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Carlivati is crafting a sweeps month that involves the convergence of three major plots. To have all of the characters involved in those stories meeting up in one place is brilliant.

RYAN: Dawn, you and I have seen our fair share of "Sweeps" stories, and most of the time those have turned out to be "big events" (i.e. the tornado that ripped through Llanview or the infamous baby-switch story between OLTL and AMC). As such, those stories had a limited ripple effect or only affected a handful of characters. Further, they were plot-driven instead of character-driven, and we both know that the most successful, dramatic storylines are ones that are fueled by characters and what propels them to act the way they do. With that said, I can't think of a better set-up for a big "Sweeps" story than the one Ron Carlivati is crafting involving the convergence of three major plots: Marcie's being on the run/Asa's will being read/and Viki's working in Paris, Texas. To have all of the characters involved in those stories meeting up in one place, presumably to reach a pinnacle in every one of those plots, is brilliant and masterful. I love though, that this is all about characters. Take, for example, how Alex and David will fit into this story. We last left Alex in August when she overheard Max and Nigel whispering about David's being Asa's biological son. So fast-forward a few months and we see the gold-digger reappear as she is flirting and using her feminine prowess to reel David in (presumably so she can be part of the massive inheritance she expects him to receive during the reading of the will). David believes SHE has the money (which she doesn't), and Alex believes DAVID will be filthy rich (which he isn't yet), so it's a great comedy of errors to watch these two scheme and plot in their own minds. And those two are just a small sampling of what Carlivati has set up for us.

DAWN: You know, I am actually looking forward to Sweeps this time around, and I haven't been able to say that in years! Asa's will is sure to be the catalyst for some exciting new stories. Asa isn't one to just dole out his money and say farewell. I am sure he will have some interesting requests or demands that will make his family do things they never expected! This will also be the perfect time to reveal David's parentage, and bringing Alex back for this is a stroke of genius. David and Alex's scenes were among the best of last week. It felt like the old days as we watched them con each other. I am curious to see how Viki encounters her family in Texas. Will they just bump into her, or will she reveal herself and her new adventure to them? This proves that Paris, Texas wasn't a random choice by the writers. Viki was sent there for a reason, and her story is going become part of a bigger one. As for Marcie, I think it's about time that someone caught her on the run. Who better to do that than one of the Buchanans? I want Viki to see Marcie more than anyone. Viki is often the conscience of Llanview, and she might be just the person that Marcie needs to see. Viki wasn't around during the custody trial, and while she may know of it, she might know everything that transpired. This is a good way of bringing Viki back into the loop while keeping her in her own story! Connecting Viki with Marcie would make Marcie's neverending story of being on the run more purposeful, and it would be interesting to see if Viki would say just the right thing to send Marcie home. I love that the Bon Jour Diner is becoming the hub for all things Llanview, when just a week ago, we never knew it existed! I also think it is incredibly appropriate that all these stories are coming to a head where Viki is, since Viki IS One Life to Live!

RYAN: You know, I never thought about Viki's connection to Marcie, but now that you mention it, that makes perfect sense! Wouldn't it add an interesting complication to have Marcie enter the Bon-Jour Café to have a meal and then be served by Viki, who will probably be just as shocked and embarrassed to see Marcie as Marcie will be to see Viki. Then, to have Viki be another keeper of Marcie's secret will place her in a very awkward position; she is Todd's sister, so that makes her Tommy's aunt, but yet Viki knows how very dedicated Michael and Marcie have been to that child. What does she do? This is yet another way that Carlivati has connected seemingly unrelated stories. I also think Marcie's entrance to the Bon-Jour Café would also be the impetus to connecting characters like Noelle, Gigi, and Moe to other characters from Llanview, like Marcie. But, going back to the reading of Asa's will, I look forward to seeing how Jared Banks fits into this puzzle and why he apparently resembles a young Asa so much. I'm also eager to see how much closer Clint and Nora get during their trip to Texas and how that will impact Dorian's relationship with Clint. All roads lead to Texas, and with so many Llanview citizens converging there, there are bound to be revelations and advancements in a number of plots. What do you think Jared's connection to all of this is?

