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Will and Gwen are still wearing toy plastic wedding rings out of a gumball machine. Maybe they're on to something. Katie should try that next time around, considering that she changes rings like most people change their undies.

Special note: Hey Scoopers! I'm back from my mini-vacation. I've missed you. Thanks to Reggie for filling in for me during my absence. In return, you're going to get two straight weeks of my commentary, so brace yourselves.

There is nothing like being away to give you perspective. When I got back, I fired up the DVR to watch my recorded programs. It was then that I realized ATWT has lost its hold on me. I watched General Hospital, All My Children, even Oprah, before I launched ATWT. There was I time I couldn't wait to get home to see Carly bantering with Craig, Katie scheming to get Simon, and Henry's latest stunt. No more.

If a year ago you had told me that Austin Peck's Brad Snyder would quickly become my favorite character or that I'd be fast forwarding through Rosanna and Meg, I'd have said you were nuts. Well, times have changed.

I'm bored with the majority of the show, Scoopers, and I don't know how to fix it. Will and Gwen's baby saga, ZZZZZ; Meg's baby drama, ZZZZZ; Aaron and Sofie, ZZZZZ. The one story that is holding my interest - the Carly, Brad, Jack and Katie quadrangle - even ticked me off. Just once, I'd like to see Carly show some character development instead of falling into the old predictable trap of duping Jack, yet again. And this time, she's sucked Brad in to her web of lies. I want my old ATWT back, the one I couldn't wait to race home to watch. I don't know this show.

In other musings:
--Smart, confident, Rosanna went ahead with her marriage to Paul, knowing his heart is elsewhere. Unbelievable. When did Rosanna become a woman whose sole purpose in life was to chase after a man? They woke her up from a coma for this? Ridiculous.

--I hear your complaints about the new shaky-camera shooting style that ATWT is currently using. Yes, it looks like we're watching "The Blair Witch Project" at times. And yes, it looks like the technique is here to stay. If you find it unbearable, then write the network. Unfortunately, I don't have the power to change it.

--I love Carly's corkscrew curls. Her hair is gorgeous, curly or straight. No wonder Jack can't resist her. But you'd think detective Jack would catch on that his alleged "dying" ex-wife looks better than ever.

--Are any of you catching Bailey Chase, the former Chris Hughes, in his recurring role on "Ugly Betty?" He 's playing a ladies man and a photographer. I also caught his role this summer on "Saving Grace," where he plays a southern cop. Chase is delightful in both roles. On "Saving Grace" he sizzles with Holly Hunter, and on "Ugly Betty," he's a perfect Lothario. If Chris Hughes had been half as interesting as either one of those characters, perhaps Chase would still be in Oakdale.

--Speaking of Chris Hughes, it's too early to get a read on new Chris. He seems much younger than the last version. I'm not buying this romance with Emily, though. It must be a scheme, right? Then again, maybe not. No one has ever accused Emily of being slow on the dating scene.

--Thank you ATWT writers for giving us some Kim, Bob, Barbara and Emma scenes this week. I love the vets and seeing them is like coming home.

--I'm almost afraid to write this, as I'm certain I'll anger a large contingent of ATWT fans, but I think it's time for Lily and Holden to go their separate ways. Lily is much more interesting with Dusty or Craig and Holden has turned in to a boorish bully who seems to have lost all respect for his wife. I know she's made bad choices, and frankly, I don't see Holden getting over it. I don't think even counseling can spark some excitement in to that marriage.

--It's time to take up a collection for Will and Gwen. Those two are still wearing toy plastic wedding rings out of a gumball machine. On second thought, maybe they're on to something. Katie should try that next time around, considering that she changes rings like most people change undies.

--I cannot take one more minute of this Meg/Paul/Rosanna/Craig mess. Of all the trite soap plots to recycle, why did they deal the "Who's the daddy card?" Especially, for a woman who previously couldn't have children.

