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Springfield has become a meat market, with partners changing at the blink of an eye. Alan is juggling Natalia, Beth, and Olivia. Now he's using his wacko son Phillip to keep the ladies from his son's life closer to him.

I feel like Springfield has become a meat market - with partners changing at the blink of an eye lately.

Alan is juggling Natalia, Beth and in some ways Olivia, too. Loved that Nat called him on his many marriages this week - glad someone brought her up to speed on that!! Now he's using his wacko son Phillip (who may or may not be around) to keep the ladies from his son's life (Olivia and Beth) closer to him. Oh, Alan, you are a scoundrel!!

Of course, his son is no better. This week I have given Gus a new nickname 'Snoop Doggy Dogg' (yes, like the rapper - even though I don't listen I have heard of him) because he is a total 100% dog to want to annul his marriage to Harley - they were married for years! And has the added bad taste to bring the papers to the hospital after she is found alive in the rubble of the church. He'd better go dig out his blow up doll, because the ladies of Springfield will run as far away from him as possible! Yes, I know that Natalia would want the annulment to marry in the church, but I think it's pretty rotten of him to ask - especially after all she has been through. GL breaking up this couple is a pretty bad idea but this is really making fans go crazy. Alan trying to get Olivia to distract Gus so he can have a clear shot at Natalia isn't going to work - I could never see them together - and I know many of you share my thoughts on a Gus/Olivia pairing.

Cyrus and Marina might have some rocky times ahead - she's unemployed and he might go to jail. But GL seems to be hinting at a Cyrus/Marina/Harley angle, which is more than a little disturbing. I think Cyrus will avoid jail by blackmailing Alex into not pressing charges against him (and he won't for her) but to have Harley have feelings for her niece's current guy is more than a little weird. Of course, they do have A-M in common already...

Good news that Matt and Vanessa have reunited - but it would have been nice to see a little happiness on screen. Or is it all for show? I have to wonder....

But what I really can't wait to see is how Evil Eddie gets back into the swing of things in Springfield. So much has happen since he's left that he'll have a gold mine of blackmailing opportunities already. But where will he start? So nice to see Alonzo for 15 seconds before they killed him off. I guess that was the only way to get Will away from San Cristobel (fans who hated the island I guess can be happy they won't have to pretend to go there anymore). Ah, the possibilities for Edmund are endless - as long as he's not looking for romance, that is....

I had such high hopes for a Dinah/Mallet reunion. Come on GL - give us some happiness! Doris is set to break up Coop and Ashlee (much to the delight of Ava). Buzz and Lillian are never seen. Rafe and Daisy aren't really speaking. Give a girl some romance, will you?

Finally I was glad to see Daisy speak her mind to Rafe - that conversation should have come at least last week. Hopefully they can get back together (slowly this time, guys) and last for awhile.

This week it looks like things are getting busy for Sweeps time, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!


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