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The Lewis family has a new addition (Will) and an un-welcomed one (Edmund). Josh is getting ready to pursue his dreams, unless Edmund's blackmail attempts work. Jeffrey and Reva have to be careful that their destination for the holiday isn't known.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday - a time for families and friends to get together, share stories (and food!) and have a great time. Unless you live in Springfield, that is. It seems that no one is getting along these days - and the Coopers are certainly right at the head of the class of warring families.

Since Marina (and Harley) sided with Cyrus, Frank's relationship with his sister and daughter has been strained. Buzz is trying to keep the peace, but he's battling Doris for the mayor's seat so he's not able to be as affective as he could. Ashlee is torn between her Mom (who has hurt her in the past) and her boyfriend (ditto). Harley is dealing with a pending divorce - and a shock from her soon to be ex-Gus.

The Lewis family has a new addition (Will) and an un-welcomed one (Edmund). Josh is getting ready to pursue his dreams - unless Edmund's blackmail attempts work. Jeffrey and Reva have to be careful that their destination (and hosts) for the holiday aren't known. Bill's return to town could lead Billy to hit the holiday sauce. But can Lizzie keep him on the straight and narrow?

The Spauldings are always on the outs with one another. Cyrus' presence has created a larger rift between siblings Alan and Alex. And Alan's desires towards Gus' first love Natalia mean that there is no love lost here. And the looming threat of a return by Phillip makes everyone nervous.

But as the tryptophan starts to kick in after the turkey dinner, will Edmund survive the holiday? It appears that he is a marked man in Springfield - which is hardly a shock. Josh, Reva and Jeffrey all said they want him dead. While a murder mystery always piques my interest, the return of David Andrew MacDonald has really re-energized some of the stories that seemed to be dragging. His short-term deal with the show certainly has tongues wagging that he'll be gone soon. I hope it isn't true, but it certainly fits all of the info we have so far...

With the writers strike making things difficult for many in the industry we can only hope that things will be resolved soon so the show can continue. There is still no news, but we can all hope for the best.

In the meantime, I hope that everyone takes time this week to be thankful for all of the good things in your life. It's hard to remember some days, with everyone busier than ever. But since you might have an extra day (or two) this week where you don't have to work, stop and smell the stuffing and that roasted turkey, and enjoy the blessings in your life. We're all guilty of forgetting from time to time, but the holidays are a great time to remember the good - and forget about the bad stuff for a short time.

So sit back, have another helping of your favorite item (or two - mine are the mashed potatoes) and enjoy the time to relax and enjoy the people who you are most thankful for.

Until next week...
Keep the Light Shining and Happy Thanksgiving!

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