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How logical was it for Will, Gwen, and Maddie to leave town last week, even after Will gave Iris hush money? That was supposed to buy her silence, so why did they still have to leave town?

As usual when I expect another week of mediocre shows, I get a week where a lot happened to move things along: Lily and this baby food fell apart in an unexpected way, Maddie goes on the run with Will and Gwen with Will giving away all of his money and Emily sees that her sister is more like her than different.

The Baby Food Fiasco
Did all of this happen because Lily was taking diet pills? I can see that she has been distracted by her weight issues and her problems with Faith. I said this before about those ladies behind the baby food; there was something they were hiding that they did not want to be seen. In the aftermath of all of this, Lucinda did not do a background check on these ladies if she was suspicious. I know that the Lucinda as written by Douglas Marland would have handled this better than letting Lily cause her company any damage.

Craig has been the loyal friend to Lily and he has always had a better relationship with her than most in Oakdale lately. I could not see Craig using Lily to get back at Lucinda. Craig is devious though never against Lily as she has usually given him the benefit of the doubt most often.

I am anxious to see how this all plays out when they make the switch with Scott Bryce. I did like the way that Jeffrey Meek handled the role especially lately as Craig loosened up a bit. I also need to say that having Scott back in the role is terrific for the show as Craig was so different when he played him.

I can't wait for Lucinda to get home and find out about this situation - her reaction will be great.

The Adam Mystery
Who cares anymore? I don't care because I never felt like this was the Adam Munson we knew who grew up in the Hughes household; he strayed too far away from his original characterization.

How logical is it for Will, Gwen and Maddie to leave town now that Will has given Iris hush money? This was money not to talk so why did they still have to leave town. The only other person who suspected something was Jade and I suspect that she knows where Adam is.

So was that the last we saw of Iris? She creates so much chaos for her daughter and she is such a fun character.

It looks like this will be over soon now that more people are finding out like Casey. He was great when Maddie finally told him the truth; he found out that the woman he loves killed his brother and that his older brother is gone - kudos to Zach Roerig for an outstanding performance.

One more thing about this story, this has gone just a bit too long and to have to hear Gwen scream one more time will send me over the edge.

Emily and Dusty
In the course of her work, she finds out that her sister, Alison is involved in a similar profession as a porn star. It sort of opened up her eyes as to what she has been doing. Now this is something that is out of her control, she needs to find Alison before Susan finds out about this.

One question, if Dusty saw what Emily was looking at, why did he not recognize Alison? Aaron was his right hand when he worked at the bar and Alison was there all the time. I thought he got a glimpse of the woman on the screen.

Paul and Meg
I have always like these two together and I hope that they get back together. Meg seems much happier when she is with Paul. Paul has changed a lot lately since he moved out to the cabin.

I really like the way he has bonded with Parker and Faith. They see him as their hero and not many have seen Paul in that way at least not in a long time.

Here are comments from some readers:

Marilyn said, "I just don't get why everyone is always whining about all the characters. It's a SOAP! If Emily was respectable and Katie was sweet and everything was hunky dory no one would watch theses shoes. Sure, they're ludicrous, at times, but aren't they supposed to be? All this negativity; I just don't get what people want."

Joellen said, "I'm extremely happy that Scott Bryce is back in the Craig role. He can whine, manipulate & charm with the best of them. Also, enough with the "dead" people a.k.a the Slasher's victims and Adam lying in the grave."

Judy said, "I absolutely LOVED Scott Bryce as Craig, and can hardly wait for his return. Jeff Meek is good (Hunt Block practically RUINED the character), but Scott will always BE Craig as far as I'm concerned. This Brad is better than the last two, but I agree that he needs to "grow up" a bit. Actually, since I can't stand Katie, I enjoy seeing him get the best of her. I'm tired of Jack and Carly being apart so I hope Maura's maternity leave ends soon. In fact Katie could LEAVE the show and it wouldn't bother me, LOL."

Donna said, "I am really tired of all the character changes! I am still not over losing Jennifer or Hal. And then Mike and Simon leave. Simon was just starting to get on my good side. And now Craig is gone. I didn't like the character of Craig at first but, he has grown on me and is being replaced?!? Vienna is starting to grow on me although I cannot understand what she is saying. And I love Henry getting a major storyline. But, I have not really watched ATWT in over a month! And I watched everyday, religiously for the past two years!"

Finally, we may be seeing a change in Brad so why does he not want anyone to know what he did for Luke. Katie is surely seeing him in a different light and vice versa.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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