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Newbies flood Oakdale
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Katie knows that Carly isn't dying, and all hell is about to break lose. It will be fun to see what transpires at the wedding. Will Katie return to her days of pummeling her foes? Carly should not have worn white; it shows blood too easily.

Last week, I raked ATWT over the coals for out-of-character behaviors (Carly lied to her kids that she's dying), silly plot twists (Gwen wants a baby, Cole has a baby) and boring stories (Meg, Paul and Rosanna, yawn.) It seems the show honchos may realize things are a bit stale, too, and may be trying to fix the problem by bringing in some new blood. In the last two weeks, new faces have been popping up all over Oakdale, and it appears more may be on the way.

New Chris, new Bonnie and Evan Walsh, all hit town last week. And a casting call has gone out for another young male, with a prison record, that sounds a lot like Casey. While I applaud the show for trying to change things up a bit, I'm not sure so many new faces at the same time is the way to go. I guess we'll see. I haven't seen enough of Evan to form an opinion, although the way he was eyeing Meg was a bit stalker-ish. I enjoyed Bonnie's scenes with Holden, but her introduction was beyond lame. Holden just happened to see her on a park bench. Huh? There was no discussion of, "Gee, I guess you're out of prison now, or how did you manage to get that law degree while serving time for killing Marshall Travers?"

I'm enjoying new Chris. This younger version is apparently going to be a screw up, unlike the last version. Who shows up for work late on their first day? Chris Hughes, that's who. I also think he may be the town's new man tart. He's been shirtless for several scenes. Is he Oakdale's new Mike Kasnoff? The downside of new Chris is that he has zero chemistry with Emily. So, I'm assuming he's eventually going to get another leading lady, perhaps Ali or Katie or some other gal. Even the addition of all these new characters won't help things, if the writing doesn't get back to the basics and stick to the characters' traits. No new faces can fix that.

In other musings:
--Bob likes pepperkaker! I had to chuckle when he invited Chris to have some. I think it must be a joke among the cast as to who gets to say "pepperkaker" each week?

--None of the newbies seemed to totally mesmerize me, but do you know who did? That bragging-lawyer guy sitting next to Katie on the plane, who accidentally spilled that Carly isn't dying. That guy was a hoot and a hottie. Hello, casting?

--Katie knows that Carly isn't dying, and all Hell is about to break lose. I can't wait to see what transpires at the wedding. I wonder if Katie will return to her days of pummeling her foes? I don't think Carly should have worn white. It shows blood too easily.

--Even the minister hired to marry Jack and Carly had to object to the nuptials. He said he'd feel more comfortable if they'd take time to reflect. Yeah, me too, or at least take time to let the ink dry on Jack's annulment papers.

--I used to respect Jack Snyder, but those days are gone. Within the span of one week, he declared his love for Katie, annulled his marriage to her, declared his love for Carly and proposed to her. I've got whiplash trying to understand his behavior. Yes, he thinks Carly is dying, but his actions are inexcusable. He's in my doghouse, too, for breaking the news to Katie on the phone that he's remarrying his ex. Talk about cold.

--Carly's character has been assassinated with this storyline. I'll say it again, the Carly we know has never been a saint, but NEVER, NEVER, NEVER would she let her kids believe she was dying. Then again, the Carly we knew and loved would never have left her kids for an Aussie rogue either. This version of Carly, we'll call her Carly 2.0, is someone I don't recognize. Hmmm.... that explains the long curly hair.

--It's time for my shallow wardrobe comment of the week. I love, love, loved Emily's green-patterned wrap dress on Tuesday's show. Is it wrong that I missed her killer wardrobe and accessories as much I missed her?

--Kudos to the writers for creating that sweet scene between Parker and Will this week, where Parker explained why he wanted to change his name from Munson to Snyder. It was realistic and touching and makes sense to the storyline. Parker's siblings all have the last name of Snyder, and now with Hal dead and Jack adopting him, it makes sense that he wants to be a Snyder. A special shout-out to Mick Hazen, who plays Parker, for doing such stellar, realistic work week after week. If this kid doesn't win an Emmy, it will be a crime.

--The hospital scene between Meg and Craig made me laugh out loud. Craig, if you knew anything about your wife, you'd know she hasn't made a friend since she hit Oakdale, so her flimsy excuse about hanging out with her old nursing buddies was beyond ridiculous.

--If you haven't heard, Cady McClain's Rosanna is on her way out. McClain broke the news on her blog. As much as I enjoy her work, I'm not sorry to see her go. Her return was a huge disappointment. The Rosanna I know and loved never awoke from that coma, courtesy of this silly Paul/Meg/Craig revenge plot. This Rosanna seems to have only one goal and that's landing a man. Sigh.

