet Susan from a few years ago? She had Gus wrapped around her little finger. But now that her secret is out she's fighting mad and playing dirty. But she really hasn't thought things through. With Gus' high school flame in town, even if he left Harley (which I doubt) how could Daisy benefit? Of course, Harley will be the one hurt the most by this troubled teen. Hopefully she can find some redeeming qualities (and some more maturity) over the summer, where I suspect we'll see lots of her.

One former troubled teen is Lizzie Spaulding. Now that she has lost a daughter of her own, how can Beth think she'll stand by and not be affected by a new brother or sister? But Beth is a little ditzy and never was one to pick up on all of Lizzie's emotional needs. Lizzie seems to be all smiles now, but you have to wonder how a new baby in the Spaulding Mansion would affect her.

Lizzie's ex-Coop has his hands full with Ashlee's troubles and Ava's attention getting scheme. I can't say I want him to return to his ex-girlfriend. She is the one who walked away - not that Coop didn't have faults, too - but she needs to find someone new to walk all over.

Ava's parents certainly have an, er, interesting relationship. How can Olivia sit there in Jeffrey's hotel room while his latest squeeze is in the bed five feet away? GL is certainly pushing the Buzz/Olivia proposals - which to me means the wedding will either never happen or be over very quickly.

There is so much going on, and I can't wait to see how it all plays out. It's a good thing May Sweeps are here!!


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