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Spoiling for fall sweeps
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The shows last week included some citizens who had been missed; hopefully we'll see more of them as we go forward. Beth and Rick's baby should arrive soon, which means we should see them more often.

Somedays I feel a million years old. Like when I start to work on my column and the spoilers - thankful when they don't tell me EVERYTHING that happens. I do still watch the show and like some surprises. But when the fall spoilers are released and tell me how a cliffhanger ends, then I get a little steamed. Can't a girl have some surprises?

I work with a lot of people younger than me (I turned 40 in March) and have seen a lot of changes in technology that the youngsters can only pretend to understand. My first telephone had a party line (which meant you could hear your neighbor's conversations on your phone - and had to wait til they ended their call before you could talk). When I took a radio production class in college - at 25 years old the professor held up a cartridge and asked the class what it was - I answered "An 8-Trak" -and he said "you just gave your age away". Ok, so I like some things simpler.

So I start to get the spoilers for the week, and the spoilers for this fall and BAM - there is a spoiler that ruins this week's shows for me. I will NOT spoil you here, because I am a nice person (most of the time). Ahhh, I long for the good old days when I had to watch to learn what would happen on GL - or any other show (but I do love my Tivo, too). But it already gives me ideas for next week's column..... Of course, I write the column and the spoilers so you can choose to be spoiled. But that is beside the point ; )

The shows this week did give me more of the characters that I was missing - like Lizzie, Beth, Billy and Rick. Hopefully we'll see more of them as we go forward. I like seeing Lizzie more settled and away from the Spaulding influence, and Billy needs someone to help keep him in line. Beth and Rick's baby should arrive soon (or really Beth and Alan's but at least he's still in the dark about it) which means we should see them more often soon.

And the return of Evil Edmund makes me smile. Here is a dastardly villain (but a sweet guy in person) who will shake up the town. Can't wait to see the havoc he brings to everyone - and you know he will!!

I was also pleased to see that Natalia realized that she is hardly in a place to come down on Daisy. She has certainly made her own share of mistakes in life - like sleeping with a married Gus. I was wondering if she'd be joining Josh in the pulpit with her attitude. While I certainly want to like this character, she seems to be a great mom, her actions are making it harder and harder to like her. Although I want to point one thing out --we have DAISY to thank for her coming to town in the first place. Daisy told Natalia where to find Nick/Gus. Without that, all of their lives would be very different. I had hoped GL could save Harley/Gus but it seems too late now. But with the holidays coming up, I'm hoping for more happiness in Springfield - even though the spoilers seem to rain on my parade. But we'll have to wait and see how it all plays out.


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