--I don't think we've had a chance to talk about this, but what do you think of the new opening? The cast looks great, as always. I especially enjoyed seeing that Henry and Katie were grouped together, along with the clip of them in the background.

--Speaking of Henry, I have to say it. (Actually, I could probably just copy and paste it from any previous column on any given week.) Show runners, why do you continue to ignore Henry as a leading man? You've now introduced two more characters, Chris and Evan as potential leading men, but you already have one on the canvas who you can't seem to give anything to do but wear an apron at Al's Diner. Note to writers: People mature. They grow. Just look at Katie. Why do you have Henry in a holding pattern? After all these years, he should be helping Lucinda take back her company, or fighting Craig in the boardroom. Henry isn't just comedy relief. Trent Dawson has proven that he can do masterful work when it comes to drama. Stop shoving him to the backburner to make pepperkaker.

--Carly has more friends than she thinks. Both Brad and Lily have helped her dupe Jack. With friends like that, Jack doesn't need enemies.

--Could Dusty and Lily have a future? I'm not sure. He and Emily have enough chemistry to power a blackout in Oakdale, but I'm fascinated with the Lily/Dusty history. I remember the days when they were a couple and Brian Bloom played Dusty.

--Have any of you caught Hunt Block on "One Life to Live?" I've never watched that show in my life, but I saw a clip and it looks good. Block made me laugh in only 30 seconds, and his hair looks like it did on "Knot's Landing" all those years ago.

--That Emma sure knows how to pick wildflowers. One call from Carly, and Emma's kitchen looked like a floral shop. If I were Emma, I'd send Carly a bill.

--I'd like to comment on the Sofie/Cole/Aaron/Gwen/Will baby drama, but it's hard to do when I'm fast-forwarding through those scenes. Sorry.

Best Lines of the Week:
( Margo stumbles upon Lucinda harassing Meg, after Lucinda finds out Meg is pregnant with Craig's child.)
Margo: "Meg, are you alright?"
Lucinda: "How can she be alright? She's having Rosemary's baby."

((Emily denies that she's invested in a relationship with Chris Hughes.)
Susan: "You could have fooled me."
Emily: "Like that's hard to do."

(Parker offers his advice on how Carly can get Sage's dress finished for the wedding.)
Carly: "I wish I could get the sash to stay tied."
Parker: "Maybe you should staple it to her."

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops Rae)
"I would like to see more of "Faith Snyder" (Ashley Marie Greiner) It seems like someone with an eating disorder might be having a hard time dealing with her brother Luke's paralysis and the separation of Lily and Holden. I wish they would show how these issues effect the entire family rather then compartmentalizing them. Greiner is a mature child actress as demonstrated by her episodes dealing with her eating disorder. If anything wants to make you throw-up its the disaster that has become Lily & Holden. They need to get over it, jealousy doesn't suit Holden. They need to get professional counseling and fight for their marriage. Hope it all works out and we see more of the whole family, especially Greiner!"

(From Two Scoops reader Marla)
"I just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed your last article. ATWT is no longer (and hasn't been for quite some time) must see TV! I haven't rushed home to see not one episode - in a very, very long time. It's sad to say that I watch Y&R and a rerun of Murder She Wrote before I watch ATWT. I anxiously awaited the return of Rosanna, and I guess two years in a coma, made her a weak, whiney, snively woman. I do like the redemption of Brad from a goof ball to a nice stand-up guy. You can be funny and humorous without being high-school silly (no offense to high schoolers.) But, I don't like the quadrangle. I am thoroughly disgusted with Carly now. I think for Carly this is even a new low. And how can I root for the reunion of CarJack, with Carly stooping lower and Jack getting dumber. I didn't always like nor understand Carly's actions, but she was an interesting character. Now she is pathetic! I don't know where the ATWT that I tuned into eight years ago has gone. But I sure wish it would come back. I may be looking for the Exit door soon."

(From Two Scoops reader Christine)
"Jennifer, you are so right. I am just completely sick of most of the storylines. The Jack/Carly/Katie one yes at first I didn't see Katie with Jack but I really loved them after awhile. It was fresh and exciting to see a new face and not to always see Jack get so abused. Why are they making him look like such a dummy. He is a terrific actor and they are just killing him line by line. Katie needs to go back to Jack and Carly needs to finally pay for what she is doing to him and her kids that she so called loves so much. Oh please I know this is daytime drama but it is far beyond reality anymore. Yes, I am fast forwarding through Will and Gwen and Paul/Ro/Meg/Craig. Boring!!!! Can Will and Gwen just be happy for one day before they kill them line by line too!! I am getting ready to drop the show. I have been a watcher for 26 years and have always noticed that once in awhile you ponder a boring period but this just makes me want to kick the habit all together. Please hope something changes real soon."

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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