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With all of the unhappiness in Springfield, what do we have to be thankful for? It looks like Edmund is up to his old tricks, but he might be making too many enemies too fast. Will Jeffrey or Roc be able to neutralize the threat?

You just have to love the holiday season. All of that family togetherness and unity - forced or real - can be a strain. After my own holiday togetherness (in which one person totally tried to be a wet blanket - and we had 5 for dinner so ignoring them was difficult) I was ready to laugh at the Cooper's mishaps.

But after watching the scripted mishaps and arguments, I didn't really get the hoped for boost in my spirits. No one was really happy, things didn't get resolved, and it looks like nothing will be resolved soon. Note to GL: we watch the show as an escape to our daily lives, the grind of it all, and want to have SOME fun watching characters we love work through their problems - not leave them to simmer like gravy left on the stove too long.

And the topper HAD to be the least romantic proposal ever. I have to admit that Cassie and Josh (also known in my house as vanilla ice cream - so bland they have to have toppings to be palatable) were soooo boring but Gus and Natalia's romance has me hitting the ff button as much as possible. Is it all about obligation and making Rafe happy? Hello - the kid is a senior in high school and will be away in less than a year. This is the rest of your life folks - at least ACT happy. As a kid whose parents split right after my 6th birthday, I never wanted them to get back together. Maybe I need to talk to Rafe - his parents look as happy as someone getting a root canal on their engagement. And for Natalia or Rafe to begrudge Jude and Zach's relationship with Gus is so petty that I wish Alan would hire someone to run them both over ala Tammy Winslow. At least she understood blended families.

So with all of the unhappiness in Springfield, what do we have to be thankful for? It looks like Edmund is up to his old tricks, but might be making too many enemies too fast. Will Jeffrey or Roc Hoover be able to neutralize the threat? And how far will they go to keep Cassie and the rest of Springfield safe? Will this make at least one family a little more harmonious for the Christmas holiday? Oh, shoot, I forgot about Bill vs Billy - which makes at least part of this family as fractured as the Coopers (and Spauldings, too).

Hopefully you were able to find some peace and happiness with your loved ones this week - or at least got to eat some yummy treats!!

Before I forget, I want to ask those of you who are doing the "Find Your Light" Baltimore to event to contact me. I plan on attending and want to see how many of you are going to join me there! I can't wait to attend - it's only a few weeks away and I'll do all I can to take a ton of pictures for all of you to enjoy!!


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