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Ryan Lavery was able to disengage the automatic pilot devise and land a plane via radio communication and verbal instructions. Pretty amazing stuff and yet another heroic act by Ryan as he protects and saves his wife and others trapped on this plane ride from you-know-where. I know I shouldn't be thinking of Ryan as his portrayer, Cameron Mathison, but it was hard to do during those scenes.

Ryan Lavery was able to disengage the automatic pilot devise and land a plane via radio communication and verbal instructions. Pretty amazing stuff and yet another heroic act by Ryan as he protects and saves his wife and others trapped on this plane ride from you-know-where. I know I shouldn't be thinking of Ryan as his portrayer, Cameron Mathison, but it was hard to do during those scenes. Yes, I have been following Cameron's dancing escapades on Dancing With The Stars for weeks now. HE IS MY HERO......this young man has to come up with dancing steps weekly as he flies coast-to-coast, do pages of dialogue and heroic action scenes on All My Children, has just finished hosting I Want To Be A Soap Star during part of this time, and co-hosts on EXTRA at times. To top it off, I was just going over the line-up of AMC stars at Super Soap Weekend in Florida as we speak and who is hosting the game show there for both days? YOU GOT IT. Not to mention autograph sessions and motorcade rides. This soap star is on fire but having met him several times, he is a very sincere, humble, grateful guy and deserves it all. I am writing this week due to Kristine being at the aforementioned extravaganza and admittedly am a bit jealous. I truly miss going myself after doing it a few years and now have had to miss the fun of it all. The line-up consisted of the actors playing: Erica, Kendall, Zach (we know which line Kristine stood in no matter how long it took), Tad, Krystal, JR, Adam/Stuart, AIDAN, Annie, and Ryan. I have seen six of the ten, but never tire of meeting the soap stars in this venue. I know our columnist will return with great stories!!!!

Back to AMC where Kendall's diabolical plot to frame Greenlee materialized and Ms Smythe was arrested for kidnapping Spike. I find this whole story very disturbing, as it seems to be never-ending and can't have a good one if it does end. Between all this plotting and game playing, who can win? It will be a matter of which Fusion executive goes to jail first or for the longest? You understand why the resentment and revenge exists, but why act on it all the time? When can we see true forgiving natures and mature adults moving forward? There is so much with the characters and not letting go of resentment and past mistakes. Kendall and Zach can't forgive Greenlee. Tad does not want Adam near his daughter. JR plays so many hurtful games, is such a lost soul. Annie is "done" with her brother, but Richie is not done with her. Erica is known for being a very protective mother but sometimes crosses the line. She claims to love Jack but does everything to sabotage her long-term relationship with him. Even Opal couldn't convince her to do the right thing and free Greenlee with the truth. The wise friend (minus the tarot cards) warns her that Jack will love her forever UNTIL she pushes him too far and then he stops!!!!

Watching so many having "ex-sex" as JR called it this past week, made me realize how crazy that can be. Couples get in a comfort zone that actually turns into a discomfort one. Instead of moving on for any length of time, they slip back into old patterns and hook-up with their exes. Granted, there is still deep love and it is always hard to let go, but nothing really changes. Perfect examples with JR/Babe, Jack/Erica, and Adam/Krystal. JR has been bed hopping with others and the other two couples take two steps forward and one back. Babe said it best in that she can't rekindle a flame with a hazardous ex-lover. Once you have serious issues, made it through the breakup or divorce, is it really easier to go back? Maybe we should discuss that on Erica's talk show in the near future.

I am sympathizing with Greenlee. It is a pet peeve of mine to be falsely accused. I have actually jumped to the other side and now like the new actress in the part. I particularly like her relationship with Aidan. Wow, how we needed a nice, sweet, supportive bond to watch blossom. Having Jackson Montgomery approve makes it even nicer for them and us. He has always been a good barometer for decency and morality. I miss having Reggie in the fold and adopting the family loyalty and strength. He was great with his adopted sisters.

Tad "dating" Hannah, who saw that coming? I think there is just enough difference and similarities (they both have dark secrets) to make the match interesting. The scenes where he interacts with the darling baby playing Jenny are heartwarming. I do fear that they will throw that infamous twist in where Adam is really the baby's father after Tad finds Kate. If Adam couldn't accept Jenny as Krystal's baby and love her anyway, it is not fair to find out she is his daughter and then miraculously loves her like Hayley or Colby. Krystal even goes to extremes by having a restraining order drawn up against he man she loves and can't resist. Obviously Adam has been served with them before spotting it is not legal without the judge's signature. He professes his love and once again she melts. Babe resisted getting back with JR and he continues losing all he seeks in business and love connections. When a shot of Scotch is put in front of him at the bar, we see him put it to his lips. Will he give in to temptation?

Erica finally got to hold her newest grandson, Ian. She feels he is more like her, a fearless Kane. He is gaining his strength and stamina, so hopefully he will be in his nursery at HOME in the near future. Opal and Joe separately try to talk to Erica about her actions against Greenlee, but we all know how well she listens to others.

It truly is difficult to analyze what has been happening on AMC of late. With all the revenge plots and justification of why they feel the need to pay back, it's a vicious circle. I did like the scene where Ryan confronted Kendall and Zach on their motives and was reminded about the noose around Richie's neck. They all want the best for their kids, but sometimes forget that their actions can put these young'uns in harm's way. My other hero, Aidan, has a plan with Tad to free his ladylove from an 8 x 10 cell. She has to fire her father and plead guilty for Aidan to save her and faces the judge giving up her rights. Her "confession" was very moving and finally broke through to Kendall's conscience. Then Aidan and Tad's plan smoked into action. The smoke alarm goes off and shorts out all the electrical outlets while everyone in the courtroom is caught off-guard and is soaked by the sprinkling system. That hero I mentioned before is dressed like a fireman carrying Greenlee over his shoulder. Ryan recognizes "Fish & Chips" but nods for him to escape with his ex-wife. A pretty dramatic ending to our week. It should prove interesting to watch how this plays out.


In closing, I would like to extend my warmest wishes to Mary. I was saddened and shocked to hear she was leaving Two Scoops. I know she has been discouraged with the direction of AMC and also been very busy in her personal life, so having to make such a decision must have been difficult for her. I just wanted her to know how much I appreciated her as a co-columnist during my tenure. It has been a pleasure communicating and working with her over the past five or six years (you tend to lose track of how many it has been). She was always VERY supportive and contributed a lot to this site. I wish her well in her future endeavors. It has been great being on board again as I continue to be the back up for the co-columnists when needed. I hope you are all enjoying a nice Veteran's Day weekend and send out prayers for a speedy and safe return of our US troops abroad.


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