Smackdown at the Snyder farm

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Smackdown at the Snyder farm
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The Snyder Thanksgiving feast is always a highlight of the show, and this year didn't disappoint. From Noah cutting the Hubbard squash, to Faith's Thanksgiving prayer, to the kids' song, the Snyders always seem to do it right.

More than bread was broken at the annual Snyder farm Thanksgiving feast. Jack and Brad broke into a fight, fists flying, just as dinner began. The truth finally came out that Brad knew about Carly's illness, and Jack didn't take the news well. He punched Brad.

That scene was perfect. I, like Brad, am fed up with Jack hitting him all the time. It was time Brad retaliated. Add in Parker and J.J. getting excited, while watching the Snyder men throw down, and Emma swatting Jack and Brad on the rears with her utensil, and it was dysfunction at its best.

The Snyder Thanksgiving feast is always a highlight of the show, and this year didn't disappoint. From Noah cutting the Hubbard squash, to Faith's Thanksgiving prayer, to the kids' song, the Snyders always seem to do it right. I'm thankful the writers didn't forget that the Snyders are the core of Oakdale. (I just wish that the writers at "General Hospital" would remember the same about the Quartermaines. Sigh.)

In other musings:
--I'm not so sure that Carly doesn't have a brain injury. She's been trying to give away her $100,000 malpractice check to everyone in town, from Katie to former evil-doer Kit. Has Carly forgotten that she is broke? Investing in a bar with a former kidnapper isn't the best decision she's ever made.

--Henry and Vienna were a little overdressed for making stuffing. He was wearing a dress shirt and tie, and she looked like she was meeting someone for lunch in her dress ensemble. They didn't even have on aprons, gloves or hairnets. I hope the homeless didn't find a hair in the stuffing.

--Here we go again. Just once, when it comes to DNA tests, I would love it if the results weren't tampered with. I'm so sick of this tired plot device. It's usually followed up with some sort of medical tragedy involving the child that requires the bone marrow or blood from the real parent to be donated, thus revealing the true parentage. This storyline has done one surprising thing; it's made me detest Meg. She's become such a liar; I can no longer stand her.

--Does anyone else see the irony with Rosanna changing the DNA results? The last time Rosanna was in town, she was so motivated to tell Jennifer the truth about her baby that Rosanna risked her life. Now, she's the one manipulating a DNA test to lie about a child's paternity. Geesh. This explains exactly why this incarnation of Rosanna in no way resembles the Ro I used to love. As sad as I am to see Cady McClain leave the show, I'm happy that this Rosanna, the insecure-man-chasing manipulator, is back in dream land. I just wish she would have taken Paul with her.

--Did any of you catch the casting of Travis Wood from "I Wanna Be A Soap Star" as the new Eli King? At first I thought I was seeing things when Meg went to her lab tech pal for help. But, no it's Wood. He was vying for a spot on Days of Our Lives on Soap Star, but I guess he landed a small role with the Oakdale gang.

--Lily hadn't even filed her divorce papers before she turned to Dusty for some mattress thrashing. Maybe we shouldn't blame them. Bruce Springsteen and Phil Collins playing on the jukebox could get anyone in the mood.

--Kudos to the writers for the "45-second" scene between Jack and Parker about his adoption. When Jack gave Parker his official "Snyder" jacket, it was a sweet, sweet moment.

--My e-mail box has been burning up with e-mails from you asking about the Internet rumor that Paul Ledyen is returning as Simon in January. I have no information, other than that Soap Opera Weekly reported it as a rumor. I'm hoping this one is true. You all know my love for Leyden and his character, and frankly, I don't think he and Katie will ever be finished.

--Jack and Carly had better watch out. Sage is already turning into a schemer. We can't blame her though, she's learned from the best, her momma. Sage is a "mini me" version of Carly. Sage's teenage years are gonna be rocky.

--Meg has quite an active social life in her imagination. She played on the hospital softball team and has lots of nursing friends. Um, no. Even Craig didn't buy her pathetic excuses.

--Vienna loves Katie like a sister. Huh? When did that happen? I think Katie and Vienna need to have a little angst in their relationship. After all, Vienna knows that Henry will always have a thing for Katie, that's got to cause a little jealousy somewhere, right?

--The last few weeks we've seen an influx of new faces in Oakdale. Dallas 3.0 seems like he has potential. He had more lines this week than all of the previous Dallases put together. It's too bad Bonnie is his cousin. They have great chemistry. Speaking of Bonnie, I'm not loving her yet. It could be because she's chasing ambulances, trolling the police station for criminals, and getting a little too personal with her first client. (Holding hands with Holden, really?) Jessica would be horrified, and so am I. The jury is still out on Evan Walsh. So far, he seems a bit cold. And I'm pretty sure this so-called research project of his has disaster written all over it.

--Was it just me or were Lily and Holden underwhelmed when Luke arose from his wheelchair? Um, your paralyzed kid just got out of his wheelchair! That rates a little excitement. Lily was more passionate about the post Thanksgiving sales than her son walking again.

--Bob and Chris are never going to see eye to eye on work. That's clear. And I couldn't help but laugh, when after their latest argument, Bob turned to Kim and asked, "What's gotten in to him?" Kim replied, "They call them blondes, Bob." Priceless.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Henry tries to convince Katie that Brad is only after her for a one-night-stand.)
Katie: "He's changed."
Henry: "No he hasn't. Brad is a very simple organism. He has two, and only two, motivations, and Emma has already given him food."

(Henry and Katie are arguing about her relationship with Brad, while Henry finishes a sign for the diner and asks Katie's opinion.)
Henry: "Where should I put this?"
Katie: (Pauses and grins) "It's too easy."

(Henry tells Carly that she can't "talk" to Katie at his diner.)
Henry: "You can't talk to Katie here. There's knives. There is scalding coffee."

(Emma sends Brad to the basement to get extra chairs for Thanksgiving dinner.)
Brad: "That basement is scary. I keep thinking I'm going to run into Mrs. Bates."
Emma: "Oh, Mrs. Bates went home for Thanksgiving. Don't worry!"

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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