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Carly wasn't exactly a computer gal before she left town, but who knows? Maybe, during all of those months on the run, she took some time out from yummy Simon to learn how to use a computer.

Craig Montgomery, you'd better watch your back. It seems everyone in town wants Craig dead or worse, suffering immeasurable pain. Lucinda mentioned poisoning him. Paul wants him alive so he can torture him, and Holden wants to beat him up for assisting Lily in her pill addiction.

Paul has recruited Lucinda and Meg to help in his revenge plot. And it looks like he thinks Alison Stewart is the key to his plan. Um, note to Paul: Alison is trouble, with a capital T, and if you work with her, you get her wacky sister Emily and Emily's protective sidekick, Dusty, as a bonus. Trust me when I say, no good can come of that.

I'm not sure if Paul hit his head too hard during that fall from the cliff last year, but somehow, he thinks Alison reminds him of Rosanna. And he's going to use her "voice" to torment Craig. Yeah, this crazy plan has more holes in it than Craig has ex-wives. Let the fun begin.

In other musings:
--Meg Snyder, you're no Veronica Mars. Meg isn't exactly a stealth detective. Yes, she's trying to help Paul bring down Craig, but I think this job may be a little much for her. Craig is way too much of a schemer for innocent Meg. She's no match for him.

--It's too bad the always-hungry Cleo wasn't at Al's, after Gwen and Will the other day. Cleo could have grabbed Will's burger for the road, since he didn't eat a bite of it before rushing out of the restaurant.

--Is Carly headed home soon? She supposedly sent an e-mail to Gwen this week, but even Gwen doubted whether or not it was really from Carly. You see, Carly wasn't exactly a computer gal before she left town. Carly didn't do e-mail. But, who knows? Maybe during all those months on the run, she took some time out from yummy Simon to learn how to use a computer.

--Dusty and Meg need something to do besides meddle in other people's lives. Dusty suddenly has nothing to do but watch Emily and Alison 24/7, and Meg is so wrapped up in this Paul and Craig fiasco that she has no life. May I suggest that Meg and Dusty find something else to occupy their time? Hopefully, each other.

--Thank you, Parker, for being so nice to Faith and encouraging her to talk about her mommy and weight issues. I was worried that Parker was destined for juvie hall, due to his recent attitude and behavior. But this week's admission that therapy had helped him, gave me hope. Maybe Parker Munson is on the path to becoming a model citizen.

--If you don't want the truth, don't ask Lucinda. I couldn't help but chuckle this week, when she called Meg "an unemployed nurse, slinging hash at a ghastly diner." Ouch. Way to sugar coat it, Lucinda.

--Poor Tom and Margo. They seemed like perfect parents all these years, yet both of their boys turned out to be criminals. It breaks my heart to see Margo so down on herself. This woman has had a tough year. I hope someone remembers her on Mother's Day.

--Does anyone else think it's ridiculous that Casey is getting six months in prison for his bond-stealing-gambling crime? After all, this is a town full of criminals who committed much worse offenses, including kidnapping, attempted murder, actual murder and extortion. It's hard to believe that Casey is actually getting an orange prison jump suit for gambling, but there it is. Yes, I know that Zach Roerig is leaving the show, but this seems a little harsh. Perhaps, the writers are simply sending a social message to those with gambling addictions that gambling has serious repercussions.

--Henry and Vienna may just be the two most beautiful people on daytime. Seriously, do they ever look bad?

--Katie, wake up! Brad's shoulder massage and moves in the hotel room this week were designed to get you horizontal. Don't fall for this charmer. You need some alone time.

--Emma gets mad props for her glam look this week. She looked gorgeous in that great business suit and hip new hairstyle. It's so nice to see her in something besides farm clothes.

--What do you think of Alison 2.0? This Alison is a drug addict and takes the word "bitchy" to a new level, a big change from the old Alison. I loved the old Alison, so I'm having trouble swallowing this new version. But, it's early, so I'm eager to see new Alison evolve.

