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Another clue about Pretty was dropped last week. Julian and Ivy took a trip down memory lane to the night when Pretty was conceived. Apparently, Pretty is no longer beautiful. Did Fancy have something to do with it? Did Fancy throw acid on her and make her ugly?

So Sheridan has hired Spike to help her sneak into prison just so she can get some nookie? And to top it off, Fancy, who has wormed her way into the prison as a guard, sees Luis kissing Sheridan, but assumes he's become accustomed to prison life. Miguel also fears Luis is switch-hitting when he spies a disguised Sheridan and Luis in a lip lock. However, it isn't long before Sheridan is having to hide the fact she's female in the showers.

There is no way Fancy could've wormed her way into a job as a guard that easily. It takes background checks, references, psychiatric evaluations, etc. before you are hired into the prison system. You don't just walk in with some lame story about transferring with your boyfriend and get a job. And to top it off, she made no secret of the fact she wanted to be on Luis' floor. This should've been a major red flag to her supervisor. And then she just runs off the job once she finds Luis making out with his cellmate. She better stick to being an heiress as she's not good at much else.

How embarrassing it must've been for Sheridan to have to get naked and hide in front of Miguel to keep from being found out in the showers. And how noble of him to try not to look. I think he was probably trying to figure out how Sheridan got in the prison, and how he can sneak Kay in there.

Meanwhile across town Kay is trying to figure out how to get out of her marriage to Fox because she's still in love with Miguel. If I were her I'd take Tabitha's advice and get over Miguel already. Fox can more than provide for her and Maria, and there was a time not so long ago Kay just knew Miguel cheated on her with Charity. I don't think that's ever been proven wrong. To Kay's knowledge Fox has been nothing but good and kind to her. Either Fox's secrets need to come out, or Kay needs to straighten up and be a better wife.

So now Theresa has to have Jared's baby. And if that isn't bad enough, Ethan is hell bent on stopping her. Since his lawyer skills leave something to be desired, maybe he should leave her alone and let the blackmailer have their way. Even Pilar agrees with me, but she doesn't count. She changes her mind about whom Theresa should be with every time the wind blows. Not to mention she has one son in jail for life and the other on death row. I guess she is just a tad biased.

Theresa has decided to go full steam ahead with this plan to create a little Casey all the while apologizing to Ethan in her head. Why is she apologizing? Every time she tried to get Ethan to be with her, he threw in her face the fact that he is married. He was never going to leave Gwen, and even after she left he continued to try to talk to her. Ethan is to blame for him and Theresa never being together, and now Theresa is doing what it takes to save her family.

Another clue about Pretty was dropped this week. Julian and Ivy took a trip down memory lane to the night she was conceived. Ivy commented on how beautiful Pretty was, and Julian's reply was "Let's not dwell on that." So Pretty, who was apparently named because she was, is not longer beautiful. Did Fancy have something to do with it? Did Fancy throw acid on her and make her ugly?

During their trip down memory lane, Julian and Ivy got side tracked and ended up in bed, just as Eve convinces Sam to give Ivy another chance. I was beginning to wonder why Eve was so pro-Ivy, until I realized it was a set up so Eve and Sam could catch Julian and Ivy. From day one I have been a Julian and Ivy fan, and felt they made a great couple. Underneath their hatred for one another was a deep love that neither Sam nor Eve could give them. I do hope they end up back together soon.

So Endora's off to preschool and already giving her teacher, Miss Lucy, fits. She turns a classmate, Tina, into a cat and worries Miss Lucy when she can't find Tina. Tabitha, being the overprotective mother, is afraid to leave the witchling, but Miss Lucy assumes it's because of separation anxiety. Little does Miss Lucy know she is going to have her hands full with Endora.

Jessica has some great friends. They are supportive of her having Spike's baby, they are willing to help her go back to school and get on with her life. Too bad Spike has different plans and they include framing Jessica for killing johns. It's too obvious that Jessica isn't murdering the johns because if murder were so easy for her, then she'd just up and kill Spike. I hope she gets her life together soon and gets away from Spike.

Some Random Thoughts:

How nice to have Antonio's spirit show up to comfort Pilar and Luis. What about Miguel?

If someone blackmails you and tells you to get pregnant right away, be sure to use the Clear Blue Easy digital ovulation kit. Is there a reason this was plugged so much on Friday's episode?

Luis got hosed down on Monday's episode. Was that wise considering he's recovering from being shot?

There's no doubt the blackmailer is Eve and Julian's child. The whole time they were talking about their child, the blackmailer was strangling a hooker.

Quotes of the Week:

Tabitha to Julian: "If you say "at your age," you may not leave this house in one piece."

Esme to Fancy: "I promise to stay conscious until you tell me what the trouble is."

Esme about Luis: "He will be prisoner of the month in "prison" magazine in no time."

Julian to Ivy: "Oh, goody, this again. 'I hate you, Julian. My life sucks because of you. Blah, blah, blah'." Until next week friends,

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