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Ethan is officially the biggest idiot in town. Last week, he knew that the blackmailer/she-man was inside the walls, and instead of calling for backup or help, he grabbed an axe and chopped the walls apart to get to the person.

So Passions will get a reprieve on DirecTV when it ends its run on NBC. [Click here for the full story.] I, however, do not have DirecTV so I'm not 100% sure I'll be able to continue this column. If the episodes will remain free on as they do now, I should see no problem with continuing the column. If those episodes are pulled, I will have to hand the column over to someone who has DirecTV. We shall see what the future holds.

Ethan is the BIGGEST idiot in town. He knew the "blackmailer/she-man" was inside the walls, and instead of calling for backup or help (hello - Fancy was right down the hall) he grabs an axe and chops the walls apart to get to the person. And the "blackmailer/she-man" sure waited an awful long time for Ethan to get the wall chopped down before they took off.

Once Ethan was inside the walls, and managed to get the "blackmailer/she-man" in a hold, why didn't he rip the mask off? It wasn't until the "blackmailer/she-man" took off running and met up with Theresa that he/she changed into the half man/half woman costume and mask. And even then, Theresa whittled this supposedly all-powerful person to the ground with insults, and she couldn't rip off a mask? At least if the person got away, Ethan and Theresa would know who to go after.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the "blackmailer/she-man" is two different people. First of all, the ski mask fit the face too snuggly to cover another mask. Second, we never actually followed the ski masked person completely. The ski masked person was in one spot dressed all in black, and the next time we saw them, they were in the half man/half woman get up.

An interesting bit of trivia was dropped this week by Esme. Seems she ran into Pretty in Milan, which is in Italy, which is where Rome is located. I can't help but think that Alistair is alive somewhere and tied into the "blackmailer/she-man" and Pretty is involved as well. Also, I can't help but believe Beth is alive and has taken over Sheridan's body, as Sheridan has become totally irrational lately.

Even though she did have some of the best lines of the week, Sheridan has taken her love for Luis to a whole new level. Her obsession with Luis and keeping Fancy away from him is now her number one priority. Even Chris and Ivy have noticed the lengths Sheridan is willing to go to just to hang onto Luis. I loved Ivy comparing her to Alistair.

As far as Sheridan has gone, Fancy is going just as far to hang onto Luis. I'm not quite sure what the frumpy costume and the wig has to do with anything, but if Luis doesn't want to see her, then she should just leave him alone. And her quitting the police force only proves me right; she was there just to hook up with Luis. And why is Sheridan so worried about losing Luis? Isn't that what they do? One of them dies in their lifetime and they hook up in the next?

Show of hands, how many of you thought Miguel and Kay were gonna get down and nasty right there in the prison? It doesn't matter that the security guard and Maria were right there. These two horndogs will do it anywhere. And I loved that Fox pretended not to listen to Kay after she admitted her love for Miguel. Fox should've really heard her, then pretended to be supportive while Miguel rots away in prison. Either that or he could've let her go and gotten on with his life.

Some Random Thoughts:

Sheridan said she could understand why her father was so evil; because he lost Katherine, the love of his life. Wasn't Rachel the love of his life and Katherine just a substitute after Rachel "died"?

It was great to see Jared this week. How is it he noticed Kay's predicament with Miguel, but doesn't notice his wife isn't in love with him?

I thought for a moment that the "blackmailer/she-man" was Gwen, but then I just cant believe Gwen would go this far to hang onto Ethan. She's realized he's not worth it.

Luis and Miguel getting heckled in prison was hilarious to me for some reason.

Quotes of the Week:

Sheridan after hearing Fancy and Luis declare their love: "Oh, gag me."

Sheridan again after eavesdropping on Luis and Fancy: "Oh, my God. Even the violinists are too nauseated to underscore this scene."

Esme about Fancy's wig; "We should put it on a leash and call it rover."

Esme to Fancy: "And good luck with Luigi."

Until next week friends,

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