--I know that rehab is all the rage these days, but I think it was a little extreme sending Lily away. Do you really believe that she couldn't have stopped taking over-the-counter diet pills? Are those things really addictive? I'm seriously asking, because I didn't think that diet pills were like crack. Yes, Lily obviously needs therapy for her image issues, but I'm not sure sending the mommy to rehab was the correct message to send to her children, considering Lily spent most of the past year away in a coma. It seems to me that those kids would benefit from the stability of having their mother in the house for more than a few months at a time.

--I'm so confused about this Katie/Henry/Brad/Jack/Vienna storyline. This week, Brad blatantly stated that Katie wanted Henry to be in love with only her and that she couldn't live without her reliable Henry. So, are the writers setting up a Henry/Vienna/Katie love triangle? Or are they going the predictable Katie/Brad/Jack route? I'm not sure, but I love all these characters, and, surprisingly, they all seem to have chemistry.

--That strip scene between Emily and Alison was just creepy. I think I speak for all of us when I say, "Ewwww!" Almost as bad was Will's comment to Casey to "change the sheets," when Will gave Casey his house for the night to be alone with Maddie.

--Jennifer Landon gets props this week for her portrayal of kooky Cleo. What a hoot this character is with her blinking eyes, crooked teeth and silly voice. And she seems to be able to do what no one else can, keep Jade in line. I can't wait until Cleo really puts this plan in motion and "kicks it up a notch."

--Lucinda made me laugh out loud when she announced that she wanted to poison Craig. Move over, Casey, and make room in your prison cell for Lucinda. If Lucinda really wanted Craig sick, she should have consulted Lily and gotten some of that tainted baby food.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Katie's coworker tells her she has a visitor, just as Henry walks in.)
Katie: "Is he tall, dark, and handsome?
Henry: "No, he's tall, glum, and lovelorn."

(Paul tells Lucinda that the newly matured Alison is the key to his plan of revenge on Craig.)
Paul: "I bumped into her, and she has completely changed."
Lucinda: "Anything would be an improvement."

(Paul interrupts his meeting with Lucinda to check his cell phone messages.)
Lucinda: "You have to do that? I thought you were clairvoyant. Don't you just see them?"

Reader Spotlight:
(From Annmarie, regarding a question I asked in my last column about Vienna's use of the word "costume." Thanks, Annmarie!)
"Hi Jennifer! Two things: my husband is from Europe, and he and his family always refer to bathing suits as "swimming costumes!" They use the word "costumes" a lot, so I guess that's normal when Vienna used the word "costume" for a wedding outfit! Also, I too have wondered why Gwen and Will haven't gone after Iris to get the trust fund money back, but then I thought, if they did, Iris would go to Margo and tell her the whole story. Margo doesn't know that the girls "thought" they killed Adam. Margo would freak out over that and arrest them anyway. That's my thought."

(From Two Scoops Vivien.)
"Help me out. Did I miss something? What did Gwen ever do to Jade to deserve such hatred? When Jade first came to town, Gwen was the only person to treat her with respect; she invited her into her life and her home and befriended her when nobody else would. From that moment on, it seems that Jade's life's mission has been to destroy Gwen. She went after her husband, lied about being pregnant, took up Adam's madness, even after she witnessed Adam trying to rape Gwen...and now this ridiculous look-alike story. Jade found the home she was looking for, a family, money, and a cushy life. What is this obsession she has with Gwen? Someone tell me, because I just can't figure out it. And if there's nothing, then maybe someone should tell the writers, because this one-note plot is really beginning to wear on my nerves."

(From Two Scoops reader Frankie.)
"I know that part of the reason for having Casey go to jail, is because Zack Roerig is leaving the show. But, I also think it is great that the writer's are showing the audience where out of control gambling can lead a person. I'm sure there a lot of college kids watching the show, and are being tempted by the easy access allowed through the internet. Kudos to ATWT."

(From Two Scoops Angela.)
"Just wait until you see Scott Bryce in action. He is the reason I have continued to watch ATWT. He has made my heart skip a beat since he began on ATWT many, many years ago. I am so very glad he has returned. The scenes with Elizabeth Hubbard will be explosive."

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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