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Oh, I so love David Canary! He is top notch and I loved him even more this week when he brought back the Adam of old. Adam isn't taking any of this 'I'm so sorry I slept with Tad' talk from Krystal. And why should he? After all Krystal has continually confessed her love for Adam even when she had her one-night stand with Tad, so Adam has every reason in the world to be LIVID!

Oh, I so love David Canary! He is top notch and I loved him even more this week when he brought back the Adam of old. Adam isn't taking any of this "I'm so sorry I slept with Tad" talk from Krystal. And why should he? After all Krystal has continually confessed her love for Adam even when she had her one-night stand with Tad, so Adam has every reason in the world to be LIVID! Adam even decided to try to get those Carey women for insurance fraud to no avail because Erica couldn't bring herself to alienate Josh any further. While Tad has every right to seek soul custody of his and Krystal's child, he has no right to just move into Chandler mansion. What's up with Tad continually breaking laws? I don't believe Krystal is a fit mother at all but considering how Tad is acting these days, I'm not sure about him either. After all Tad goes to Julia, his son's girlfriend for advice, and I predict Tad will hook up with Julia and just forget about his son. Why is it the father's in PV don't have any respect for their children and no morals when it comes to bedding down the women that their son's are with? We had Zach with Kendall to "show" Ethan and coming soon Tad with Julia. ICK!!!! Adam decides to throw everyone out of Chandler mansion which brings us to this week's AMC Fan Gripe of the week which comes from AJ who wants to remind the writers: "I recalled that Adam already gave the mansion to JR more than 2 years ago, so what's up with that. Don't you hate it when history is forgotten?" I believe I remember Adam turning over the mansion to JR as well, but you can't expect the writers to remember what they wrote just a while ago now can we?

Adam brought tears to my eyes when he was burning all the presents he had purchased for "Charlotte". I felt that pain for him. However, when Adam offered JR that drink it reminded me of when Mateo told Hayley to take a drink and how I never forgave Mateo for that hateful act. It was nice seeing Stuart trying to comfort Adam but right now it might be best to let Adam be alone with all of his thoughts and anger. They are trying to portray Adam as the bad guy here, but no that's not the way I see it. Krystal is to blame along with Tad and I don't blame Adam for wanting to make them pay. Does anyone else wonder if the DNA results will prove to be wrong later and the child will indeed be Adam's daughter?

Can't Get a Break!

That would be JR who no matter what he does it seems to backfire. First he chooses to withhold the news of Krystal's baby's paternity so he can blackmail Babe. Then after realizing how much he loved Babe he decides to withhold this news to benefit Adam and Krystal since Adam would be devastated if he was told the truth. Once the truth is spilled and everyone knows JR has been in on the secret since Dixie's demise, the let's get JR group is in full swing. We have Adam disowning JR, Tad chastising him and even Jamie joins in to castigate JR as well. JR did defend himself with the "you stole my child" back when JR was led to believe Miranda was Bess and he was the father. I was glad he continued to point that out to Tad and Jamie. They were definitely wrong back then. This week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from Nikki who writes: "I don't know what it is about JR but he has certainly grown on me ever since he jumped out the window. What I don't understand is why the writers can't let him be a good guy. Why does he always have to go back to "his old ways"? I'd much rather have JR be the good guy over Ryan. He's gorgeous and a fantastic actor. I actually run to the TV to see this man pour out his heart." Yes, Jacob Young is an extremely good looking talented actor. It's only a matter of time until the writers decide to take JR down the dark path again which I wish wouldn't happen. Give the guy a break. JR can be misguided but doesn't have to always be the villain. Even though Ryan is continually shown as the hero, as Nikki points out, I really enjoyed Ryan and Emma this week. Ryan is a great father and I like Ryan paired with Annie as well. Now if Kendall will just stay out of Ryan's business!


Birthdays should be good days, except if you're Little Adam or Miranda, then they will have party crashers and tense times. Poor Little Adam and Miranda, they just can't have a normal party. There Barbara is trying to participate in the lives of Jackson and family. Oh, --- will Jackson and Barbara have an illicit affair? I believe I'm getting sick and I find this to be juvenile if this is Jackson's payback for Erica sleeping with Jeff. Myrtle brings some symmetry in her little talk with Erica as she points out it's all Erica's fault!

Employment for Almost All!

Ryan turns down Zach's offer to manage Cambias and instead is jobless. Does anyone really work in PV anyway? Zach brings Lily onboard for a job at Cambias who, once hired, is rather rude to Jonathan when he stops by looking for employment as well. She was acting very immature, but since she is still a child this would hold true. Zarf can come work for Fusion and be close to "his love" Bianca, which leads Kendall to point out the fact that Bianca "loves" Zarf back. Interesting that Bianca, a lesbian, is in love with Zarf, who is still a man.

Other Items!

Still lots of mail on bringing Dixie back and word is that Cady McClain would indeed listen if AMC comes calling. I can't stress enough that AMC needs to return Dixie from the dead and also bring Julia Barr (Brooke) back on full contract. Lots of talk out there about Alexa Havins (Babe) & Justin Bruening (Jamie) leaving later this year when their contracts run out and pursuing their careers in Hollywood. If this comes to pass, I wish them much luck and success. Hollywood's gain would be AMC's loss as Alexa is so very talented. I wonder if they will let Babe just ride off into the sunset or if a recast will be in order? Same with Jamie. I guess if they decide to pair up Julia and Tad (something I'm against) they could easily write Jamie out as he comes to terms with his own father stealing his girl. Then in the future Jamie could return as another actor. Greenlee has been recast and will be returning to PV. I have mixed emotions on this development, as I was never much of a Greenlee fan even though I enjoyed Rebecca Budig. As a character, Greenlee was manipulative and extremely needy and AMC already has this type more than covered. Also, it seems Leven Rambin (Lily) will be performing double duty since Lily's relative (also played by Leven) is coming to PV. Rumors have it that this new character will be paired with Aidan. Quite an age difference in real life between these two and that was what disturbed many with the Lily/Jonathan pairing. Wonder how it will all play out.

The Emmy nominations were announced and AMC garnered only 1 acting nomination, which is Leven Rambin for Lily and 4 technical ones, including if you can believe it Outstanding Achievement for Camera Control. So many fans have complained about the handheld camera work this year and to think they were nominated in that category. I wasn't surprised for AMC being snubbed in the "real" categories such as actors/actresses, writing, direction, etc. The storylines and dialog have been dreadful which were accurately reflected in the lack of nominations.

Seems the ratings have gone down yet again. I believe this is in part to the firing of Cady McClain and lack of storylines for the veterans. Thanks for the emails as always I enjoy them all & I'll see you back here in two weeks!!


Mary Page
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