Lily and Dusty reconnect

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Lily and Dusty reconnect
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Last week, Lily spent some time with Dusty reminiscing about him being her first love. They both remembered how much they meant to each other years ago, and Dusty reminded Lily that he will always be there for her.

This week had a lot happening in Oakdale - a wedding that did not happen, quite a bit of baby drama, reconnecting of old love and a once loved character that I can't wait for her to go back into her coma.

Jack and Carly
Carly was finally getting what she had been wishing for - the chance to have her Jack back. She did come to her senses and let everyone know that she had been misdiagnosed and will live. In addition to the fact that she has known for weeks that she will live and kept the information to herself. Carly should have known that lies don't pay; time and time again she has lied only to have this blow up in her face. I have to blame the writers again that this character has never grown or learned anything from all of her past schemes. However, with Maura West as Carly, you do feel sorry for Carly each time.

Jack thinks because he is not with Carly that Katie would take him back right away. Katie is starting to have feelings for Brad until she finds out what he knew Carly's secret. I see some hope for Brad and Katie though. Brad is definitely more her type along the lines of Mike Kasnoff.

Jack and Carly will have their hands full with little Miss Sage; she seems to be as Carly put it a smaller version of herself. She is already scheming in order to get her way. Let's just hope she gets this out of her system early. I loved when Carly told Sage that she can't make people worry about her in order to get what she wants - talking about hitting the nail on the head.

Rosanna and Paul and Meg and Craig
It's a wonder that Craig gets any work done because he is constantly following Meg around town. He never lets her out of his sight. Why does he need to know everything she is doing all time? Is he insecure or just doesn't really trust his wife? Well, he knows he got her by default when they thought Paul was dead.

Rosanna Cabot Ryan is not the same woman who went into the coma two years ago. She is terribly insecure about Paul and knows he is in love with another woman. The old Rosanna would have thrown him out early on and done something else with her life. I am not enjoying this version of Rosanna. How implausible for her to collapse into a comalike state, wake up, crawl out of bed, use the stairs to move around the hospital and possibly change paternity results? A normal person gets winded moving up and down stairs like she was but a frail woman who was just too weak to get out of bed. Why did no one miss for the time that she was gone from her bed? This story is going nowhere fast. The best I can make of this is that Paul and Meg will now suffer for their part in Jennifer's baby drama by not knowing the true paternity of Meg's baby if Rosanna slips back into her coma again for good.

Lily and Dusty
I am so glad that Lily spent some time with Dusty reminiscing about him being her first love. The writers, of course, never researched to know how different Dusty was as a teenager and never did bad boy shenanigans. Nevertheless, they both remembered how much they meant to each other years ago and as Dusty said that he will always be there for her. Lily needs that after constantly being racked over by Holden for every thing she does or doesn't do. What is he going to do when he finds out that she and Dusty reconnected? That's the one thing what will send him over the edge because he never wanted her to be with Dusty again - he is the one man that he is truly jealous of.

He is starting to spend time with Bonnie McKechnie and they seem to be getting chummy rather quickly. Bonnie has the watchful eye of her cousin, Dallas, now played by a third actor and actually has some lines outside of the police station. This version of Dallas is quite smug already in how he is talking to Bonnie and something he said to Carly; he told Carly when Sage was missing that the fact that she thought of something like a kidnapping and ransom was a more mature type plot. I guess we will be seeing more of Dallas now.

The Munson Baby Drama
The fact that Barbara and Iris are involved is the only interesting part of this story - just to see them go toe to toe is good drama. The rest of this with Sofie and Cole is beyond boring then bringing Aaron into this is making it more of a mess. I hate to see Will and Gwen once again get their hopes up in order to lose again. I don't believe they will get this baby once it is born or will keep the baby if they get it. It is just one more thing to heap on a couple who has had so much heartbreak in the short time they have been together.

Luke and Noah
These two seem to moving along at a nice pace even though we only see them maybe once a week. It would have been nice if Cheri had not died and Noah got a chance to know his mother. He has no one except Luke right now. Noah is having a positive effect on Luke and his improvement as Luke experience feeling in his legs while exercising with Noah - good sign for a recovery.

Here are some thoughts from some readers:

Tracy says, "I have watched As the World Turns ever since Another World went off the air. For the most part it is a fairly gripping show. However, I still cannot understand why Holden is such a beloved character. He has never been anything but holier than thou to everyone, including his wife, even though he himself had an affair with Julia II, at the drop of a hat. He is so smarmy and smug I just want to, and do, turn the channel when he is on. Not even the supposedly supportive scenes of his with Luke (a character I love) keep me interested, because he is only using them as another weapon against Lily. Enough already, he needs to realize that he is not nearly as "good" as he thinks he is and a some honest self awareness from him would be very refreshing. Frankly, he makes me sick with that alternating "wounded puppy" look or the "you are so beneath me" stare."

Kimberly says, "I'm so said Maddie has left. Why does ATWT always get rid of the people I like the best? And could Henry have a real storyline? ATWT needs fun! I still remember when Lucinda was in the hot tub and John climbed in with all his clothes and shoes on. Water was everywhere! It was great. ATWT , please have some more FUN!"

Janice says, "Perhaps the writers' strike will give ATWT writers a chance to think about some fresh and more realistic storylines. For example, Iris and Cole should have fallen by the way instead of Maddie (Alexandra Chando). Gwen's family is nauseating and you keep expecting at some point in the "story" there is a trailer parked out back. Why Barbara would "buy" Gwen's niece or nephew and trust Iris or Cole to honor the adoption arrangement, with the mom's history well established of being a con-artist and her comment to the Cole, "you're a chip off the old block" is far-fetched. Bring back the slasher and get Iris and Cole out of Oakdale! Please."

Finally, I would like to wish everyone a very happy and joyful Thanksgiving Holiday this week!

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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