DAWN: Jared Banks is truly a mystery. I don't want him to end up being another long lost son of Asa's. That has happened enough already, and it would steal the spotlight from David. However, I was thinking that he could be Alex and David's son. Alex was off screen for many years, and with the soap opera's method of rapidly agining characters, it could work! This is something that I can definitely see Alex keeping herself until an opportune time where millions of dollars are at stake.He could also be connected to Charlie in some type of way that wouldn't be revealed if the Buchanans weren't all heading for Texas. I also wonder about Renee's blind trust of Jared. Does she know something that she isn't sharing with the rest of the Buchanans, or is she just sure that Jared is a good man because he resembles Asa? There are so many ways of how Jared could fit into the Buchanan puzzle, and I can't wait to see what the correct answer is! I am positive that Jared's presence at the reading of the will is very intentional and that something is going to come from it. As for Clint and Nora, this is one pairing that I never considered until now. Even if they don't become romantically involved, their friendship will get under Dorian's skin and will test her relationship with Clint. I can't see Nora and Clint being a couple for the long term, but this is a great way to bring Nora back to the forefront, and I am sure some interesting situations will occur with her living at Asa's mansion!

RYAN: Well, what I like about the Jared mystery is that there is something there that potentially impacts a lot of different characters. I would love to see him be Alex and Carlo Hesser's son (although I don't know how that would match with the history of the show from a time-frame perspective). But, Renee and Carlo had a complicated history as well, so perhaps that blind faith she put in Carlo is coming through in Jared as well. And I view Clint and Nora much differently. I would LOVE to see them as a long-term couple. The implications of a relationship like this are huge on many levels: Bo and Clint are brothers, so this would create some "awkwardness" there, Nora and Dorian would become arch rivals, Nora and Viki would have some interesting conversations together since she'd be dating her friend's ex-husband, and Matthew would potentially be calling his Uncle Clint his stepfather if they ever got married. But again, these are all situations driven by CHARACTER, and I think that if a story is driven by CHARACTER over contrived PLOT, the fans win out every time. We can understand the choices and the reasons for every one that someone makes, and the payoff is much greater. I haven't even touched on the excitement I have for a Bo/Lindsay/R.J. triangle that is coming up (oh, to have Bo and R.J. competing over Lindsay's attention---did you ever think that day would come?!), but I have a feeling that the set-up that Carlivati has given us for November sweeps is going to be the most exciting of the entire ABC daytime lineup. Thanks for subbing for Denise this week, Dawn. It's always a blast talking to you again.

DAWN: I love the idea of Carlo Hesser being Jared's father. Carlo is one of those characters that I always want to return. The last time he returned was disappointing at best, and I would love for his legacy to be perpetuated on the canvas by Jared! I also like the connection you made with Renee's blind faith in Carlo and now in Jared. Tying Jared to Carlo would be paying tribute to OLTL's history, and it would assure that Renee remains on the canvas. I've been worried about that ever since Asa passed away. I can't wait to see how Jared fits into the picture, and I hope his true identity gives us more character-driven stories! As for Nora and Clint, I can accept them being a couple if Clint is returned to a smart character. I feel like he has been dumbed down since he was paired with Dorian! However, Nora wouldn't stand for that, so she could be good for him! I am glad you mention the upcoming Bo/Lindsay/R.J. triangle. That will be so much fun to watch. Bo and R.J. have never been on good terms, and this will certainly bring that to an interesting culmination! I am not sure which part of this triangle is better, the fact that Lindsay has a front-burner story or that we will get to see R.J. on a regular basis again! It is so exciting to see the veteran characters being given stories again. I don't feel like I am watching a show full of strangers anymore! I think the November Sweeps period is going to take this show in a good direction, and considering I had trouble remembering what even happened last year during November Sweeps, this is a refreshing change! It's always a pleasure to write with you, Ryan, and I thank you for giving me the opportunity!

Enjoy your week,

Ryan & Dawn

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