--Thank you to a couple Two Scoops readers who e-mailed me to correct a blurb in a previous column, where I had pondered the possibility of the new Dallas getting romantic with Bonnie. I'm an idiot. I had forgotten that Bonnie is related to Dallas. In my defense, it's not like we ever saw more than one or two scenes between Dallas and Jessica. Forgive me, Scoopers.

--I loved the scene where Brad laid it out for Jack, calling him on his behavior toward Katie. It's on! The Jack/Brad scenes are always a highlight. And speaking of Brad, I was laughing out loud at his ides for new shows without Katie. I'd watch "Brad Snyder, Unplugged."

--I didn't realize Aaron and Holden were so close. When Holden called Aaron to run an errand on his way home, Aaron uttered, "I love you. See you soon." Not many guys say that to their fathers at the end of a phone conversation. Nice.

--Kudos to Kim for telling Katie not to use Brad to get over Jack. Maybe she'll get through to her. I'd like to see Katie single for a few months to prove to her that she doesn't always need to be with a man.

--Craig is like the husband police. He's controlling and showing signs of 1980s Craig when he was horrible to Betsy and planting bombs in Steve's truck.

--Good for Noah for trying to help Luke. It's not like these two don't have enough obstacles already. Adding the paralysis card is a whole other complication that would challenge any couple.

--Barbara's cemetery scene of visiting Hal's grave was touching. It was a little strange she visited during Halloween, though, don't you think?

--I'm sure by now, most of you have heard about Colleen Zenk Pinter's battle with oral cancer. For months, many of you e-mailed me asking about why her speech sounded strange. She has now discussed it openly. You can read about her ordeal at the Soapcentral main page. We're glad she's healthy again and wish her the best of luck in the future.

--Now that Chris is back in town, I guess that means my beloved Henry has even less chance of getting a meaty leading-man storyline. There is no scenario in which that doesn't suck.

Best Lines of the Week:
( Meg begins acting like a Stepford wife to Craig, asking permission for every daily decision.)
Meg: "What should I get to drink?"
Craig: "The antidote for whatever you're on. What the hell is wrong with you?"

( Iris discusses Will and Gwen's infertility with Barbara.)
Iris: "You must feel so awful."
Barbara: "I'd feel better if you dropped dead."

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops reader Jill)
"I switched to ATWT after Another World ended, only because a couple of the actors went to ATWT. If during the November sweeps they don't end this ridiculous story with Carly/Jack/Katie with an unexpected twist redeeming Carly, then I'm going to voluntarily switch to another soap. The writers may want to stir up controversy so people start talking about ATWT again, but for me, I'm sick, sick, sick of it. The writers are writing scripts that are out of character for Carly, and I have no patience anymore. I'm done if they don't listen to the viewers. And while they're at it, end the Meg/Craig/Paul/Ro storyline too; I fast forward through them. What a waste of great talent. The dying storyline was so beautifully played by Carly, Jack and the kids in the beginning. The writers could have continued the great story and kept the fans. Anyway, it looks like its bye bye to Oakdale soon."

(From Two Scoops Reader Robert.)
"As I read some of the negative comments regarding the Luke/Noah storyline, I'm reminded that narrow minds still exist. With the commercial success of "Brokeback Mountain," you would think that people have become more accepting of non-traditional relationships. Gay teens struggle with self acceptance and this storyline is showing that regardless of orientation, a relationship is a relationship. These relationships have highs and lows but are real as any.

(From Two Scoops Reader Frankie.)
"I have to say that I am getting really tired of watching Lily beg Holden to forgive her. He blames her for every problem in their lives --- and she accepts that blame and continues to apologize to him. There is just no pleasing the guy. If she had told him that she suspected Winston killed Cheri, he would have been furious with her for helping Dusty. She just can't win. How can he expect her to tell him anything, when he gets angry at her for everything she does. Her self-esteem is disappearing before our very eyes. It's beginning to seem obvious that Holden just wants out of the marriage, and is trying to find a way to blame Lily for its failure. All in all though, this is probably closer to the way marriages really end than we are used to seeing on soaps."

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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