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There was not a new column this week, so instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Harmony during the week of August 9, 2004.

Who else was dying to hear Marty say, "Luis, I am your father"? I'm not a big Star Wars fan, but that would've made me laugh. Sheridan and Luis have a "good feeling" about the Wheelers, so they trust them with personal information. I have a good feeling about the guy behind the counter at Starbucks, but he doesn't need to know intimate details about my life.

Paloma annoys me in a way Theresa never did. I feel sorry for Pilar, because I can see her finding Martin and having her hands full with this brat all on the same day. This "woe is me, my family hates me" crap is absurd. Pilar is the best mother on television and she loves all her children. Did Luis honestly think he was helping by telling her she was sent away as a baby because "she'd never miss the family she didn't know"? Luis you dummy, you grew up with a family. How would you know this? And how dumb is she to fall for the hitman's lies? How would he know her family hates her? If some stranger grabbed me and told me that, even if I already believed it, I'd still question his motives.

The fallout from Eve's confession continues. Aunt Irma continued to humor me while the frog (Liz) continues to bug me. Now that the Russell family is in shatters, all the frog can concentrate on is bedding T.C. I thought she had intimacy issues and couldn't let a man get close to her? She hates Eve because she ruined the frog's chances with Antonio, but now she's healed and can be close to T.C. Is she just planning to use him in a sexual game of cat and mouse? Not that I'm sure he'd mind, but what's it gonna take for T.C. to see the frog for what she really is.

Now that its all said and done, I really don't want Eve with Julian. I am still clamoring for a Julian/Ivy reunion. I really think Julian and Eve were hotter when it was forbidden. Now that they are free to be, I'm not so interested. Besides, I think Julian has gone too soft and he needs to regain his edge. I don't want totally evil Julian back, but Ben Masters hasn't uttered one zinger in months.

Whitney worked my nerves over good this week. From calling her mother every name in the book, to yelling at Fox, I wanted to slap her at least a dozen times. Why is she yelling at Fox? It's not his fault she's in love with him. I did love her yelling at Chad she didn't want any tea. Then Simone gets an earful when she compares Whitney to Eve. I can see it. Dating one man while in love with another. I hope Simone discovers Whitney's feelings for Fox and busts her. Then her yelling at him outside the club was uncalled for. He has never lied to her. He didn't tell her about his feelings because he is friends with Chad. She has admitted she is in love with Fox too, so taking her self hatred out on Fox is the wrong move.

Eve ends up at the Blue Note singing again, with Julian, Fox, Whitney, Chad, T.C., and the frog all showing up in time to hear her sing. How appropriate was the song, "The beginning of the end." Kudos to whomever for picking a song with lyrics that fit perfectly into everything going on in Eve's life. One question though, why wasn't Simone at the Blue Note too?

I loved Fox asking Julian if he can help find his son. I love the interaction between Fox and Julian and its one of the main reasons I watch this show. I love the fact that they used to hate each other and now they are starting to inch towards trusting each other. They both have so much in common, from loving a mother/daughter duo to being abused by their father's growing up. Theirs is one of the more interesting relationships on television.

I used to think Gwen was the smartest person on this show. She married Ethan and I kinda wondered, but still gave her her due. Now, she is as dumb as Ethan. She has a bad feeling about Theresa and still lets Ethan convince her to let Theresa move into the mansion and have EM. Poor Gwennie's heart is going to be broken yet again when Theresa vows to give up the baby that belongs to Gwen and Ethan. All I can say is I hope all the bedpans in Harmony are locked up when Theresa goes into labor.

Highest point of the week: Eve sings again. Fox offering to help Julian find his brother.

Lowest point of the week: Theresa's scheming. The show centered around Luis, Sheridan, Martin, and Katherine waaaaaaaaaaaay too much this week.

Until next week friends,

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