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Torture & meanness PV style!
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Goodness, while I expect to see torture and meanness on night time TV like Criminal Minds I'd prefer AMC give it a rest. Lately everyone is hitting someone, torturing someone or thinking of how to push someone else down and it appears to be continuing.

Goodness, while I expect to see torture and meanness on night time TV like Criminal Minds I'd prefer AMC give it a rest. Lately everyone is hitting someone, torturing someone or thinking of how to push someone else down and it appears to be continuing.

Ryan has decided he is Richie's judge and jury for every terrible thing Richie has ever done or attempted to do. Once the "cat is out of the bag", thanks to Babe's loose lips, about Richie's impending death due to leukemia, Ryan takes Richie flying I guess so Ryan can control the situation and determine if Richie is indeed ill. I don't get Dr. Joe assisting Ryan by providing input on "how to test" a person for leukemia. I remember when Dr. Joe had high moral standards, but they have steadily declined in recent years once he was aware of the baby switch and stayed mum. Okay, so now Richie has the upper hand since he has overtaken the pilot by force. So much for taking the handcuffs off Richie.

Aidan wants to find out if JR is stringing Greenlee along and immediately goes and punches JR in the face. Duh... why is this acceptable? Yes, it's all a scam dreamt up by Zach and executed by JR but that doesn't give Aidan the right to assault JR. By week's end the whole scam has gone up in smoke since Zach reneges on his deal with JR after Greenlee walks away from JR's offer. Aidan did his knight in shining armor routine as he visited with Zach and demanded answers.

Kendall's solution to rid herself of Greenlee is to just shoot Greenlee. Well, that certainly is straight forward, but not very bright. Had Kendall's plan succeeded, who did Kendall think would be raising her children? Zach put a stop to the shooting plan, but Kendall persists with bringing Greenlee down as Kendall set Greenlee up to appear obsessed with Spike and get her arrested. I can only guess how Greenlee will retaliate - more torture.

Erica decided to get in on all the action with Greenlee and have her committed. Does Erica not remember when she stole Maddie? Guess that doesn't count. Erica needed Adam's assistance with this and we all know this just could be the final straw for Erica and Jackson's involvement. I was wondering exactly what Erica thinks love is as she was telling Jackson how much she "really" loves him considering she's having his daughter sent to the "funny farm". I wished we had been privy to all of their "last" dance.

I like the new actress portraying Babe, but it is hard to see her as Babe. They certainly pushed her right into the mix by having her and JR have sex so quickly. Recasts can be tough. I don't get the writers taking JR down a destructive path as we can all see this coming. The rumors of Jacob Young leaving persist and I guess instead of a recast they will destroy the character and there will be no more JR. That's really a shame as JR is a key character and has been through many recasts.

Last Place!

Well, it's official - AMC is tied for last place in the ratings. Is anyone really surprised? The storylines are recycled and the dialogue is repeated from scene to scene and day to day. Plus those disturbing hand held cameras! I remember when the show was so wonderful to watch. The love stories were plentiful and even when couples were split apart most came back together again. Some of my favorite couples were Nina & Cliff, Greg & Jenny, Angie & Jessie, PC & Daisy, Erica & Jeremy & Dimitri & Jackson & others, Natalie & Trevor, Joe & Ruth, Gillian & Ryan, Greenlee & Leo, Julia & Noah, Brooke & Adam & Edmund, David & Anna. No I wasn't a fan of Maria and Edmund although so many were. Of course one of the all time favorites was Tad & Dixie.

That all ended when the idiots in charge decided to kill Dixie earlier in the year. I personally believe this is one of the reasons for the poor ratings. I still think Dixie's "death" could be turned around. This would be my scenario. A whole show would be dedicated to Tad and Dixie - no Kendall, Zach, Ryan, Annie, Greenlee, etc. Dixie would show up at Tad's door, disheveled and nervous. Tad would open the door and be in shock as Dixie is talking "oh Tad, thank goodness, etc." Tad of course would immediately say Dixie, but you're dead. Dixie in turn would run into Tad's arms hugging him telling him she survived the car accident. As we would find out as the story unfolded is Dr. Madden found Dixie after the car wreck, delivered Kate, while Dixie was in a coma for an extended time. When Dixie did come out of it, she was told Kate was dead even though Dr. Madden took care of the adoption. Dixie was then held by Dr. Madden and Hazel while finding a lookalike to find out all about Dixie. Then the "substitute" went to PV to take over Dixie's life. That's why Dixie really wasn't Dixie as any long time fan never bought into the Dixie that returned. Dixie would never have abandoned her family or signed over Kate to strangers. No, that was too far out of character for anyone to buy into.

This week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from Lindy who writes: "I am sitting right now watching today's episode and I am wondering why...why am I addicted to this mindless dribble and these absolutely horrid characters? If Kendall doesn't get over it, I think I might shoot myself in the head to make it stop. AND Ryan, the self righteous indignant bully, who gives him the right to treat Richie like he is, no matter what he did in the past. The way he keeps on about "you torture people and can't be trusted or forgiven" has he forgotten his own dear Bro Jonathan? Who killed Brandon? Jonathan. Who tortured Pine Valley? Jonathan.Oh right, he's better now... There are NO redeeming characters, there is no reason to watch, and yet, here I sit, in hopeful anticipation that something interesting, loving and hopeful will happen." I feel for Lindy waiting, watching for AMC to go back to the AMC of old. But, Please, Please, Lindy don't shoot yourself over AMC, instead just turn the channel.


Like Lindy, I wonder what's happened to the show I used to really enjoy. Why am I wasting my time? I am so beyond tired of Kendall, Zach, Greenlee, Ryan and Annie. I certainly can do something better with the time I spend on AMC. So with that said, I have to say goodbye to AMC and everything AMC -- including this column. It is with a heavy heart and much thought that I have come to this decision. You see, I just won't take it anymore. To watch a show go so downhill when I can remember how great it was once so long ago.

I will truly miss all the nice folks I've met over the years that I've been writing this column. You all have provided such support and kind thoughts, but I will no longer take it.

Before I leave, remember to take special care of your pets. They are helpless without our love and concern. Remember to support our troops as it doesn't matter if you agree with the war, these special individuals have volunteered to defend and protect our country and deserve nothing less than our prayers, thanks and whole-hearted support. So long to all and God Bless!


Mary Page
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